Christmas Day 1997

10:45 Received a call from my father he told me Dahlia Center just called him ...Brian my brother who flew in from out of town for the holidays answered the phone. Andy from Dahlia told my father Travis was involved in an altercation therefore Dahlia was not going to abide by your court ordered visit with us from 2-6 today. Andy stated to my father Dahlia Center would allow us to visit Travis at 4:00 for 30 minutes. Andy said no charges were going to be filed against Travis for being involved in this mornings altercation.

11:00 I called Travis’s lawyer, Rowe Staton, at his home and told him Dahalia center was going to deny me my court ordered visitation AGAIN. Rowe said he would call Andy at Dahlia and for me to call back in a few minutes.

11:15 Called Rowe back. His daughter said he had stepped out to purchase some batteries for his son’s new train and to call back in 10 minutes.

11:20 Dad called me again and said he just got off the phone with Dean the director at Dahlia Center. Dean told my father that Travis had beaten up a boy much smaller than him and that he (Dean) did not think it was a good idea for dad to pick up Travis for the court ordered visit... (I spoke with my father about the visit) Dad said he would leave this up to Rowe and me.

11:25 Called Rowe again. He was not in. His daughter said I told him you called and Rowe replied to her "does she know she may have her Christmas visit with her son." His daughter then said if I wanted to call back that Rowe would be home in about 30 minutes.

11:35 Called my folks. Told dad Rowe said the visit is on again and that it would be ok for him to pick up my son but to take my mother and brother Brian along as witnesses in case there was any trouble. My father was concerned after I mentioned there may be trouble and he asked for Rowe’s home number so he could speak with Rowe before he left to get Travis. 12:20 Called Rowe there was no answer.

12:25 Dad called said he spoke with Rowe and that they all would be leaving soon to pick up Travis for our Christmas visit.

12:30 Called Rowe he told me he just got off the phone with my dad and that he saw no possible troubles in having Travis picked up for his court ordered visit. I asked Rowe if my father mentioned that he received a call from Dean at Dahlia Center after Rowe had spoken with Andy. Rowe replied "No, what did Dean tell your father." I repeated dads conversation with Dean to Rowe. Rowe stated that he had spoken with both Andy and Travis at about 11:00. Rowe said Travis told him that he did not do anything wrong. Rowe said call me back in 5 minutes he would call Dahlia Center again to see what went on after Andy said we could pick up Travis.

12:35 Called Rowe asked what was going on. He said hang up right now and tell your family to hold up on getting Travis for right now, I have to make another call. Rowe told me to call him back in 10 minutes because he was headding out of town in 20 minutes.

12:40 Called dad, told him not to leave for a few minutes to go get Travis until I spoke with Rowe.

12:55 Called Rowe he said that this thing has gotten blown way out of proportion. That he spoke with Andy about our court ordered visit and that Andy asked the director of Dahlia Center if Travis had permission to leave the center and the director said yes. Rowe also mentioned that Andy told him that Dahlia was going to press charges against Travis for the earlier altercation if Travis took his court ordered visit with us. I said but Travis told you he did not do anything. Rowe told me that Travis stated that a boy threw a punch at him this morning..... Rowe said that Dahlia may move Travis to Gillian after he returns from his visit with us but to go ahead and pick him up. Rowe told me to speak with my lawyer first thing tomorrow morning. I told him my lawyer was out of town till Monday. Rowe said for me to leave word with the Magistrate first thing tomorrow morning and see if I could meet with her to get Travis out of Dahlia Center because it was not a safe place for Travis to be due to the circumstances.

1:05 Called the folks and told them it was okay to go get Travis to celebrate Christmas with all of us.