A Guide to Restaurants in Manhattan

This is an extract from a larger document. Contact me for a copy of that.


Amsterdam Cafe. Amsterdam Ave @119th, * rpk 9/01, casual. Huevos rancheros, tuna melt.

Barking Dog Luncheonette. 1453 York Ave @77th, fair rpk 5/04-1/06, daily 8AM-midnight, Blueberry pancakes, BDL brunch. OK: sausage-apple-cheese omelette.

Au Bon Pain. 8th St @Macdougal, fair rpk 11/00, ns3. Thai chicken sandwich. OK: mocha blast.

Bagel, The. 170 W 4th St @6th Ave, * rpk 4/97-11/02, M-F 7:30AM-midnight, Sa 8-12, Su 8-11, ns3, $cheap. Eggs, griddle cakes (ask for the real maple syrup they keep in the glass dispenser behind the counter), bacon. OK: French toast w/fresh fruit.

Blue Smoke. 116 E 27th St, 447-7733, fair rpk 4/04, M-Sa 11:30-1, Su 2:30-11, casual, cards, $12-24. Fried green tomatoes, fry bread, deviled eggs, St Louis spareribs, Texas beef ribs, pulled pork, pan-fried catfish, grilled steak, collards, cole slaw, baked beans, coconut layer cake, strawberry-rhubarb pie. Avoid: (blah, overpriced) beef brisket, bbqed lamb shoulder.

Broadway Diner. Lex @52nd, fair rpk 12/01, casual. Eggs (although the toast was on the cool side), farmer's omelette.

Broome Street Bar. 363 W Bway, 925-2086, * rpk 2/92-4/06, daily 11-2, casual, no cards, $15. Burgers, salad plates, sandwiches, e.g. grilled tomato & bacon & Swiss on pumpernickle, blt, brunch specials, esp. French toast (ask for bacon instead of ham), cappucino (ask for no cinnamon), scrambled eggs.

Burger Joint. Le Parker Meridien, 118 W 57th, 245-5000, * rpk 4/06-2/07, neat, $10. Burgers, shakes. Avoid: (cool, limp) fries (unless you see them being freshly made), lemonade.

Cafe Luka. 1319 1st Ave @71st, 585-2205, * rpk 4/05-2/06, daily 6AM-11PM, ns3. Eggs, sausage. OK: cappucino.

Chelsea Common. 463 W 24th, 929-9424, poor rpk 6/00, Sa br 12-4, -midnight. Hamburgers, fries, Irish coffee, backgammon. Avoid: Spanish omelettes, anything w/sausage, huevos rancheros, mimosa.

City Bakery, The. 3 W 18th, 366-1414, * rpk 4/03, M-Sa B&L, cards, $25. Petits gateaux, esp. coconut & cane sugar creme brulee and chocolate w/milk-chocolate & caramel filling; whole-wheat croissants; hot soups; mixed greens salads, hot chocolate. OK: chicken & cheese pressed sandwich.

City Cafe. 804 Lexington Ave @62nd, 838-3580, fair rpk 3/01, cards. Western omelette, fries. OK: Leo's omelette (w/smoked salmon), mimosa.

City Grill. 269 Columbus Ave @72nd, * rpk 3/05, neat, cards, $12-24. OK: duck (special), chicken pot pie (good, but Susan's is better). Why '*' if both meals were just OK? Because the bread, wine & sides promised better food than those specific dishes delivered, and at those prices it doesn't take as much to reach that standard.

Comfort Diner. 142 E 86th, 426-8600, ea 12/00, * rpk 2/01, B $5-10. 2 eggs over easy w/hash browns, cornmeal pancakes w/blueberries (special). Avoid: white toast.

Corner Bistro. 331 W 4th St @Jane St, 242-9502, * rpk 1/05, * net 2/95, M-Sa 11:30AM-4AM, Su noon-4AM, no cards. Burgers, chili, fries.

Cosi Sandwich Bar + Coffee Bar. Park Ave @20th St, * rpk 4/00, M-Sa, $6-8. Smoked turkey w/cheddar & honey mustard.

Cub Room Cafe. 183 Prince St @Sullivan St, 677-4100, * rpk 4/04, $15-20. Iceberg salad, steak frites, poached pear. Avoid: hot chocolate.

Cupping Room Cafe. 359 W Bway @Broome, 925-2898, fair rpk 85-3/03, M-Th 8AM-midnight, F-Sa -2AM, Su -10:30, casual, cards, $3-17. Muffins, pancakes w/blueberries ($12), soups, Mexican omelette, chili, sandwiches esp. blackened chicken, chicken tarragon (as long as you really like tarragon), Middle Eastern platter, capellini primavera, iced cafe mocha(!), hot cafe mocha(!), apple jack hot toddy. OK: scrambled eggs ($9). Avoid: chicken moustarde (small), steak Diane, (dry, bready) French toast ($10).

Dallas BBQ. 1265 3rd Ave @72nd, 772-9393, * rpk 11/99, casual, cards, $20. BBQed brisket of beef, fries. OK: cole slaw.

Dylan Prime. 62 Laight St, 334-4783, ** rpk 7/07, L M-F 12-2:30, D daily 5:30-10, $25-40. Crab cake, scallops, NY strip steak, filet mignon, donuts & coffee (3 hot cinnamon-sugar donuts + cup of capuccino mousse).

Duke's. 99 E 19th, 260-2922, eh rpk 4/05, daily 11:30AM-3AM, ns3. OK: cole slaw. Eh: fries. Avoid: bbqed brisket, half lemonade/half iced tea.

E.J.'s Luncheonette. 3rd Ave @73rd, * rpk 4/00, daily, no cards, $6-18. Smoke free. Tuna sandwich, western omelette, chicken chili. Avoid: (cool) fries.

E.J.'s Luncheonette. 447 Amsterdam Ave @81st, 873-3444, ** rpk 3/94-7/97, M-Th 8AM-11PM, F -12, Sa 9AM-midnight, Su -10:30, no cards, $5-18. Smoke free. Pancakes, French toast, omelets, chicken chili, grilled salmon, roast chicken, mashed potatoes, Key lime pie, rice pudding. OK: burger, Cobb salad.

E.J.'s Luncheonette. 3rd Ave @73rd, * rpk 4/00, daily, no cards, $6-18. Smoke free. Tuna sandwich, western omelette, chicken chili. Avoid: (cool) fries.

EAT. 1064 Madison @80th, 772-0022, * rpk 10/99, daily, AE, $25. Egg salad sandwich, grilled ham & cheese sandwich, quiche, lemonade.

Eisenberg's. 174 5th Ave @22nd, 675-5096, * rpk 12/06, M-Sa 7:30-4. Breakfast, e.g. bacon & eggs, egg salad sandwich, fries, hot pastrami.

Elephant & Castle. 68 Greenwich Ave, 243-1400, * rpk 12/91-4/06, L&D -1am daily, Sa&Su brunch 10-5, casual, cards, $6-10. Smoke free. Burger, e.g. Elephantburger, omelet, grilled sandwiches, salads, quiche, fries, carrot cake, mud pie, chocolate brownie cake, cheesecake, crepes, esp. Vienna Woods. Avoid: pecan pie.

Eli's Vinegar Factory. 431 E 91st, 987-0885, fair rpk 6/02, Sa-Su brunch 8-4, $8-12. OK: breads, omelets, blueberry pancakes, roast beef hash w/fried eggs. NB: perfectly adequate food at outrageously high prices. I mean, $11 for a bare plate of 3 blueberry pancakes, no potatoes, no garnish, no nothing! No toast with the $9 omelette, that's extra. Forget it. Go to Barking Dog, Sarabeth's, or Jackson Hole, all of which are nearby.

Elmo. 156 7th Ave @19th, 337-8000, * rpk 4/04, M-F 11AM-1AM, Sa-Su 10AM-1AM. Eggs Benedict, fruit plate, cafe latte. OK: bellini.

Film Center Cafe. 9th Ave @45th, * rpk 5/93, daily, no cards, $10-15. Meatloaf & mashed potatoes, chicken paillard, cajun chicken. NB: smokey.

Good Enough to Eat. 483 Amsterdam Ave @83rd, 496-0163, * rpk 5/01, M/L M-F 8-4, D M-Th 5:30-10:30, F-Sa -11, Su -10, Sa-Su br 9-4 $10 minimum. Blueberry or strawberry pancakes w/sausage patties & (slightly underdone) scrambled eggs, various augmented scrambled eggs. OK: (slightly soggy) French toast. Avoid: cream-cheese brownie.

Googie's. 1491 2nd Ave @78th, 717-1122, fair rpk 1/05, Sa 9AM-2AM. Hot chocolate, scrambled eggs, bacon. OK: cafe au lait, coffee, cinnamon French toast. Avoid: (cool) shoestring fries.

Grey Dog's Coffee. 33 Carmine St, 462-0041, * rpk 1/04, daily, ns3, $4-9. French toast, muffins, cafe latte. Try: sandwiches, smoothies. Note: just get in line; they will take care of seating you before your order is in, so don't worry.

Hi-Life. 1340 1st Ave @72nd St, 249-3600, * rpk 12/00-5/02, fodor 11/99, casual. Poached eggs on corned beef hash, scrambled eggs w/well-done bacon. filet mignon, pad thai, burgers, turkey chili. Avoid: (cool, dry) French toast.

Island Burgers & Shakes. 766 9th Ave @51st St, 307-7934, ** rpk 11/01-8/05, Sa 12-?, Su -10:30, casual, no cards, $15. Burgers, e.g. Tiajuana (guacamole, bacon, cheese), grilled chicken sandwich, chocolate malted. OK: (dull) Bangkok chicken sandwich w/peanut-butter sauce.

Jackson Hole. Madison Ave @91st, 427-2820, * rpk 4/83-10/04, 10:30AM-1:30AM, casual, $5-15. Smoke free. Burgers, egg salad sandwich, blueberry pancakes w/sausage (although the syrup is Log Cabin, or some such cheap stuff). OK: scrambled eggs, sausage, muffins.

Landmark Tavern. 626 11th Ave @46th, 757-8595, * rpk 6/96-5/99, open late, open Su, casual, cards, $23. Fireplace. Chilled fruit soups, burgers, brunches, Irish soda bread. OK: smoked turkey & cheddar sandwich.

Le Pain Quotidien. 1131 Madison Ave @84th, 327-4900, * rpk 2/02-5/07, M-F 7-7, Sa-Su 8-7, no cards, $25. Belgian waffles, brownies, tartlets, e.g. wild blueberry & almond, open-faced sandwiches, e.g. chicken curry w/cranberry sandwich, duck pate sandwich, turkey sandwich, soups, salads. OK: chocolate espresso tart. Just OK: apple tartlet.

Lemon & Lime Coffee Shop. 6th Ave @20th St, poor rpk 1/00, ns3. Avoid: anything cooked on the grill, any coffee related beverage.

Lucky Strike. 59 Grand St E of W Bway, 941-0479, fair rpk 2/04, casual, daily noon-4AM, Sa-Su br 12-5 $8-18. Salade Nicoise, cafe latte. OK: Omelette, chicken Caesar salad, fries.

Mangia. 16 E 48th, 754-7600, * sjb 4/02. Raspberry tartlet.

Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too. 366 W 110th (Cathedral Parkway) @Columbus Ave, 865-6744, fair rpk 12/04, MC V, $25. Short ribs of beef, pork ribs. OK: bbqed chicken, cole slaw. Avoid: (cool) fries, (cheap mix, not freshly squeezed, as promised) lemonade.

Molly's. 287 3rd Ave @22nd, 889-3361, * rpk 5/05. Irish bar. Fireplace, cat. Burgers, esp. bacon cheddar burger.

Moondance Diner. 6th Ave @Grand, fair rpk 1/05, ns3. OK: French toast.

Neil's Coffee Shop. 961 Lexington @70th, 628-7474, fair rpk 9/90-10/02, $5. Fries, lemonade, chocolate milk shake. Try: eggs. Avoid: burgers.

New World Grill. 329 W 49th, 957-4745, * rpk 6/03, M-Sa 12-12, Su -10, cards, $15-22. Terrace. Grilled pear salad, shrimp tortillas, grilled beef sticks, spaghetti-squash pancakes, roasted wild mushrooms, bbqed chicken breast, grilled salmon, charred lamb. Avoid: hanger steak, beets & potatoes (ask for a substitute).

NoHo Star. 330 Lafayette @Bleecker, 925-0070, * rpk 6/07. M-F 8-midnight, Sa-Su 10:30AM-midnight, $24. Breakfast: hazelnut waffle, brioche French toast, fruit & yogurt shake, iced coffee (although a bit bitter for my taste), latte.

Old Devil Moon. 511 E 12th, 475-4357, * rpk 4/00, ea 12/94-1/00, Tu-Th 6-11, F -12, Sa 10-4 & 6-12, Su 10-4 & 5-11, AE, $8-12. Ham & eggs, biscuits & gravy, frittata, greens w/white beans, johnny cakes, sweet potato scallion hash, gnocchi, jerk chicken, pork chops, like peanut butter pie, blackberry pie, devil's food cake. Avoid: chocolate pecan pie.

Opera Espresso. 1928 Bway, opposite Lincoln Center, 799-3050, eh rpk 4/01, casual. OK: deep-fried challah French toast (but they could stand to use better oil for the frying, (blah) scrambled eggs, bacon (that came limp even though asked for crisp). Avoid: (pallid) French fries.

Papaya King. 3rd Ave @86th St, * rpk 8/00. Cheese frank, frank w/tomato sauce & sauteed onions, Tropical Breeze (mango & strawberry).

Park Avenue Cafe. 100 E 63rd @Park, 644-1900 rs, ** rpk 1/95-1/04, D daily 5-12, Sa-Su br $14-25 11-2, jacket s, cards, $40. Waffle w/banana & strawberry & raspberry, poached eggs on ham & cheese thing, omelette, French toast loaf (if not very generous). NB: excellent food at remarkably high prices, like $7.50 for a side dish of bacon to go with the $15 French toast.

Patois. 255 Smith St, Brooklyn, 718-855-1535, ** rpk 2/02, Su br $12 11-, casual. Skillet French toast, omelettes.

Peter Luger. 178 Bway Bklyn, 718-387-7400, ** rpk 7/95, M-F 11:45-9:45, Sa -10:45, Su 1-9:45, neat, no cards, $19-28. Shrimp, tomatoes & onions, Porterhouse steaks, lamb chops, steak fries, German fried potatoes, cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake. OK: creamed spinach.

Sarabeth's Kitchen. 1295 Madison Ave @92nd, 410-7335 rs, ** rpk 8/89-6/06, B M-F 8-11:30, L M-F 11:30-4:30 (tea & pastries 3:30-4:30), D M-Th 6-10:30, F-Sa -11, Su 6-10, Sa&Su br 9-4, casual, cards, L $6-11, D $14-19. Smoke free. Cream of tomato soup, carrot & orange soup, fettuccine w/grilled calamari, grilled sourdough bread, grilled shrimp w/creamed corn, duck breast w/spaghetti squash & pearl onions, sirloin steak sandwich, leg of lamb w/vegetables, roulade of beef w/watercress & fried onions, salmon w/crunchy soba noodles, swordfish w/buckwheat noodles, chocolate truffle cake, banana cream pie, grilled poppy seed cake w/mangoes & ice cream, mixed berry tart, creme brulee. Brunch: soups, pumpkin waffle, omelettes, muffins, scones, preserves. OK: chicken paillard, chicken sandwich. Avoid: strawberry & rhubarb shortcake.

Sarabeth's Kitchen. Whitney Museum, Madison Ave @75th St, * rpk 10/00-2/05. Note: museum admission not required; just tell the guard where you're going. Tomato soup, goldie lox, club sandwich. OK: apple-cinnamon French toast w/bananas. Avoid: chicken sausage.

Shake Shack. Madison Square Park, Madison@23rd, fair rpk 5/05, 11-4 Apr-Nov. Burgers, iced tea (even if a bit warmer than preferred, no ice, no lemon). OK: shakes.

Sign of the Dove. 1110 3rd Ave @65th, 861-8080 rr (like at brunch to avoid tables by the band), ** rpk 9/96, L Tu-Sa 12-3, D daily 5:45-11, Su br 11:30-3 $8-13, jacket, cards, $50. Brunch: corn crepes stuffed w/smoked salmon & scrambled eggs, duck & potato hash w/fried eggs.

Soul Fixins. 371 W 34th, 736-1345, * rpk 6/00-6/03, M-Sa 11-10, cards, $5-8. BBQed spareribs, fried chicken, chicken smothered in brown sauce, corn bread, sweet potato pie. OK: lemonade.

Soup Burg. 922 Madison @73rd, 734-6964, ****+ mp 1/05, * rpk 90, Sa 5AM-10PM.

Sugar Loaf Cafe. 1372 York @73rd, * rpk 10/00-1/03. Lentil soup, sandwiches (though pre-made & wrapped), iced or hot cafe mocha, iced coffee. Avoid: brownie.

Time Cafe. Bway @85th, * hl 3/02, * rpk 3/02, casual, cards. Market salad, tapas, French toast w/apple sauce. OK: scrambled eggs.

Viand. 2nd Ave @86th, fair rpk 4/05, ns3. OK: onion omelette, German breakfast (eggs & bacon & potato scrambled together), cappucino.

Virgil's. 152 W 44th, 921-9494 rs, * rpk 8/94-5/07, M 11:30-11, Tu-Sa -12, Su 1-10, casual, AE MC V, $11-13. Wet pork ribs, Carolina pork shoulder, brisket, ham, lamb, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwich, pulled chicken sandwich, baked beans, banana pudding, apple cobbler. OK: biscuits, apple pie. Avoid: links.

Water Club, The. 500 E 30th on the east river, 683-3333 rn, ** rpk 10/91, L M-Sa 12-3, Su br 11:30-3, D M-Th 5:30-11, F-Sa -11:30, Su 5:45-10:30, jacket r, cards, $20-32. Gazpacho w/lobster, seafood gumbo, shrimp quesadillas, crab cakes, grilled shrimp w/warm potato salad, grilled swordfish w/crab meat ravioli, pesto-encrusted salmon, snapper in herbed bread-crumb crust, steamed lobster, lamb chops w/quinoa, yellowfin tuna, grilled capon sandwich, flourless chocolate cake, sour cherry creme brulee, apple tart.

Waterfront Ale House. 540 2nd Ave @30th, fair rpk 5/04. Beef chili. OK: burger.

Willy's Bar & Grill. 1538 2nd Ave @80th, * slp 4/03, * rpk 1/05, L $13. Chicken caesar salad, ham & cheese omelette, burgers, guacamole.

Zuni. 598 9th Ave @43rd, 765-7626, * rpk 1/98-5/02, Su-Th 12-12, F-Sa -1, neat, cards, $20. Tuna tostada, chicken salad sandwich, corn fritters, grilled shrimp, chicken & shrimp satay, portobello sundae, grilled salmon, grilled chicken, grilled steak, chicken burrito, chicken & shrimp jambalaya (but very hot), blueberry pie, Mississippi mud cake. Avoid: (burnt, late, skimpy) burgers w/(ho-hum) fries.


The New Green Bo. Bayard St east of Mott, * rpk 11/02. Fried pork dumplings, cold sesame noodles. NB: they actually claimed to be OUT of spring & egg rolls at lunch!

The Nice Restaurant. 35 E Bway, 406-9510 rs, * rgl 10/97, * rpk 8/99, daily 8AM-11PM, AE, $2-15. Spring roll, seafood roll, dumplings, minced squab in lettuce leaves, bbqed pork ribs, roast suckling pig, salt-roasted pork, roast duck (unless it arrives cold), roast duck w/winter melon, braised duck, pan-fried flounder, salt-baked chicken, chicken w/orange sauce, chicken w/black-bean sauce & dried scallions. Dim sum: pan-fried leek dumplings, bbqed pork bun, steamed shredded chicken roll. Avoid: soybean-sauce squab in a pot, shrimp & scallop rolls, beef sate.

Ollie's Noodle Shop and Grille. 190 W 44th, 921-5958, fair rpk 5/02, ** soniaB 7/01, Su -11:30, casual, cards, $<25. Chicken w/mushrooms (ask for brown sauce instead of the usual white), dumplings w/chili oil. OK: salad w/chicken. Avoid: hacked chicken w/spicy sauce.

Peking Duck House. 22 Mott St, 962-8208, ** rpk 6/83, L&D -10:30, dim sum 11:30-3 Sa & Su. Peking duck in 20 minutes, dumplings, Peking-style chicken, chicken w/walnuts, carp.

Pig Heaven. 1540 2nd Ave @80th, 744-4333 rn, ** rpk 11/89, daily 12-12, Su br 12-4, casual, AE DC, $11-20. Fried or boiled dumplings, sesame noodles, cold hacked chicken, duck salad, cold pork w/garlic sauce, Cantonese style suckling pig, minced pork w/corn, bbqed pork butt, bell peppers & pine nuts, dry cooked string beans, flattened shrimp w/hot pepper sauce, lemon cheesecake. OK: chicken w/cuces, sizzling beef w/mushrooms. Avoid: spring rolls, apple pie, praline mousse.


Antique Cafe. 55 W 26th, 675-1663, * rpk 2/05-4/06, daily 7:30-6:30. Hot chocolate (ask for no cinnamon, extra marshmallows, extra hot), burgers. OK: croque monsieur, scrambled eggs w/salmon. Avoid: quiche, latte.

Cafe Mozart. 154 W 70th, 595-9797, ** net 2/01, ** rpk 3/02, M-Th 8AM-1AM, F -2AM, Sa-Su 10AM-2AM, casual, cards, $5 for moccachino. Belgian waffle sundae, tartufata, cannoli, French apple tart, hot chocolate.

Cafe Roma. 386 Broome @Mulberry, 226-8413, * rpk 8/99. Gelati. OK: chocolate cake (good start, metallic finish).

Caffe della Pace. 46-48 E 7th, * rpk 12/97. Triple chocolate mousse cake, Italian cheesecake, cappuccino.

Caffe Reggio. 119 MacDougal St @3rd, 475-9557, rpk 12/04, 11-2AM, Sa&Su -4AM. Espresso (hot or iced), cappuccino, pastries. Avoid: hot chocolate (it's made w/water).

DT-UT. 1626 2nd Ave @84th, * rpk 5/04-2/07, daily 8AM-midnight. Caffe latte (with 3 or 4 sugars), cappucino, cinnamon raisin bun, blueberry crumb cake. OK: pecan danish. Avoid: caffe mocha, cherry danish.

Edgar's Cafe. 255 W 84th, 496-6126, * st 2/03, * rpk 2/04, daily 10AM-1AM, casual, $9-11. Chicken zingara salad w/avocado, moccacino. Avoid: quiche Lorraine, hot chocolate.

Grey Dog's Coffee. 33 Carmine St, 462-0041, * rpk 1/04-3/07, daily 7AM-midnight, ns3, $4-9. French toast, eggs, bacon, pancakes, muffins, cafe latte, 9-grain toast. Eh: ham & cheese omelette. Avoid: smoothies (well, that's me, anyway, because I find the yogurt makes them sour). Try: sandwiches. Note: just get in line (which builds up by 10AM); they will take care of seating you before your order is in, so don't worry.


Cafe des Artistes. 1 W 67th, 877-3500 rs, ** rpk 12/00, L M-Sa 12-3, D M-Sa 5:30-12:30, Su 5-11, Sa br 12-3, Su br 10-4, jacket after 5 cards, $28-32. Nosmo. Squash soup, salmon four ways, smoked sea scallops, foie gras terrine, pate, duck confit, coho salmon, grilled swordfish, leg of lamb, rack of lamb, venison, cassoulet, steak au poivre, Key lime pie, sour cream apple walnut pie, orange savarin, chocolate hazelnut torte w/chocolate sauce. Avoid: wiener schnitzel, overcooked seafood. NB: drinks & wine are very expensive.

Cafe Luxembourg. 200 W 70th, 873-7411 rn, ** rpk 4/00, L Tu-Sa 12-3, D M-Sa 5:30-12:30, Su 6-12:30, Su br 11-3, neat, AE MC V, $18-28, pre-theater $29 M-Sa 5:30-6:30 (?). Nosmo. Country salad w/roquefort & bacon, fried baby artichokes, smoked salmon salad, warm lentil salad w/prosciutto, roast duck w/mashed sweet potatoes, roast chicken w/mashed potatoes, grilled salmon w/shallots & red wine butter sauce, grilled leg of lamb, Dover sole meuniere, cassoulet, sea bass w/corn & white beans, (not on menu but available) (cheese)burgers w/fries, chocolate torte w/whipped cream & vanilla ice cream, lemon tart.

French Roast. 78 W 11st, 533-2233, * rpk 11/02-10/04, daily 24hrs. Croque madame, burgers. Avoid: French toast, Note: fries may be great when hot, but are sometimes served when past it.

Halles, Les. 411 Park Ave South @28th, 679-4111 rn, * rpk 91-4/03, daily L 12-3, snacks 3-5:30, D 5:30-12, casual, cards, $12-19. Leeks vinaigrette, brandade de morue, sausage & lentils, boudin noir w/apples, flank steak (bavette), hanger steak (onglet), tripes &aa. la portugaise, apricot tart, creme caramel, chocolate tart.

Le Grainne Cafe. 183 9th Ave @21st, 243-8864, * rpk 12/04-2/07, daily 8AM-midnight, no cards, $25. French toast, scrambled eggs, croissant (ask them to toast it), ham & cheese crepe, cafe au lait, lemon crepe. Avoid: fatty bacon (and don't even THINK about asking for well done), cappuccino (it's TOO STRONG). NB: these people are VERY RIGID; don't ask for substitutes, as it confuses their tiny little minds.

Le Monde. west side of Bway @about 111th, * rpk 9/02-8/03, casual, cards, $7-9 at brunch. French toast, omelette, burgers, croque monsieur, croque madame, sausage.

Metisse. 239 W 105th, 666-8825, fair rpk 4/03-2/07, ** slp 5/01, cards, $55. Chicken ravioli, roast leg of lamb, magret de canard, sliced duck breast, pork medallions, ravioli w/braised oxtail, steak frites, warm chocolate cake (comes w/vanilla ice cream). OK: frites. Avoid: green salad.

Payard Patisserie & Bistro. 1032 Lex @73rd, 717-5252, ** rpk 8/98-4/00, patisserie M-Sa 7AM-10PM, L 12-2:30, tea 3:30-5, D 6-11, cards, $45. Cassoulet, bouillabaisse, desserts, esp. Pont Neuf, macarons (except chocolate), hazelnut bombe. OK: lamb shank, steak frites, opera cake, eclair, Notre Dame.

Pigalle. 790 8th Ave @48th, fair rpk 6/05, open 24 hrs. Croque madame, eggs, croissant. OK: bacon (not well done when asked). Avoid: bay breeze (weak rum drink w/cheap canned juice). NB: espresso machine was broken (for how long?), so there's no telling if they make decent coffee drinks.

Quatorze Bis. 323 E 79th, 535-1414 rs, ** rpk 3/93-2/00, L daily 12-3, D M-Sa 6-12, Su 5:30-11:30, jacket s, cards, $16-23. Omelette, club sandwich, chicory w/bacon & hot vinaigrette, black bean soup, assorted oysters, seafood sausage, choucroute garni, grilled sirloin w/sauce bearnaise, half chicken grilled w/herbs, roast lotte, cassoulet, grilled grouper, club sandwich, apple tart, chocolate hazelnut mousse, chocolate regal, lemon fruit tart, creme caramel. Avoid: (tasteless) pate & terrine.

Sel & Poivre. 853 Lexington @64th, poor rpk 5/96-9/01, $way overpriced and lousy food. Avoid: eating there, (underdone) omelette, (limp, cool) fries, (skimpy, burnt) French toast, (flat) mimosa (made w/canned juice), coffee (since they don't have cream for it).

Terrace, The. 400 W 119th @Morningside Dr, Butler Hall, 666-9490 rr, ** rpk 9/86, L Tu-F 12-2:30, D Tu-F 6-9:30, Sa -10, valet parking, j&t, cards, $20-27 (hors d'oeuvres $9-18, desserts $9). View, garden, harp music. Potato napoleon w/crab meat & mint, ravioli of shrimp w/tomato coulis, seared roulade of smoked samon w/goat cheese, veal medallions w/duck confit, roast baby chicken w/herb butter & garlic, rack of lamb, Muscovy duck breast w/red wine sauce & figs, fruit tart, napoleon of berries, tarte Tatin. Avoid: sesame-scented pasta.

Tout Va Bien. 311 W 51st, 265-0190, 974-9051 rn, * rpk 12/96, 12-2:30, D 5-11:30, cl Su, $16-18. Garden. Smoked salmon, pate maison, escargots, mussels, onion soup, venison, duck w/orange, steak au poivre, escallopine of veal, veal kidneys Bordelaise, chocolate mousse, creme caramel. OK: beef bourguignon. Avoid: vegetable soup.

Ice Cream Parlour

Emack & Bolio. 56 7th Ave @13th, 362-2747, ** rpk 8/03, $2.75 for 1 scoop. Mocha expresso chip.

Sweet Cream. 185 Columbus Ave @68th, 799-7430, ** rpk 10/82.


Dawat. 210 E 58th, 355-7555 rs, ** rpk 10/93, L M-Sa 11:30-3, D Su-Th 5:30-11, F-Sa -11:30, casual, cards, $14-20. Nosmo. Puffed rice appetizer, shami kebab, wheat chips & chick peas in tamarind yogurt sauce, puffed poori, whole wheat tandoori roti, tandoori chicken, lamb vindaloo, skewered marinated lamb, chicken badami, shrimp in coconut milk & curry sauce, salmon w/coriander chutney, chicken w/sweet peppers, carrot halva, rice pudding.


Celeste. 502 Amsterdam Ave @84th, 874-4559, * rpk 3/07, * hl 7/03-10/04, Sa-Su L 12-3, D 5-11, no cards, $10-20. Pizza (really thin), raviolini, noodles w/meat sauce, hazelnut-chocolate gelato (from Bussola), tiramisu.

Pepe Giallo. 253 10th Ave south of 25th St, 242-6055, * rpk 12/01-12/04, 11AM-11PM, casual, cards, $35. Salad w/apple & goat cheese, panini w/smoked turkey & swiss w/honey mustard, panini w/grilled chicken & bacon & guacamole, risotto, veal saltimbocca (but no cheese), (delicately flavored, not intense) chocolate torte. Avoid: (bitter, unsweetened) lemonade.

Scaletta. 50 W 77th, 769-9191 rs, ** rpk 10/97, M-Th 5-11, F-Sa -11:30, $14-20. Gnocchi Bolognese, seafood risotto, swordfish Livornese, broiled salmon, chicken breast w/balsamic vinegar, chicken breast topped w/eggplant & mozzarella, veal scaloppine w/butter & lemon, veal valdostano, risotto w/mushrooms, lobster fra diavolo, coffee semifreddo, chocolate Parisien cake, lemon sorbet, pastry w/mixed berries.


Burritoville. 1489 1st Ave @77th, 472-8800, * rpk 4/99, daily 12-12, no cards, $2-7. Mystical Frisco burrito. Avoid: (over-burdened) Sunrise burrito.

Calidad Latina. 132 9th Ave @18th St, 255-3446, ea 4/99, poor rpk 10/02, cards, $25. Chicken soup, mofongo, marinated steak, cafe con leche. Avoid: burgers, cuban sandwich.

Fresco Tortilla Grill. 36 Lex @24th, 475-7380, * rpk 1/97-3/01, M-F 11-10, Sa-Su 12-7, ns3, no cards, $1-5. Smoke free. Taco al carbon, chicken fajitas, cheese & black bean quesadilla. Avoid: steak w/guacamole tortilla. Note: only 4 stools for seating. NB: taco al carbon (for example) is just a shell plus meat, so if you want stuff on it, be sure to order the extras, like lettuce & tomato.

Rosa Mexicano. 1063 1st Ave @58th, 753-7407 rn, ** rpk 10/88, D daily 5-12, casual, cards, $16-24. Guacamole, shrimp Nayarit, lump crab meat salad, ceviche of grouper, taquitos de moronga, taquitos de tinga poblana, posole, marinated short ribs of beef, sauteed sweetwater prawns, tripe stew, marinated grilled pork chop, grilled snapper, trout cooked in plantain leaf, coffee flan, Kahlua aspic w/coffee gelatin, crepes w/goat-milk caramel sauce. Avoid: chili poblano mousse, stuffed jalapenos.

Rosa Mexicano. Bway @62nd, rr, ** hl 4/04, ** rpk 4/04, D daily 5-12, casual, cards, $18-26. Guacamole, grilled beef cubes on rice, duck w/brown sauce & pineapple.

Santa Fe Restaurant. 72 W 69th, 724-0822 rn, 18 z 86, go msf 2/91, * rpk 3/92-4/00, 12-12 daily, casual, AE MC V, $16-20. Fireplaces. Salsa, nachos, guacamole, quesadillas, charbroiled chicken, lamb chops, beef burritos, chimichanga, enchilladas suizas, mixed veggie side dish, chocolate truffle cake, frozen margarita. Avoid: chili rellenos, fish, lemon mousse, apple crisp.

Tortilla Flats. 767 Washington @12th, 243-1053, fair rpk 3/86-10/02, L&D M-F 12-11, brunch Sa&Su 10-3, D Sa&Su 3-11, no cards, $5-10. Nachos, guacamole, chalupas, quesadillas, huevos rancheros, enchiladas, chiles rellenos, fajitas pollo, carnitas burritos. OK: chimichangas, fajitas carne. NB: people smoke at the tables and don't expect help in moving to avoid it.


Aquavit. 13 W 54th, 307-7311 rn for dining downstairs (atrium), ** rl 12/97, L M-F 12-2:30, D M-Sa 5:30-10:30, j&t, cards, $75 or $55 (or $39 before 6:30PM). Scandinavian. Herring plate, smoked salmon on blini, Swedish meatballs, roast pork, flavored aquavit. Note: service can be slow at dinner.

B. Frites. 1657 Bway @51st, 767-0858, rr 6/99, ** rpk 5/02, Su -10, no cards, $25. Belgian frites, beef & beer stew. NB: it's a takeout stand, not a restaurant.

Benny's. 321-1/2 Amsterdam Ave @75th, 874-3032, ** ja 5/91, ** rpk 2/94-2/98, casual, $5 for any 3 dishes. Middle Eastern, smoke free. Eggplant, lemon chicken, curried chicken, salads, pastas, esp. tortellini, rice & lentils, curried vegetables.

Boca Chica. 13 1st Ave @1st, 473-0108, ** jw 9/99, cards, $<25. Latin American, Smoke free.

Cafe Mogador. 101 St Marks Pl @1st Ave, 677-2226 nra, * rpk 10/98-12/06, daily 9AM-1AM, casual. Moroccan omelette, omelette w/feta cheese, home fries, chicken kebab sandwich on pita, cucumber w/yogurt, tajine of chicken, grilled chicken breast w/gratin of potato, cafe au lait w/mocha, hot chocolate, baklava(!). OK: French fries.

Caviar Russe. 538 Madison Ave @54th, 980-5908, * slp 4/02, cards, $65. Caviar, oysters, lobster claw.

Chez Gnagna Koty's. 530 9th Ave @39th, 279-1755, ea 4/99, * rpk 4/00, MC V, $25. Pastels, akara, grilled chicken, thiebu yap (lamb). Avoid: (tough) beef brochettes.

Chicama. 35 E 18th, 505-2233 rn, ** rpk 5/00, neat, cards, $32. Peruvian. Ceviches, tiraditos, hen stew w/walnut & chile sauce, adobo-rubbed rib-eye steak, chupe de Chicama (seafood chowder), chocolate-hazelnut bombe w/vanilla ice cream.

Eamonn Doran. 998 2nd Ave @52nd, 752-8088, ** rpk 5/92-5/93, casual, $7-15. Irish, no non-smoking. Cider (Woodpecker brand, hard, glass $3.50).

Fitzer's. Fitzpatrick Hotel, 687 Lexington @57th, 355-0100, fair rpk 1/99. Irish breakfast, French toast w/brandied bananas. Avoid: sausages (off).

Little Bangkok. 261 W 54th, 333-7229, * rpk 6/96, daily L&D, casual, cards, $10-14. Pad Thai, beef curry. OK: chicken w/basil. Avoid: shrimp & scallops.

Margon. 136 w 46th, * rpk 10/05-3/06, B&L only M-Sa, ns3. Cuban sandwich (be sure to ask for all of the fixings).

Montiem Thai. 3rd Ave @12th St, * rpk 10/02. Chicken & beef satay, chicken w/basil & onions, bbqed chicken.

Pongsri Thailand Restaurant. 244 W 48th, 582-3392, poor rpk 4/86, ** jw 9/99, -11:30, $5-10.

Pop's Pierogi. 190 Bleecker St @Macdougal, 505-0850, * rpk 10/04, Su-Th 11-11, F-Sa -12, MC V, $2-8. Pierogi (e.g. w/beef), pelmeni, kutabi, samsa, khachapuri.

Rain. 100 W 82nd, 212-501-0776 rn, ** rpk 10/02-1/03, neat, cards, $15-20. Duck fajitas, chicken masaman, some kind of whole fish.

Republic. 37 Union Sq W @17th, 627-7168, * rpk 7/97-11/00, L M-F 12-3, Sa-Su -5, D Su-Th 5-11, F-Sa -12, casual, cards, $12-17. Chicken salad, skewered chicken, grilled Japanese eggplant, sashimi salad, seaweed salad, seafood salad, grilled beef, bbqed pork, coconut chicken, chicken pad thai, vegetables w/rice noodles. Note: poundingly loud music at dinner.

Uncle Nick's. 747 9th Ave @50th, 245-7992 nra, fair rpk 10/05-12/06, daily 12-12, casual, MC V, $12-23. Greek. Gyro on pita (not on dinner menu, which is what we were handed at 2PM, just ask, $4.50 10-05), three-spread combination, dandelion salad, sauteed Greek sausage, saganakityri, swordfish kebab, salmon steak, souvlaki, chicken souvlaki, OK: (insufficiently lemony) lemon soup. Avoid: (leaden) baklava, (cream-less) American coffee.

Yonah Schimmel. 137 E Houston @Chrystie, 477-2858, fair rpk 12/04, 8-3 daily, $3. Knishery. OK: cherry cheese knish.

Pastry, etc

Andre's Cafe. 1631 2nd Ave @84th, 327-1105, * rpk 3/06, Sa-Su 9AM-dinner. Cherry danish, chocolate mousse cake.

Bakery Soutine. 104 W 70th, 496-1450, fair rpk 4/01. Apple tartlet. OK: (insufficiently chocolaty but otherwise decent) brownie, (unremarkable) cupcake.

Black Hound. 2nd Ave @10th St, 979-9505, * rpk 12/05-12/06. Cafe latte cup (cup made of chocolate filled with espresso mousse), busy bee. OK: almond tart.

Cafe Lalo. 201 W 83rd, 496-6031 nra, * rpk 2/02, ** net 2/01, M-Th 8AM-2AM, F-Sa -4AM, Su 9AM-2AM, casual, no cards. Belgian waffles, steamed eggs (but not those w/terragon), scones, coffee (though a tiny bit stronger than Susan prefers), hot chocolate. OK: chocolate-coffee mousse pie (and the beans on top are just beans, not candied). Avoid: (salty, unchocolaty) brownies.

Cafe Mozart. 154 W 70th, 595-9797, ** net 2/01, ** rpk 3/02, M-Th 8AM-1AM, F -2AM, Sa-Su 10AM-2AM, casual, cards, $5 for moccachino. Belgian waffle sundae, tartufata, cannoli, French apple tart, hot chocolate.

Cafe Roma. 386 Broome @Mulberry, 226-8413, * rpk 8/99. Gelati. OK: chocolate cake (good start, metallic finish).

Chocolate Bar. 48 8th Ave @about 12th St, * rpk 12/04. Hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookie. Avoid: brownies (they have these awful spicy ones, and they get them mixed in with the classic ones, which may, possibly, be good, but I wouldn't know because I got stuck with a spicy one even though I asked for a classic one and was definitely given one from the "classic" pile).

Columbus Bakery. 957 1st Ave @52nd, fair rpk 12/04. Cappucino mousse. OK: chocolate pecan tart. Avoid: brownie w/out nuts.

Glaser's Bake Shop. 1670 1st Ave @87th, 289-2562, * rpk 6/02. Brownies. OK: glazed roll w/pecans. Avoid: poppyseed pastry.

Good and Plenty. 410 W 43rd, 268-4385, fair rpk 5/93, M-F 10AM-8PM, Sa 11-6, Su 12-5. Cheddar biscuits, pound cake, linzer tarts. Eh: apple crisp.

Hungarian Pastry Shop. 1030 Amsterdam Ave @111th, 866-4230, ** rpk 5/01-3/06, M-F 8AM-11:30PM, Sa 9-11:30, Su -10, $2-3. Mun (poppy seed) strudel, Rigo Jansci (bittersweet chocolate cake), Berliner (chocolate, rum, raisins, & nuts topped w/apricot jam), mocha cake, dobosh tort (chocolate layer cake), cherry danish, apple popover, apricot danish, bottomless coffee. OK: hamentaschen, peach pastry thing. Avoid: baklava, poppy seed strudel (too much poppy, too little pastry).

La Bergamote. 169 9th Ave @20th St, 627-9091, ** st 12/03, ** rpk 1/04, M-F 7-7, Sa-Su 8-7. Lattes, pain au chocolate, ham croissant, chocolate mouse, raisin danish.

Orwasher's Bakery. 308 E 78th, 288-6569, ** rpk 11/06-8/07, M-Sa 7-7. Raisin pumpernickel bread, raisin-caraway Irish soda bread, chocolate strudel.

Patisserie Celi-Cela. 55 Spring east of Lafayette, fair rpk 1/05. OK: ham & cheese croissant, cafe latte. Avoid: opera cake.

Two Little Red Hens. 1652 2nd Ave @85th, 452-0476, ** rpk 3/07. Cheesecake, sticky buns.

William Greenberg Desserts. 1100 Madison @82nd, 861-1340, * rpk 1/03, 1383 3rd @78th, 988-8548. Ruglah. OK: sticky buns.

Veniero's. 342 E 11th, 674-7264, * rpk 11/04, ** jl, daily 8AM-midnight, $1-2. Sfogliatelle, almond tart, coffee, tea, cappuccino, chocolate-chocolate canolli.

Pizza Parlour

Famous Ray's. 465 6th Ave @11th, 243-2253, ** rpk 8/83, daily -2AM, $6.

Goldberg's Pizzeria. 996 2nd Ave @52nd, 593-2172, ** rpk 1/92-5/92, M-F 11:30-11:30, Sa 12-, Su 3-, casual. OK: master pizza (too much stuff). Avoid: spinach on white pizza (well, actually, in any pizza).

John's Pizzeria. 408 E 64th, 935-2895, ** rpk 5/98, open late, open Su, no cards, $11. Margherita pizza w/pepperoni.

Sal's. 369 Broome @Mott, 925-0440, ** rpk 12/86. Beware cooler drainage, no non-smoking.


Fish Restaurant. 2799 Bway @108th, 864-5000, * rpk 7/01, M-F 12-12, Sa-Su 11AM-midnight, AE MC V, $19. Brunch: Grand Marnier French toast w/bacon, omelettes. New England clam chowder, fried oysters, grilled shrimp w/vanilla bean sauce, blackened swordfish steak, salmon w/sun-dried cherry butter, linguine w/white clam sauce, apple cobbler, rum cake.

rs - reservations suggested, rr - recommended, rn - necessary, nra - no reservations accepted "ns3" = no shoes, no shirt, no service; jacket s - jacket & tie suggested, r - recommended, n - necessary

Judgement of overall quality is on a scale from poor to ****. ** 78-83 means the evaluation was based on a review in 78 and that a visit in 83 has confirmed that no significant change occured.

The opinions expressed in this guide were provided by: cb - Cindy Bondesen, ja - James Antognini, net - something I read from the Internet, rl - Robert Libkind, rpk - Richard King, st - Stefan Tai, jw - Jamie Wooster.

A range of prices, like $5-8, is for entrees only. A single number is the price of an average dinner.