Welcome to my home page.  It's finally got an update after being untouched for another year though at least this time my links are all still up-to-date and working!   How long will it be before I update it again? Well, watch this space because I'm an expectant father and will hopefully be announcing a welcome addition to our family in January 1999!

Please, have a good  at it now :-)  If you  carefully, you will see that I have shamelessly looted other web pages for my images!  Please feel free to do the same :-)

Although I could be literally anywhere in Cyberspace and tell a quite compelling lie by researching any place I fancy and then seeming learned about it, I actually live in England, with my lovely wife Aouali in our lovely new home which was completed at the beginning of September 1997.  I work as a Consultant for a well-known computer software company.  This means I'm usually just one step ahead of my customers and am considered an Expert ;-) Unfortunately, it's not always that easy, and when the house of cards collapses in a heap, I also have to pick up the pieces and pretend it was supposed to work that way ;-)

Before you visit Aouali's page, get an anti-silliness injection. Otherwise you could be seriously contaminated.  I accept no responsibility for any contageous silliness you may catch there! However, her pages have got to be amongst the Best on the Web and she has received wide acclaim for them, so they are well worth a look. I should say though that I can't possibly endorse her selection of photographs of me. Don't worry, I WILL have my revenge one day ;-)  
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Purpetually  and destined never to be finished!
Updated: 23rd November 1998.  I hope you liked it.  If not......tough luck!