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Chapter title

Here is the chapter text from a HOWTO
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  • Navigation between chapters is performed using the top right pulldown menu
  • Users can add any comment in the light blue box
  • Entered user comments appear sequentially in right hand comun
  • Each entry has a status as follows:
    • open (light yellow): author has not reviewed entry
    • fixed (light green): author has implemented comment
    • deferred (yellow): a good idea but has to wait, keep as a reminder
    • rejected (light red): author has reviewed comment and rejected it
  • User entries can easily be used to determine need of update
  • The author retains control over document
  • User feedback should be possible to filter on status, for instance to see all open items
  • User feedback system can probably be run from a separate machine

Pulldown menu for selecting chapter

Entry 1:
Typo, theire is spelled their
More stuff
Status: open
Entry 2:
PDF-file is missing
Status: fixed
Entry 3:
I need a Word version
Status: deferred
Entry 4:
What is splurge?
Status: rejected
Entry 5:
More typos shown here
Status: open
Entry 6:
Verion is not updated on TLDP
Status: open
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