Linux Documentation Project news: The LDP has now started work on higher profile, including this semi-regular section in LWN and posting to comp.os.linux.announce.

The LDP web site has been reworked and welcomes all Linux users. The goal is to produce and provide all sorts of quality Linux documentation in a number of languages.

A large number of new and updated documents has been uploaded so if your collection is more than 6 months old you are recommended to look for updates. The LDP has over 250 worldwide mirrors. Selecting a site from the list of available mirrors will help to provide you with fast, efficient access to the available content - regardless of where you are located.

Feedback is welcome and there is information on how to contribute as well as mailing lists and archives. The LDP also accepts submissions to the links and resources area.

Regular postings of HOWTOs to comp.os.linux.answers will also commence shortly and a number of other projects are planned which together with your feedback will make sure the LDP will serve the Linux community as a one stop source of documentation.