Opinions on New Orl

My wife and I have only been to New Orleans once, but we ate like kings.


Radisson Hotel 1500 Canal St. Rm 733 was tiny and poorly sound isolated from its neighbors. Rm 1056 was quite reasonable on both counts. The neighborhood is borderline crummy to bad, and I wouldn't walk around it at night. Instead, use their shuttle bus to get to & from the French Quarter.

Windsor Court. My friends who stayed there say it's as wonderful as the guidebooks would lead you to believe.


Bayona. 430 Dauphine St, 504-525-4455 rn, ** rpk 10/97, jacket s, cards. Salad, smoked pork chop, jumbo shrimp w/sweet potato ragout.

Cafe Beignet. Royal Ave, * 9/97, ns3, no cards. Stuffed turkey po boy w/havarti cheese, beignets, Belgian waffles w/fruit, lemonade, iced tea (free refills). OK: quiche lorraine.

Cafe du Monde. Decatur St @St Ann St, New Orleans, Louisana, * rpk 9/97, open 24 hours, ns3, no cards. Beignets, iced coffee.

Camelia Grill. 626 S Carrolton Ave, New Orleans, Louisana, 504-866-9573 nra, ** rpk 9/97, ns3, no cards. Cheeseburger loaded, tuna salad sandwich, iced coffee, chocolate milk (small) + 1/3 glass iced coffee.

Galatoire's. 209 Bourbon St, New Orleans, Louisana, 504-525-2021 nra, * rpk 10/97, jacket, cards. Garlic salad, oysters w/green stuff, filet w/bernaise sauce, crab au gratin, crab sardou, potatoes lyonaise, flourless chocolate cake, custard in caramel sauce. OK: praline cheesecake.

Johnny's Po Boy. 511 St Louis between Decatur & Chartres, New Orleans, 504-523-9071, * rpk 10/97, ns3, no cards. Combo (ham & cheese) po boy, turkey club w/fries, lemonade.

Mr. B's. 201 Royal Ave, New Orleans, Louisana, 504-523-2078 rn, ** rpk 9/97, neat, cards. Smoked chicken salad w/goat cheese & roasted peppers & arugula, rabbit w/bacon & garlic mashed potatoes. OK: (shelly) crab cakes.

Mystic Cafe. 3226 Magazine St, 504-891-1992, * rpk 10/97, casual, cards. Grilled chicken kebab on greens w/balsamic dressing, mediterranean pocket w/lamb, mixed grill (kebabs), blueberry sorbet. Note: this one waitress needed occasional nudges & reminders to get stuff.

Nola. 534 St Louis between Decatur & Chartres, New Orleans, Louisana, 504-522-6652 rr, * rpk 10/97, jacket s, cards. Nola salad, duck w/cornbread stuffing. OK: spinach & cheese ravioli w/crabmeat. Avoid: breaded & fried softshell crab.

Praline Connection. 542 Frenchmen St, 504-943-3934 nra, * rpk 10/97, casual, cards. BBQed ribs, jambalaya. OK: shrimp etouffee.

Your Daily Bread. St Charles St west of Loyola U, New Orleans, * rpk 10/97. Sticky buns, snadwiches.


Ferry to Algiers Point. Very low key, it's just a ferry, and Algiers is no hotspot. I enjoyed seeing what it's like in a real neighborhood, however, and the warehouses with the Mardi Gras floats are over there, too.

Magazine Street. There are a bunch of antiques shops strung all along this street. They aren't as fancy as the ones on Royal Ave, but there's still good stuff.

Nottaway. Great house, and big, too. Operates as a B&B in addition to the tours. (Note: if you arrive early to take one of the best rooms, the guides may hit on you to let tour groups see it.)

Oak Alley. The house used in early scenes of _Interview With the Vampire_ is a beauty, and the live oaks are great, although the spanish moss seen in the movie was a prop. The owner thought spanish moss was creepy and had it all removed many years ago.

Royal Ave. My wife visited every antiques shop on the street and liked every one.

St Charles street car. This is the easy way to get a look at the nice buildings all along St Charles street. I got off when passing the Garden District to have a walk around that area, then got back on to go out to Carrolton, where I had lunch at the Camelia Grill.

Zoo. Perfectly OK but not very exciting.