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Creation Systems
4185 E. Florida Ave, #214
Denver, CO 80222
From 6/94 to Present

Owner and operator of a small company that specializes in custom programming in Visual BASIC for Windows, Paradox for Windows, and C++, desktop publishing, software license management, and system upgrades. Also responsible for customer service, client relations, and cash flow management. I developed the Object Librarian for Paradox, a rapid application development tool that organizes and stores complete objects for later use in other projects. The Object Librarian is currently available as shareware. Developed web pages in HTML for clients, such as DONCOR Airport Transportation Services.

Implemented company LAN using Windows NT Server 4.0, connecting Windows 95 and Windows for Workgroup clients. Utilizing TCP/IP, I created a common gateway for browsing the Internet from a single connection.

Position continues as a side business.

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
From 2/98 to Present
Contingent Staff/Software Test Engineer

Worked as a member of the contingent staff in the BackOffice Group as a Software Test Engineer working specifically with the administrative console for BackOffice 4.5 and testing it against the native tools for performing the same operations. Lead test case development and testing automation efforts in Rational Visual Test and Visual Basic for the project. I have written several utilities for the group and helped port a version of the MSTestObjects.dll from the x86 platform to the Alpha. I have also lent my expertise in other areas to help strengthen the group as a whole.

Position continues.

Gentech Systems Corporation
280 Columbine St., Suite 306
Denver, CO 80206
From 6/97 to Present
System Administrator/Development

Worked as a contractor to maintain and extend the company’s existing local area network. I built and installed the company’s primary domain controller and remote access server for their Windows NT Network. I provided technical support to clients of the corporation who consisted of users and system administrator alike. I also contributed to the research and design of corporation’s line of software products, doing development in Visual Basic 5.0 and Access 97. I configured and installed the corporation’s internet server to provide web content, and FTP, SMTP and POP mail services. I developed the company’s web presence by writing the HTML code, active server pages, and, where necessary for the CGI script, created custom DLL’s to extend the Active Server Page’s capabilities.

Position continues as a side contract.

Computer Sciences Corporation
1290 Broadway, 12th Floor
Denver, CO 80203
From 2/97 to 5/97

Installed, setup, and maintained Windows 95, OS/2 Versions 2.1 to Warp 4.0, Windows 3.1, and some Windows NT. I also setup LAN Services for use with a Token Ring network under Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, and DOS. I also performed hardware upgrades and system migrations, including the network installation of various applications including, Word Perfect, Lotus Smart Suite, Lotus Notes, Wall Data’s Rumba for Windows 95 and Windows NT, and Microsoft Office 97, Professional. I worked with Paradox 5.0 and 7.0 to provide installation and systems support to end users in the corporate LAN. While employed, I have created, or assisted in creating, procedures for more efficient installation and software loads.

Position ended due to expired contract.

-x86- Computers, Inc.
7301 N. Federal Blvd., #35
Westminster, CO 80030
From 9/95 to 2/97

Join organization as contractor to service and repair IBM compatibles. In December of 1995, I was brought on as a full time employee. I quickly progressed through the organization, demonstrating strong technical skills and a knack for developing innovative solutions. I developed a middle-ware for a client to facilitate communications between an RS/6000 running AIX 3.0 and two electronic scales in Visual BASIC for DOS. The middle-ware acted as a translator, converting the billing information from the scales and presenting it in a format the accounting software could read. Later projects included a myriad of utilities for web publishing and system maintenance written in both Visual BASIC for DOS and Visual BASIC for Windows. I used my database development skills in Paradox for Windows and ObjectPAL to build a full scale, multi-user point of sale system for a reseller of postal uniforms. I developed web sites for clients in the hypertext mark-up language (HTML). I have implemented multi-node networks for the corporation and for various other clients utilizing Artisoft’s LANtastic, Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, and Microsoft Windows 95. I also developed the company’s web sites.

The position ended due to corporate closing.

Simple Logic Consulting
1480 S. Kearney St.
Denver, CO 80224
From 9/94 to 11/95

Contracted to design and implement custom, visual solutions in ObjectPAL, C/C++, and Visual BASIC for Windows for a multitude of clients. I was also involved in the marketing of desktop publishing, training, and custom programming services. While I was with Simple Logic Consulting, I was involved in developing The Prairie Browser for ACT Teleconferencing in Paradox for Windows and Turbo PASCAL for DOS. The application enables ACT to dial into Prairie Systems, inc., down load mail-box billing and usage information. The browser then converts the data into a format Paradox for Windows can import and manipulate. The Prairie Browser implements a form of "live query" on the data and prints a report on the data for billing and invoicing information.

Contract terminated due to company downsizing.

Achievers Network International
3003 Arapahoe St., Suite 108
Denver, CO 80206
From 7/94 to 4/95

Privately contracted for custom programming services. Converted existing system using Act! by Symantec to a custom solution using Paradox for Windows and ObjectPAL. Responsible for all of the company’s system maintenance and upgrades. Implemented a wide area network (WAN) to tie offices in Boston, MA, Fargo, ND, and Denver, CO, together utilizing dial-up networking protocols.

Contracted project was completed.

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