Many visitors have the same questions after their first visit to this unofficial park web site. This list is intended to help you get answers to common questions without having to sift through the entire site or wait for an answer to a question asked through Feedback.


Q: Could you please send me an application for a permit, or send me all the brochures you have on the park?

A: This web site is not affiliated with the National Park Service, but if you'd like to get lots of truly helpful information from the Rangers, write, e-mail, or call the Park Headquarters at the appropriate entry listed in Addresses.


Q: Why is this Isle Royale web site listed under Minnesota:National Parks in the Yahoo Directory?

A: Because Yahoo does not fact check site listings, nor do they respond to repeated, polite, requests to alter their listings from web content authors. Consider it an indication of the veracity of any information you might get from their other services.


Q: How do I get my car across to the Island, and what roads have the best views?

A: You can't take your car to the Island, because there are no regularly scheduled car ferries across Lake Superior, and the park is a roadless wilderness. If you'd like to see the area from your car, take a circle tour around Lake Superior- the Canadian side of the lake has dozens of parks, all well worth a week's visit by automobile.


Q: Can I take my pet to Isle Royale?

A: No. Visitors are forbidden to take pets with them, even if they remain shipboard during the time they are within the park boundaries because of the diseases household pets carry and transmit to wildlife. One explanation of the recent wolf population plunge holds that cubs were killed disease caused by parvoviruses carried by domestic dogs.


Q: How much does it cost to enter the Park?

A: As of 1998, entrance fees are: $4 US per day per individual or $50 per individual per season and $150 US per boat per year.