RailOnline and Model Rails Online

This is a page that gives you easy access to downloading Replica versions, and saving/printing/mailing/viewing ASCII versions of RailOnline and Model Rails Online, two innovative online railroad-oriented magazines.

The links on this page may not work; I am working on moving this area to a new server. Please be patient or check the ftp site mentioned below.

Note: RO/MRO have not been published for over a year (as of 1/96). Thus, this page has not seen much updating in recent months. I will try to make the other issues available in any forms I can get them in.

Much other rail-related stuff can be found on the Virtual Railroad home page.

Some links I've accumulated are here...

You can also obtain most, if not all, of these files via ftp from wuarchive.wustl.edu:/graphics/trains/incoming or thereabouts.

Replica versions are zipped so your reader won't try reading them. For more information about RO/MRO and Replica, check out the RO/MRO/Replica Readme

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