A Guide to Restaurants in Westchester County

This is an extract from a larger document. Contact me for a copy of that.


Bedford Diner. Rte 117 @Green Lane, Bedford Hills, * rpk 3/85-7/01, 24 hrs, ns3. Split pea soup, hamburger deluxe, tuna melt deluxe, eggs, chicken souvlaki w/Greek salad, turkey club sandwich, home fries, fries (well done are better), shakes. OK: cole slaw (sometimes it's even good).

Beekman Arms. Rt 9, Rhinebeck, 845-871-1766, * rpk 5/01, B daily, L M-Sa 11:30-3, D M-Th 5:30-9, F-Sa -10, Su 3:30-8:30, Su brunch $23 10-2, cards, $28. Omelets, sausage, chicken liver mousse, waffles, muffins, apple cake, flourless chocolate cake, OK: (soggy) French toast w/bananas Foster, (soggy) hoe cakes (although the ham, bacon & sausage with it are good).

Blue Hill at Stone Barns. 630 Bedford Rd, Pocantico Hills, 366-9600 rn, * rpk 1/05, W,Th,Su 5-10, F-Sa -11, Su br $42 11:30-2, neat, $46 or $56 or $66. Lettuce w/pancetta vinaigrette, mixed greens & herbs w/eggs, green gazpacho, chicken soup, charcuterie plate, cavatelli w/mushrooms & escarole, red snapper w/caper-almond sauce, halibut w/citrus & vodka sauce, braised bacon & roasted pig, baby lamb, trio of cheeses, passion fruit souffle, rhubarb soup, strawberry coupe. OK: rabbit soup. Avoid: (rare) duck, (salty) chocolate croquettes.

Boulder Creek. Central Park Ave just N of I-87, Yonkers, fair rpk 1/05, casual, $11-16. Filet mignon wrapped in bacon, baked beans. Avoid: ribs, chicken Caesar salad, apple crumb pie w/ice cream.

Cafe Meze. 20 N Central Ave @4 corners, Hartsdale, 428-2400 rn, ** rpk 6/00-10/02, D M-Th 5:30-10, F-Sa -10:30, Su 5-9:30, neat, cards, $18-25. Grilled boar sausage w/mozzarella in pastry shell, grilled octopus, warm asparagus w/corn & bacon salad, salmon tartare, Black Angus steak, grilled lamb, wild sea bass w/chanterelles, pork chop w/tapenade, pan-roasted cod, caramel-roasted peach, chocolate parfait, chocolate almond torte w/almond ice cream. OK: pheasant. Avoid: lemon cheese tart, pear tartlet (soggy from the melting ice cream). NB: sides w/main dishes are skimpy to the point of inadequacy.

City Limits Diner. 200 Central Ave, White Plains, 686-9000 nra, * rpk 6/97-6/05, Su-Th 8AM-midnight, F-Sa -1AM, casual, cards, $11-24. Country breakfast, pancakes w/blueberry topping, crab cakes, chicken liver mousse, steamed dumplings, duck salad, smoked salmon, burgers, sesame crusted tuna, ravioli w/tomato sauce, chicken, ginger salmon, roast grouper w/lemon, mousaka, veal meat loaf, Valhrona chocolate cake, rice pudding, apple tart w/Tahitian ice cream, summer berry pudding, chocolate hazelnut crunch. OK: fish & chips, Black Forest cake.

Cobble Creek Cafe. 578 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase, 761-0050 rn, * rpk 9/95-1/03, L M-F 11:30-2:30, D Su-Th 5-9, F-Sa -10:30, neat, $17-27. Grilled baby back ribs, sauteed foie gras, asparabus salad, roasted chicken, steak au poivre, grilld pork chop, seafood risotto, rum-glazed mahi mahi, seared tuna w/wasabi mayonnaise, plum cake, chocolate pecan cake. OK: New York steak, veal chop. Avoid: dumplings, penne w/chicken, apple crisp (unless they promise you that they will heat it in an oven).

Cobblestone. Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase, 253-9678 nra, * rpk 9/84-1/07, daily 12-12, Su brunch 12-3, casual, $4-8, AE. Hot & spicy Wing Dings, French toast w/sausage, eggs Benedict, chicken fingers, bacon cheeseburger, fries. Avoid: cole slaw.

Cold Spring Cafe. Main St, Cold Spring, * rpk 2/03, ns3, $9. Fries. OK: burgers. Try: eggs.

Croton Colonial Restaurant. 221 S Riverside Ave, Croton, 271-8868, fair rpk 2/03-1/07, 24 hrs, casual, cards, $5-12. Eggs, bacon (ask for well done). OK: home fries.

Curley's Diner. 62 W Park Pl, Stamford, CT, 203-348-2020, fair rpk 11/01, daily 24hrs. Eggs, bacon. OK: omelettes. Note: the smokers get the main room; the non-smokers get the box on the side. NB: this is a CHEAP diner; the jelly is grape.

Dudley's Parkview. 94 Hudson Park Rd, New Rochelle, 235-4445, fair rpk 6/05, B 7-11, L&D Su-Th 11AM-12AM, F-Sa 11AM-7AM, casual, $3-13. Burgers (esp. barge burger), lobster tails. Avoid: crab cakes.

Eileen's. 970 (approx) McLean Ave, Yonkers, * rpk 1/06, ns3. Bacon & eggs, blt.

Eldorado Diner. Rt 119 just west of Saw Mill Parkway, Elmsford, 592-6197, * rpk 12/03. New Orleans grilled chicken sandwich, tuna sandwich. OK: fries.

Eldorado Diner West. Rt 9 opposite the Hilton (now Doubletree), Tarrytown, eh rpk 99-6/05, daily. OK: house chardonnay. Avoid: turkey club sandwich, fries, cole slaw.

Elm Street Cafe. Elm Street (parking lot on Halloween Blvd), Stamford, CT, fair rpk 6/99-2/03, casual, $5. 2 eggs w/home fries & bacon, tuna sandwich, cheeseburger.

Flying Pig Farm Market Cafe. 2 Depot Plaza, Mt Kisco, 666-7445 nra, fair mhr 3/03, * rpk 12/05, ** jh 10/00, M-F 5:30AM-7:30PM, Sa 8:30AM-3PM, cards, $4-18. Warm goat cheese salad, vietnamese spring roll, spinach pie, pulled pork sandwich, steamed mussels, Asian steamed basket, marinated hanger steak, grass-fed steak, chocolate cake, carrot cake. OK: risotto w/shrimp, fried bananas.

Foundary Cafe. Main St, Cold Spring, * rpk 4/01, eggs until noon, ns3, cards, $5-10. Curried chicken sandwich, tuna melt, mochaccino.

Fountain Restaurant. S Central Ave, Hartsdale, * rpk 9/01-9/02. Malted milk shake, fries. Eh: tuna melt.

Goodfellas Inn. Rt 52 a bit west of Taconic, Kingston, eh rpk 7/01, ns3. Burgers.

Harry's of Hartsdale. 230 E Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale, 472-8777 rr, * rpk 8/05, L M-Sa 11:30-3, D M-Th 3-10, F -10:30, Sa -11:30, Su -9:30, S&S br $20 11-3, neat, cards, $14-32, $20 prix fixe Su-Th 3-6:30. Crab cake, chopped salad, tuna & salmon tartare, Angus burger, T-bone steak, bistro steak, sesame-crusted tuna, creamsicle cake, sorbets, pear tart.

Hastings Center Restaurant. Warburton Ave, Hastings on Hudson, fair rpk 4/96-4/05, ns3, $5-10. Western omelette, Monte Christo, gyro, burgers, French fries (which you should ask for as a substitute for the home fries that come with egg dishes). Avoid: Spanish omelette.

Heathcote Crossing. 2 Weaver St @Heathcote Rd, Scarsdale, 722-4508 rr but only taken for 6 or more, * rpk 6/01, L M-Sa 11:30-4, D M-Th 5-10, F-Sa -11, Su 3-9, neat, cards, $19-32. Parfait of tuna & salmon tartare, grilled shrimp & warm spinach, sea scallops w/polenta, raw oysters, salmon steak, halibut w/couscous, chocolate marquis cake, apple dumpling. OK: apple crisp, lemon sorbet. Avoid: (way overpriced) greenmarket salad, semisweet cocoa-flavored cake w/molten chocolate center, (bland) mango & berry sorbets.

Here's the Scoop. 495 New Rochelle Rd, Bronxville, 843-7616, * rpk 6/05.

Hudson House of Nyack, The. 134 Main St, Nyack, 353-1355 rn, * rpk 9/94-2/05, L Tu-F 11:30-2:30, Sa -3, D M-Th 5:30-10, F-Sa -11, Su 4:30-9, Su br 11:30-3, neat, AE MC V, $10-17. Note: new chef 6/05. Polenta w/smoked chicken, cornmeal crusted shrimp, tortiglioni w/smoked chicken, beef fillet w/garlic crust, duck w/wild rice stuffing, salmon steak, soft-shell crabs, tuna au poivre, chocolate ganache, Viennese lemon tart, triple chocolate cake, chocolate espresso brownie.

Ice Cream & Sandwiches. E Market St, Rhinebeck, fair rpk 10/00, ns3, $10. Burgers. Avoid: bacon (for burgers or anything else, so forget breakfast).

IHOP. Central Ave @Hartsdale 4 corners, Hartsdale, fair rpk 9/00-6/04, Eggs w/ham & peppers & cheese w/hash browns & short stack, International breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, short stack or flavored crepes), bacon cheeseburger.

Iron Horse Grill. 20 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville, 741-0717 rn, ** rpk 11/00-6/04, D Tu-Sa 6-10, neat, cards, $17-26. Menu changes frequently; recent winners: scallops, roast hen, breast of duck, salmon, tuna, rack of lamb, venison (if available), apple galette, chocolate marquis. OK: strawberry shortcake. Note: full at 8PM on Tuesday 29 June 2004; reservations ALWAYS necessary.

Jeanie Bean's. Clinton Corners, * rpk 10/01, casual, cards, $10. Fish & chips, fries, iced tea. OK: burger.

Jimmie Lee's Southern Barbeque. 577 N Bway, White Plains, 686-5337, fair rpk 11/05-6/06, fair ag 8/05, casual, cards, $7-24. Burnt ends, chicken bits, beer can chicken, biscuits & gravy, Kansas City ribs, Memphis dry ribs, pecan pie, fried ice cream, chocolate fudge brownie. OK: pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, brisket, apple pie. Avoid: (poorly cooked) burgers.

Katonah Grill. Rt 117 @A&P, Katonah, 232-0946, * rpk 10/97-1/99, casual, cards, $8-16. Tuna roller, burger, buffalo salad, Black Russian (turkey, etc) sandwich, cider, Pete's Wicked Ale, honey brown. OK: steak sandwich on foccacio w/roasted tomatoes & eggplant, tuna melt.

Meetinghouse. Rt 22, Bedford Village, 234-5656 nra 5 or less, * ag 9/98-4/04, * rpk 12/06, Tu-F 11:30-3, Sa -4, D Su,Tu-Th 5-10, F-Sa -11, Su brunch 11-3:30, casual, cards, $18-27. Caesar salad, beet salad, Asian salad, bbq-sauce glazed quail, pan-seared salmon, grilled lamb chops, grilled filet mignon, vegetable lasagna, hamburger w/fries, chicken club sandwich, turkey burger, fries (both regular & sweet- potato), chocolate banana bread pudding cake, creme brulee, ice-creams & sorbets.

Mont Parnasse Diner. Central Ave @Ardsley Rd, Scarsdale, fair rpk 1/99-1/01, casual. Cheeseburger, tuna sandwich, tuna melt. OK: chicken soup w/matzoh ball, Spanish omelette, chicken souvlaki. Avoid: crab cakes, spaghetti w/meat balls. Try: other omelettes.

Mount Olympus Diner. Fort Hill Rd @ Central Park Ave, Yonkers, * rpk 4/99-10/01, ns3. Chicken suvlaki delight, chocolate milk shake. OK: lamb kebab, turkey dinner. Avoid: (tough) baklava.

Odyssey Diner. 465 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, eh rpk 9/05. OK: sausage, iced tea. Avoid: cinnamon raisin French toast.

Orchard St Oyster Bar and Grill. 478 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, 961-5717 rn but nra F-Sa, ** rpk 6/02, ** mhr 2/01, L M-Sa 11:30-3, D Su-Tu 3-10, W-Th -10:30, F-Sa -11:30, Su brunch 11:30-3, neat, cards, $19-32. Oysters, smoked trout & salmon tartar, chicken liver terrine, seared tuna, seafood in tortilla, duck w/pappardelle, sliced sauteed sea scallops, chocolate sack (for 2), green apple granita. Avoid: grouper, giant ravioli, Sambuca-mascarpone layer cake, frozen yogurt. Note: the specials and the wine are overpriced and unpriced, thereby breaking both of my rules.

Orem's Diner. 209 Danbury Rd (Rt 7), Wilton, CT, 203-762-7370, * rpk 6/05, ns3. Tuna sandwich, tuna melt, chocolate milk shake.

Parkway Cafe. Parkway @ Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale, fair rpk 3/99-5/05, ns3. Eggs, blueberry pancakes. OK: French toast, bacon, Spanish omelette, grilled chicken sandwich. Note: full by 9:30AM on Sunday 5/04.

Peter Pratt's Inn. 673 Croton Heights Rd (off Rt 118), Yorktown Heights, 962-4090 rs, * rpk 12/06, *** jh 2/02, * mhr 9/93-12/03, D Tu-Su 5-9, neat, cards, $18-34. Seared scallops, endive, Stilton & pear salad, crab cake, breast of squab, venison, herb-crusted loin of lamb, apple & cherry strudelini, chocolate lava gateau, ice cream.

Q Restaurant and Bar. 112 N Main St, Port Chester, 933-7427 nra, ** rpk 4/05-7/06, Tu-Th 12-9:30, F-Sa -10, Su -9, casual, $10-20. Iceberg wedge w/blue-cheese dressing, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, biscuits w/maple butter, housecut fries, hamburger, no-bean chili, St Louie-style ribs, bbqed chicken (half or wings), smoked sausage, bbqed brisket, pulled pork, ice cream.

Quinn's. 431 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, 395-3838, fair rpk 10/04, casual. Fries. OK: bacon cheese burger.

restaurant - ice cream parlour. Briarcliff Manor, fair rpk 1/01, daily, Su brunch 8AM-? $7 w/mimosa after noon, casual. Chopped chocolate ice cream, tuna melt. OK: eggs over easy.

Sonora. 179 Rectory St (off North Main St), Port Chester, 933-0200 rn, ** rpk 11/04, L Tu-F 12-3, D Su,Tu-Th 5-10, F-Sa -11, casual, cards, $23-28. Mojito, yuca rellena stuffed w/chopped sirloin, shrimp w/plantain & coconut, lobster & avocado quesadilla, oysters Mojito, assortment of appetizers, roast chicken, grilled skirt steak, sauteed salmon, seafood paella, seafood mixed grill, red snapper w/smoky leeks, sorbets, pineapple cake, white chocolate tiramisu, creme brulee, flourless chocolate cake.

Scarsdale Metro Restaurant. Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale, fair rpk 9/00-6/01, casual, cards. Blueberry pancakes, chicken souvlaki (which actually looks like kebabs to me), tuna melt w/cheddar. OK: egg sandwich w/sausage, lemonade.

Springdale Diner. Hope St, Springdale (Stamford), CT, * rpk 4/02. Eggs, bacon.

Stan'z. Chatsworth, Larchmont, * rpk 1/00, casual. French toast, omelette.

Star Diner. 66-1/2 E Post Rd, White Plains, * rpk 4/96-6/03, open 24 hrs, ns3. Classic interior, burgers, blt, scrambled eggs w/cheese, eggs over easy, tuna sandwich on toast, onion rings, French fries, shakes. Avoid: home fries (ask for French fries as a substitute, it might work), open hot roast beef sandwich.

Sun, Moon & Spoon. 100 River St (at the Health & Tennis Club), Hastings-on-Hudson, 478-4481 rn, ** rpk 5/01, L Tu-F 11:30-2:30, D Tu-Th 5:30-9, F-Sa 5:30-10, Su br 11:30-4, neat, cards, $16-28. Sea scallops w/ravioli, crab cake w/root vegetables, wild mushroom ravioli, mussels & green curry, (skimpy) breast of duck, roasted lobster, seared salmon steak, sorbet, frozen banana mousse. Avoid: streusel on apple-raisin cake, apple tart, lemon curd cake.

Susan's Restaurant. 12 N Division St (1 block from Paramount), Peekskill, 737-6624 rr, ** dm 8/87, ** rpk 8/90-7/94, L M-Sa 12-2:30, D M-Th 5:30-9, F-Sa -10, casual, AE MC V, $10-18. Shrimp & sausage, duck w/black currant sauce, sesame salmon, Bourbon Streed bread pudding, chocolate dream cake, lemon cloud, blueberry slump. chocolate moose (although sauce is from the Hershey's syrup can). Avoid: onion frizzles, crab cake.

Underhills Crossing. 74-1/2 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, 337-1200 nra, * rpk 8/04-2/05, L M-Sa 11-3, D daily 3-11, Su brunch 11-3, casual, AE MC V, $18-29. Curried sea scallops, tuna tartar, linguine w/white clam sauce, swordfish, seared yellowfin tuna w/Sichuan peppercorn crust, lamb chops, venison, duck breast, burger & fries, ice cream & sorbet, apple spring rolls, port pear, sac du chocolat (large), molten chocolate cake w/coffee ice cream. Avoid: strip steak, chicken scarpariello, baby clams, lobster maki rolls, foie gras. Note: filled up by 7:30PM on a Tuesday night. Note: not romantic or quiet, as this is a very popular local hot spot with an active bar and people hanging out on the sidewalk chatting (loudly) with buddies sitting at the outdoor tables.

Village Cafe, The. Bronxville, fair rpk 8/06, neat. Cup & Saucer, redecorated, so the food's fine, if nothing special, like the French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, iced coffee.

Village Luncheonette. Palmer Ave, Larchmont, * rpk 4/05, ns3. Eggs, home fries, chicken piccata, sea food linguini, tournedos of beef, chicken divan.

Walter's. 937 Palmer Ave, Mamaroneck, ** rpk 6/04, Su -6PM. Hot dogs, fries, chocolate shake. Avoid: root beer float.

Willie Nick's. 17 Katonah Ave, Katonah, 232-8030 nra, * rpk 5/04, B M-F 8-3, L M-F 11-3, Sa-Su br 8-3, D W-Su 5:30-9, ns3, cards, $14-22. Eggs, sausage, bacon, latte, waffles, buttermilk pancakes, sausage, bacon, cinnamon buns, cappuccino, lettuce wraps, shrimp tempura, crab cakes, chicken quesadillas, avocado & hearts of palm salad, rice pudding, chocolate layer cake. OK: cinnamon French toast.

Windmill Diner. Rt 7/202, New Milford, CT, fair rpk 1/02, ns3. Eggs. Avoid: tuna salad.

Yankee Clipper Diner. Main St, Beacon, fair rpk 7/05. Eggs, tuna sandwich.


Bridge Side. 21 Popham Rd, Scarsdale, 725-1001 rr, fair rpk 5/99, Su-M,W-Th 11:30-10, F-Sa -10:30, casual, MC V, $7-14. Cold noodles w/sesame, fried dumplings, hot noodles w/Peking meat sauce, crispy sesame shrimp, filet of sole w/chili sauce, lamb two styles, moo shu chicken. OK: grilled beef on skewers, General Tso's chicken. Note: for heat, ask for it.

Chop Stix. 46 Garth Rd, Scarsdale, 725-8766, fair rpk 2/99. Cold noodles w/special sauce, kung po chicken w/peanuts.

David's Jade Palace. 156 S Central Ave, Hartsdale, 288-8008 rs, poor rpk 1/01, Su-Th 11-10:30, F-Sa -11:30, cards, $6-20. Eggplant stuffed w/shrimp, steamed leek chives patties, shrimp & pork dumplings, moo shu pork, sticky rice in lotus leaves. Note: don't trust them to have included everything you ordered in a takeout order; they left out stuff that they charged us for. Avoid: chicken w/peanuts.

Golden Duck. Garth Rd, Scarsdale, poor rpk 6/99. OK: Hunan beef. Avoid: cold noodles w/sesame sauce, chicken w/hot pepper sauce.

Golden Wok, The. 2250 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, 779-8438 rs, * rpk 1/93-9/02, L M-Sa 11:30-3, D M-Th 3-10:30, F-Sa -11:30, Su 11:30-10:30, casual, $5-11. Shanghai. Wrapped chicken, velvet corn soup, steamed dumplings, cold noodles w/sesame hot sauce, plain sauteed baby shrimp, jumbo shrimp w/black bean sauce, Hibiscus Shrimp, steamed whole fresh fish, Beautiful Fish on Fire Plate, sauteed whole flounder w/ginger, asparagus w/scallops, shrimp & chicken, Chinese eggplant w/chicken, Chicken for a Five Star General, one chicken prepared in 2 styles, crispy beef w/sesame sauce, moo shu pork, double sauteed pork, vegetable dishes. OK: hot & sour soup, wonton soup. Avoid: fried dumplings, chicken w/hot pepper sauce.

Hunan Village. 1828 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, 779-2272 rn weekends, fair rpk 1/99-5/01, M-Th 12-11, F-Sa -1, Su 1-11, neat, cards, $10-17. Chengtu half-moon pockets, beef in spinach leaves, beef or chicken soong, baby clams w/black bean sauce, hot & sour soup, vegetable & bean curd soup, vegetarian monk, salmon fillet w/watercress, Buddha chayota w/chicken, snow cabbage & green soybeans, snow pea leaves w/shrimp, bean curd w/watercress, village prawns, peppercorn chicken, steamed flounder, dried beef w/chicken, eggplant w/chicken, sauteed royan cabbage, string beans, Hunan lamb. OK: spring rolls.

Jade Palace. 694 Central Ave, Greenburgh, 472-8888 rs, poor rpk 5/99-12/99, Su-Th 11:30-10, F-Sa -11, cards, $7-19. Egg roll, beef w/Chinese broccoli, e-fu noodles. OK: cold noodles. Barely OK: chicken in garlic sauce, baby shrimp in garlic sauce. Avoid: (completely flavorless) chicken w/broccoli.

K. Fung's. 222 E Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale, 472-3838 rr, * rpk 6/00-1/02, M-Th 11:45-10, F -11, Sa 12-11, Su 12:30-10, casual, AE MC V, $7-18. Vegetable soong, steamed chicken & spinach dumplings, chicken salad w/ginger sauce, salt & hot shrimps, poached salmon, tangerine chicken, K Fung's shredded chicken (**), Chinese eggplant stuffed w/shrimps, Neptune pot, fresh pineapple or other fruits. OK: yu-shun beef. Avoid: cold noodles, mini egg rolls, crispy duck roll, beef salad w/ginger sauce.

King China Buffet. 1115 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, 725-4829, eh rpk 12/00, $10. "Dim sum" dumpling, sesame chicken, General Tso's chicken, fried rice, donuts. Avoid: egg roll, dumplings, duck, house beef.

Lotus King. 36 Mill Rd, Eastchester, 779-9407 rs, * rpk 4/00-5/05, M-Sa 11:30-11, Su 1:30-9:45, casual, cards, $9-16. Shrimpball soup, hot & sour soup, cold noodles w/chili-sesame sauce, bbqed spareribs, house soup, string beans w/ginger sauce, spicy pickled Chinese cabbage, sliced pickled cucumber, sauteed filet mignon, house steak kew, beef w/tea sauce, beef w/snow peas, moo shu pork, sauteed pompano in bean paste & bean-curd sauce, sliced pork w/seasonal vegetables, rainbow chicken, stuffed Chinese eggplant, sauteed spinach, sauteed rice noodles, pan-fried noodles w/vegetables, Peking duck, green jade prawns. Avoid: tangerine beef, ying-yung shrimp.

New Hartsdale Garden. 285 N Central Ave, Hartsdale, 683-1611 nra, * rpk 5/85-7/99, Su-Th 12-10, F-Sa -11, dim sum Sa-Su 12-3, cards, $4-22. Corn & crab meat soup, steamed dumplings, General Tso's chicken, Grand Marnier shrimps w/honeyed walnuts. Avoid: sauteed string beans, pan-fried noodles w/shredded pork.

Pagoda. Central Ave, Scarsdale, poor rpk 1/01. OK: chicken w/peanuts, noodles w/sesame sauce. Avoid: crispy beef.

PF Chang's China Bistro. The Westchester, 125 Westchester Ave, White Plains, 997-6100 nra, * rpk 8/05, daily 11:30-11, casual, cards, $8-18. Peking ravioli, orange peel chicken, mu shu pork, kung pao chicken, mongolian beef. Note: even the "spicy" food is not particularly hot. You are expected to add hot sauce to suit your own taste.

Rice Star. behind Bradlee's, Central Ave, Yonkers, fair rpk 4/00. Cold noodles w/sesame sauce, beef w/broccoli. OK: General Tso's chicken. Avoid: (heavily wrapped, greasy) fried dumplings.

S.E. Asian. Garth Rd, fair rpk 1/05. OK: beef w/broccoli, egg roll. Avoid: General Tso's chicken.

Szechuan Empire. 1335 North Ave (Quaker Ridge Shp Ctr), New Rochelle, 235-6450 rs, ** rpk 1/84, daily 11-10, casual, cards, $8-16. Hacked chicken, pork dumplings, pork & Sichuan pickle soup, noodles w/bean sauce Sichuan or Peking, honeyed shrimp, plain sauteed shrimp, scallops w/hot pepper & peanuts, chicken w/orange sauce, General Tseng's chicken, House Special duck, soft shell crab in brown sauce, crispy sea bass on fire plate, beef in barbecue sauce, Marchiony ice cream.


Bistro 22. Rte 22, Bedford Village, 234-7333 rr, * rpk 6/95-4/02, ** slp 11/94, D Tu-Th 6-9, F-Sa -10, Su 1-8, jacket, MC V, $25-35, Sa prix fixe $45-50, bistro menu Su-Th $28. Warm brie, grilled quail, chicken livers w/balsamic vinegar, honey-glazed chicken, pan-seared tuna w/pineapple, roasted cod, bread pudding w/bourbon sauce, warm apple w/calvados sauce, white chocolate ice cream, Grand Marnier crepes, lemon tart. OK: crab cakes, rack of lamb, roasted duck. Avoid: chocolate cake.

Buffet de la Gare. 155 Southside Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, 478-1671 ra, * rpk 8/01, ** mhr 1/97, jm 4/96, L Tu-F 12-2:30, D Tu-Sa 6-9:30, j&t, cards, $21-28. Seared scallops, salad w/goat cheese or Roquefort, nage de fruites de mer, sweetbreads in puff pastry, roasted duck, chicken w/morel sauce, red snapper, tournedos w/peppercorns, sorbets. OK: apple tart, banana mousse, profiteroles. Avoid: duck pate, swordfish, marjolaine of chocolate, crepes Suzette. NB: portions of wine by the glass are stingey.

La Panetiere. 530 Milton Rd, Rye, 967-8140 rn, *** rpk 6/93-6/99, *** nh 8/96, L M-F 12-2:30, D M-Sa 6-9:30, Su 1-3 & 5-8:30, j&t, cards, $25-34. Rosace of sea scallop, foie gras in cabbage leaf, tuna tartar, mesclun salad w/goat cheese, carpaccio of cured buffalo, terrine of duck, Muscovy duck, rotisserie squab, black sea bass, medallion & chop of venison, Pilgrim's Hat, Negresco, warm sable w/chocolate & pecans. Menu de degustation: just about everything on the menu, $120.

Le Chateau. Rte 35 @ junct. 123, S. Salem, 533-6631 rn, ** rpk 6/94, *** slp 4/91-2/94, jacket n, L Tu-F 12-2, D Tu-F 6-9, Sa -10, Su 2-9, cards, $18-27 or $48. Castle built by J.P. Morgan; fireplace. Baked oysters, Basque fish soup, quail, poached shrimp, red snapper, duck w/sweet & sour sauce, lobster, lobster & scallops, sweetbreads, roast veal, venison, baked salmon, chocolate crepes, 4 mousses in different flavors, cheesecake. OK: creme brulee, chocolate mousse.

Maxime's. Old Tomahawk St @Rtes 202 & 118, Granite Springs, 248-7200 rr, *** slp 5/88, ** rpk 1/91, L W-Sa 12-3, D W-Th 6:30-9:30, F 6-10, Sa -10:30, Su 3-9:30, Su br 12-3, j&t, cards, $20-29. Sauteed foie gras, lobster bisque, turbot in pastry, lobster w/potato galette, venison au grand veneur, rack of lamb, terrine au chocolate (if you like candied fruit), souffles. OK: tarte tatin.

Maxime's Chappaqua Bistrot. 136 N Greeley Ave, Chappaqua, 238-0362 rn, ** rpk 10/90-8/94, L M-F 12-2:30, D M-Sa 6-9:30, jacket s, cards, $16-22. Assorted pates, chef's pate, onion soup, mixed salad, scallops & shrimp in curry sauce, steak w/shallots, steak w/bordelaise sauce, cassoulet, fillet of roast beef, roasted chicken, apple tart, passion-fruit tart, hazelnut ice cream cake, chocolate mousse. OK: duck w/green peppercorns, shrimp w/curry sauce. Avoid: confit of duck, crepe w/espresso flavored ice cream, chocolate terrine (w/citron flavor).

Meli-Melo. 362 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT, 203-629-6153 nra, * rpk 4/01, ns3, cards, $6-14. Croque madame, crepes, sorbets. OK: broccoli soup, sparkling cyder.


Carlo's. 668 Tuckahoe Rd @Central Park Ave, Yonkers, 793-1458, * rpk 7/05-12/05, jm 9/96, daily 11-11, casual, no cards. Stuffed shells, veal ravioli, spaghetti w/marinara & sausage, veal chops w/portobello mushrooms, sole francese, veal sorrentino, veal & peppers, eggplant parmigiana. OK: pork chops, veal pizzaiolo, cheesecake, rice pudding. Avoid: house wine (get the Chianti).

Cinema Ristorante. 468 Ashford Ave, Ardsley, 693-9200 rn, * rpk 11/00, L Tu-F 12-3, D Tu-Th 5-10, F-Sa -11, Su 4-9, casual, cards, $18-26. Scallops in puff pastry, Kumamoto oysters, pasta di mamma, agnolotti alla norcese, insalata del giorno, red snapper, pork tenderloin, rack of lamb, grilled veal chop, creme brulee, chocolate truffle cake. OK: tuna, tiramisu. Avoid: other desserts.

Giulio's. 53 Park Hill Ave, Yonkers, ** rpk 5/05, casual. Clams, oysters, green salad (not on menu, just ask), zuppa di pesce, veal parmigian, spaghetti w/meatballs.

La Scala. 386 Main St, Armonk, 273-3508 rn, ** rpk 3/93, L Tu-F 12-3, D Tu-Th 3-10, F -11, Sa 5-11, Su 1-9, neat, cards, $12-23. Portobello mushroom, perciatelli al filetto di pomodoro, gnocchi w/broccoli, chicken cacciatore, tripe, scampi, salmon livornese, veal saltimbocca alla Romana, Italian cheesecake, tiramisu.

La Trattoria. 77 Quaker Ridge Rd, New Rochelle, 235-2727 rs, fair rpk 6/00, M-Th 11:30-9:30, F -10, Sa 3-10, cards, $10-17. Crostini, polenta w/veal ragu, margherita pizza. OK: Caesar salad, chicken w/sausage & rosemary.

Millenio. 808 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale, 722-7022, * rpk 8/02-12/04, neat, cards. Popeye (spinach salad), arugula salad w/artichoke hearts (special), penne alla vodka, veal Allessandro.

Moscato. 874 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale, 723-5700 rr, * rpk 2/02, L M-Sa 12-3, D M-Th 5-10:30, F-Sa -11:30, Su 3-9:30, neat, cards, $18-26. Marinated grilled artichokes, sweet peppers w/parmesan, duck breast w/4 peppers, pennette w/fresh tuna, pappardelle alla boscaiola, chick pea pasta w/broccoli rape & cannelini, veal Martini, veal something just below veal Martini (wiener schnitzel, essentially), cornish hen w/sausage, salmon saltimbocca, monkfish w/bacon & fava beans, chocolate mousse cake. OK: cheesecake, tiramisu. Avoid: linguine w/clam sauce, grouper in potato crust.

Pane e Vino. 134 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, 337-3330 rr, * rpk 8/99, L M-F 12-3, D M-Th 5-10, F-Sa -11, Su 2-9, neat, cards, $11-19. Caesar salad, octopus & potato salad, spaghetti con granzeola, risotto w/seafood, calf's liver, red snapper w/black olives, grilled salmon, tuna w/balsamic vinegar, veal wrapped pine nuts stuffing, black-bottom pecan chocolate torte, semifreddo, ice creams. Avoid: carpaccio of beef (because of the sweetened mayonnaise), (mushy) sole in vinegar sauce, (bland) stew of mussels.

Pas-Tina's Ristorante. 155 S Central Ave, Hartsdale, 997-7900 rn, * rpk 7/97-9/05, daily 12-11, casual, cards, $10-21. Rigatoni w/sun-dried tomatoes & broccoli, cheesecake, house salad.

Ristorante Silvano. Rte 100, Somers, 232-8080 rr, ** rpk 1/83, L Tu-F 12-2:30, D Tu-Th 6-9:30, F-Sa -11, Su 4-9:30, j&t, no cards, $15-25. Roasted peppers w/mozzarella & basil, tortellini in pesto, cannelloni Romana, bluepoint oysters, fresh asparagus vinaigrette, trecolori salad, linguette w/fresh white clam sauce, agnolotti verdi w/cream, rigatoni Rene, quail Rosemarie, broiled Norwegian salmon, stuffed swordfish, monkfish francaise, shrimp Provencal, fruit tart, espresso cake, pastry log w/cream & raspberry sauce, carrot cake, apple strudel. Avoid: Boston cheesecake.

Rustico Ristorante. 753 Central Ave, Greenburgh, 472-4005 ra for 4 or more, * rpk 4/04, L M-Sa 11:30-4, D Su-M 4:30-10, Tu-Th -10:30, F-Sa -11, casual, cards, $12-27. Valtellina pizza, calamari w/potato, penne w/sausage, branzino (striped bass) in polenta, jumbo shrimp w/black bean risotto, chicken w/prosciutto, veal w/mozzarella in cognac sauce, apple galette w/vanilla ice cream. Avoid: grouper, calf's liver, cheesecake, cassata.

Spiga. 718 Central Ave @Doris Dr, Greenburgh, 725-8240 nra <6, * rpk 12/99, M-Th 11:30-10:30, F-Sa -11:30, Su 12-10:30, neat, cards, $16-25. Tortelloni w/porcini, ravioli fatti, capellini d'angel Vesuvio, veal w/mushrooms & truffle cream, cheesecake, ice cream in espresso. Avoid: risotto, osso buco, tiramisu. NB: portions are huge and intended for sharing.

Tramonto. 27 Saw Mill River Rd, Hawthorne, 347-8220 ra 5 or more, * rpk 6/96-11/05, neat, cards, $9-26. Mixed greens salad, steamed mussels, grilled polenta, gnocchi bolognese, penne w/arugula & shrimp, chicken brochetta, non-breaded chicken w/red-pink sauce, chicken & sausage, grilled pork chop, broiled salmon, pollo scarpariello, pizza margherita, veal parmigian, mochaccino cheesecake, tiramisu, cappucino. OK: chicken valdostano, house red. Note: I've been coming here for group lunches, and the food has, on those occasions, only been fair. Given the hurried preparation in such circumstances, I don't think it's fair to downgrade the restaurant just because of that. Still, I have to say that the pizza caprioccio was breadier than I like and the sauce and toppings were just OK.


Bengal Tiger. 144 E Post Rd, White Plains, 948-5191 nra, ** rpk 12/85, L M-Sa 11:30-2:30, D Tu-Sa 5-10:30, Su-M -10, Su brunch 12-2:30 ($10), proper (jacket s?), AE MC V, $8-19. Indian. Nan, mullagu-thanny, allu papri, keema mutter, goat korma, paneer tikka, rasmalai, all shrimp dishes, chicken tikka, lamb vindaloo, lamb do piaz, beef sag, lamb pasanda, alu gobi, baingan bhurtha, palak panir, kulfi.

Cafe Mirage. 531 N Main St, Port Chester, 937-3497 rs, * rpk 8/05, D M-Th 6-1, F-Sa -3, cards, $15-23. Fresh oysters, house-cured salmon, crab cake, duck config & water chestnut dumplings, Thai ginger-lemon-grass shrimps, Carribbean tuna brochette, Bangkok mussels w/Thai spices, bouillabaisse, sauteed skate, sauteed gray sole, jerked chicken (but rather hot), shell steak au poivre, Rajun Cajun pasta w/alligator sausage & seafood, seared shrimps, fresh fruit. OK: ostrich. Avoid: other desserts (although chocolate mousse might be worth a try).

Caravela. 53 N Bway, Tarrytown, 631-1863 rn, ** rpk 4/90-5/91, L M-F 11:30-3, Sa ? but I did see that the door was open, D M-Th 5-10, F-Sa -12, Su 12-10, neat, cards, $16-24. Caldo verde soup, gazpacho, fisherman's shrimp soup, shrimp Lisboeta, stuffed squid, mussels w/mustard sauce, Portuguese sea food antipasto, shrimp Caravela, chicken Algarve, pork & clams Alentejana, tuna Algarve, red snapper Portuguese, steak Portuguese, lobster, quail w/port, soft shell crabs, fresh ripe fruit, port & cheese, orange ?flan?, chocolate ganache cake. Avoid: swordfish, yellowfin tuna (at least on Sundays in August).

Casa Maya. 706 Central Ave, Scarsdale, 713-0771, fair rpk 1/03-2/05, Su-Th 11:30-10:30, F-Sa -11:30, Sa-Su brunch 11:30-3, casual, cards, $8-18. Guacamole, chuletas adobadas, combination platters, beef in white wrapper from upper right corner of menu, enchiladas placeras. OK: grilled chicken. Avoid: August (when they serve reheated food), letting the waiter forget to bring your food to the table until it gets cold, shrimp chimichanga.

Eastchester Fish Gourmet. 837 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, 725-3450 nra, ** rpk 1/01-6/05, L M-Sa 11:30-2:30, D M-Th 5-9:30, F-Sa -10, neat, MC V, $18-32. Smoked salmon, crab cakes, marinated grilled shrimps, steamed mussels, curried swordfish, pan-seared tuna, broiled scrod, steamed lobster, branzini, trout amandine, monkfish w/bacon, red snapper, sorbets, banana ice cream sundae, sorbet assortment, maple cheesecake, chocolate lava cake. OK: (skimpy on last visit, slightly iodiny) fish & chips, blueberry spring roll. Avoid: risotto w/shrimp, apple galette.

Epstein's Deli. 2369 Central Ave, Yonkers, 793-3131, * rpk 6/87-12/02, Su-Th 9-9, F -9:30, Sa -10, casual, AE, $6-11. Beef brisket sandwich, turkey & roast beef sandwich, burger w/pastrami (honestly!), white fish platter, fries. OK: burger. Avoid: anything requiring dairy products, onion rings.

Ichi Riki. 1 E Main St, Elmsford, 592-2220 rr, * rpk 6/90-3/05, jm 5/94, L Tu-F 11:45-2:30, Sa 12-2:30, D Tu-Th 5:30-10, F -11, Sa 5-11, Su -9:30, cards, $11-25. Sushi, sashimi, tonkatsu, broiled unagi, stuffed rainbow trout.

Kang Suh. 2375 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, * rpk 6/99-2/01, casual, cards, $16-19. Jap Korean. Bbqed meats, e.g. marinated beef, yakidori. OK: pan-fried pork loin.

Katzenberg Kafe. Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, poor rpk 1/05. Awful: mocha.

Latin American Cafe. 134 E Post Rd, White Plains, 948-6606 ra, * rpk 1/01-4/02, daily 11-10, cards, $8-15. Cuban. Tamal in corn husk, black bean soup, camarones al ajillo, empanadas de carne (meat paddies), shrimp in garlic sauce, steak w/onions & peppers, oxtails, chicharrones, Cuban sandwich, pollo al ajillo, churrasco a la Parilla, arroz con leche, coco rallado, batidos de frutas (fresh fruit shake). Avoid: (overcooked) chicken, (dry) roast pork, (raw, sauteed) french fries.

Lefteris Gyro. Main St @Broadway (Rt 9), Tarrytown, * rpk 9/98-10/06, daily 11-10, ns3, cards, $3-16. Gyros (regular & chicken), souvlaki, lentil soup. Avoid: split pea soup (unless you REALLY LIKE GARLIC), grilled cheese sandwich w/(fatty, tough) bacon.

Lulu. Garth Rd, Scarsdale, * rpk 02-7/05. Brownie, macaroon, apple ruglah, banana-nut muffin. OK: iced coffee. Avoid: latte.

Malabar. 145 E Main St (Rt 119), Elmsford, 347-7890 nra, ** ajh 8/90, * rpk 1/92-2/00, casual, cards, $12-15. Indian. Masala dosa, Mysore masala dosa, chicken tikka masala, dhaba shrimp, navaratan korman, vegetable biriyani, palak paneer, alu gobi palak, khir. OK: meat samosa, the potato-pizza-like appetizer, lamb vindaloo. Note: when they say hot, they mean it. NB: significant wait Saturday nights.

Renaissance. Scarsdale, * rpk 7/02. Creme brulee tart. Avoid: (totally blah) apple tart.

Rio Grande by Don Emilio. 690 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck, 777-1156 rs, * rpk 5/02, casual, AE MC V. Guacamole (spicy, made at table), carne a la Tampequena (skirt steak w/onions & peppers w/a cheese enchillada and a dab of guacamole on the side), bbqed brisket of beef (although there's no bbq sauce). Avoid: flautus.

Royal Palace. 77 Knollwood Rd, Greenburgh, 289-1988, fair (for lunch) rpk 6/05, daily L 11:30-3:30, D 5-10, cards, $8-16. Indian. Vegetable or fish pakoras, tandoori roasted items, seekh kebab, chicken tikka, butter chicken, royal lamb Cochin, lamb keema curry, shrimp saag, shrimp curry, lamb or shrimp korma, fish tikka masala, cauliflower & potato, spinach w/cheese, nan, paneer nan, parathas.

Sakura. 56 Garth Road, Scarsdale, 723-7767, * rpk 11/04, L M-F 11:30-3, D M-Th 4-10, F-Sa -11, Sa&Su brunch 11:30-3, casual, cards, $10-23. Japanese spring roll, ohitashi, all sushi & sashimi, nabeyaki udon, lobster w/black-bean sauce, bean-curd Szechuan style, scallops w/garlic sauce, lobster stew golden lake style. OK: steak teriyaki (pieces too big in absence of cutlery).

Siam Orchid. 750 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, 723-9131 rr, * rpk 5/88-9/01, L Tu-Sa 12-3, D Tu-Th 5-10, F-Sa -11, Su 4-10, casual, cards, $9-20. Thai. Beef satay, Siam egg rolls, kingfish patties, pressed minced pork & shrimp in bean curk skin, chicken soup, grilled beef salad, duck w/basil leaves, tamarind fish, chicken curry w/green beans, sizzling whole red snapper, shrimp w/Chinese white cabbage & oyster sauce, sweet & sour pork, sauteed Oriental eggplant, fried bean curd, fried rice. Avoid: combinations including coconut milk, rice noodles.

Slave to the Grind. 58 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, 961-8622, * rpk 1/90-8/05. Coffee house. Cafe mocha (in winter ask for it to be as hot as possible), mocha brain freeze.

Sol (Tequila Mockingbird?). 6 Forest St, New Canaan, CT, 966-2222, * rpk 1/00, casual, cards, $25. Tacos al carbon, fajitas, margarita.

Solera on Hudson. 1 Bridge St, Irvington, 591-2233 rn, * rpk 9/00, L M-F 12-3, D Tu-Sa 5-10, Su 1-8, cards, $16-25. Smoked salmon, garlic shrimp, grilled lamb chops, lemon rice pudding, burnt cream Catalana. Avoid: putting up with the kitchen serving badly prepared dishes, like steak served well done when ordered rare; send them back.

Thai House. 466 Ashford Ave, Arsdley, 674-6633, * rpk 9/03-9/04, casual, cards, $12-19. Curry puffs, green mango salad, beef salad, coconut milk soup, boneless roast duck w/chili & garlic & basil, mixed seafood in red curry paste, tofu w/lemon grass in roasted chili, chicken w/cashews & pineapple. OK: house salad, chicken satay. Note: asking SPICY, not just American spicy, gives nicely spiced food.

Villa del Sol. 20 S Moger Ave, Mt Kisco, 244-1908 rs, poor rpk 6/99, cards, $11-19. Guazamole, taquitos al carbon, beef burritos.

Water Moon. 66 Purchase St, Rye, 921-8880 rr, ** rpk 3/05, daily. Pan Asian.

Wild Cactus Cafe. 987 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, 963-5500, * rpk 3/02-8/05, casual, cards, $10-18. Frozen margarita, beef fajitas, beef chimichanga, puntas chipotle (pork tenderloin). OK: guacamole, house salad, enchilladas suizas. Avoid: August (Susan's 8/05 meal tasted like reheated left-overs).

Xaviar's in Piermont. 506 Piermont Ave (take Rt 9W to Broadway=inconspicuous business district turn-off), Piermont, 359-7007 rn, *** rpk 10/95, L W-F 12-2:30, D Tu-F 6-9:30, Sa 6:30 & 9:30, Su 5-8, Su br 12-2:30, j&t, no cards, $48. Smoke free. Poached shrimp, tuna carpaccio, pasta w/crabmeat, quail, foie gras, salmon w/tarragon, poached lobster, roasted duckling, saddle of vennison, squab, grilled beef, trio of chocolates (warning: danger), sorbets, hot souffle (although Susan was luke-warm about the vanilla souffle).


California Pizza Kitchen. Central Ave, Scarsdale/Hartsdale, eh rpk 1/03. Eh: pepperoni pizza. Avoid: margherita pizza, Saturday night (when moviegoers fill the parking lot and make it impossible to even turn into the lot to pick up a pie).

Genaro. Central Ave @Mt Joy, Scarsdale, fair rpk 5/00-2/01, $12. Slices. OK: pies, egg & peppers hero. Avoid: meatball parm hero.

John's Best Pizza. Rt 117, Bedford Hills, ** rpk 11/97-9/98, casual.

Mezza Luna. 844 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale, 722-4854, ** rpk 3/99-9/99.

Michael's Pizza. Caldor Shopping Center, Yorktown Heights, ** rpk 6/85-9/97, ns3. Meatball parmigian wedge, eggplant parmigian.

Pizza & Brew. Central Ave north of Ardsley Rd, Scarsdale, * rpk 1/99.

Pizzeria Uno. Central Plaza, Central Ave, Yonkers, fair rpk 11/02, casual, $10-16. OK: regular (deep dish) pizza.

S&J Pizza. Garth Rd, Scarsdale, ** rpk 11/00-9/05. Lasagna pizza, pepperoni pizza. NB: have been known to heat slices of lasagna pizza insufficiently (cold center).

Sunrise Pizzeria. Purdy St (maybe), Rye, ** rpk 1/99. Meatball parm hero, slice of pepperoni pie.

Villagio. Main St, Tuckahoe, * rpk 2/01. Lasagna pizza.

ra - reservations available, rs - suggested, rr - recommended, rn - necessary, nra - no reservations accepted "ns3" = no shoes, no shirt, no service; jacket s - jacket & tie suggested, r - recommended, n - necessary

Judgement of overall quality is on a scale from poor to ****. The date on which the last evaluation was made is given. ** 78-83 means the original review was based on a review in 78 and that a visit in 83 has confirmed that no significant change occured.

The opinions expressed in this guide were provided by: dm - Dan Milch, rpk - Richard King, slp - Stu Palmer.

The price, when a range like $5-8, is for entrees only. A single number is the price of an average dinner.