• Randy's home page

    Turbo Pascal Programmers Page
      A quick overview of what is available on the net for programmers in
    Turbo/Borland Pascal.  The page covers:  BGI drivers, Book descriptions,
    Compilers, Delphi, FAQ's, FTP sites, Game programming, Genetic
    programming, Graphics programming, Information, Manuals, Newsgroups,
    Numeric programming, Sources, Sound programming, Turbo Vision,
    Websearching, Windows programming, Winsock programming, WWW sites, ZZZ
    Scott's Cool Programming Page
      This page is mainly devoted to the cooler aspects of programming
    including sound blaster, cd-rom and graphics. It's not entirely Pascal;
    there is some C code in one or two of the articles.
    Rex K. Perkins Pascal Page
      This page provides current information on BugSlay, The Pascal Postmortem
    Debugger, as well as links to other Pascal related information.  Initial
    focus is on the Borland compilers.
    Tim's Pascal FAQ
      Note: This is primarily oriented toward Borland's dialects of Pascal
    since the original Pascal was an intentionally crippled programming
    language. Borland and many other software companies brought Pascal into
    the world of productive languages.
    Pascal Central
      Pascal Central is a collection of Pascal-related content all in one
    location to make it easier for the many Pascal developers out there to
    cope in a world crowded with C and C++.
    Turbo Pascal for Windows Page
      A collection of a few gripes, bugs, answers (to not-so-frequently asked
    questions) for TPW 1.5.
      * Turbo Vision
      Turbo vision has been released to the Public Domain.  The source code is
      available through Compuserve, but the TVPlus home site now carries the
      TV1.03 and TV2.0 sources, via the Internet.
      The TVPlus home site is now located at:
      You can get the complete sources there.
      We have not uploaded TV sources to zeta yet, so if you find a link for
      TVPlus http you will not find the files there yet...
      (former maintainer, TVPlus)
      Rachel Polanskis                 Kingswood, Greater Western Sydney, Australia
      grove@zeta.org.au                http://www.zeta.org.au/~grove/grove.html
      r.polanskis@nepean.uws.edu.au    http://www.nepean.uws.edu.au/library/
       2.4   Notable sources of information
      * SWAG.
        See http://www.gdsoft.com/swag/swag.html
        Available from Garbo and Simtel directory turbopas/
        1st time: get swaga-c.zip...swags-z.zip + swag.zip.
        Updating: get the latest swagYYMM.zip only.
        A free archive of Turbo Pascal code, updated quarterly, produced by
        the 'Source Ware Archival Group'. Note that the inital download is ~5Mb
        Many people would consider SWAG essential before posting here!
      * Ralf Brown's Interrupt List
        Simtel in the msdos/info/
        inter50a.zip -> inter50d.zip  (Remember, the number will increase)
        inter50e.zip contains a viewer
        inter50f.zip contains utils to convert to Windows Help files.
        A comprehensive list of all the interrupts, their functions and
        subfunctions.  You will need this if you want to do any serious asm
        programming.  This is also quite large to download...
      * The PCGPE 'PC Games Programmers Encyclopaedia'
        Version 1 contains lots of information on interfacing with games
        related hardware - Mouse, joystick, Sound Cards, VGA specs.
        Useful software techniques include BSP trees, 3d algorithms, a
        starfield sim and fire effects.  gfx file formats included too.
        Includes Assembly and VGA tutorials by Asphyxia and VLA.
        Thankfully, the author is a Pascal afficionado, and so most of the code
        is in Pascal or Pascal-style pseudocode.  It also focusses on
        techniques, rather than doling out code or units, aiding understanding.
      * Glenn Grotzinger's Turbo Pascal Tutor
        Now virtually complete, this tutor was recently written and posted to
        the comp.lang.pascal.borland newsgroup.  It contains tutorials,
        exercises and answers for all the major areas in Turbo Pascal, and most
        of the niches too.
      * Bug Lists
      Believe it or not, your favourite Borland products are not 100% perfect.
        Borland Pascal 7 (also includes an old Turbovision bug-list)
        Turbo Pascal 6
        TurboVision (possibly newer versions of Brad Williams's TV bug list)
       2.5   Uploading your masterpieces to an FTP site
      If you upload your splendid TPU, program or source code, then it doesn't
      clutter up the newsgroup and will be publicly available for longer.
      * Garbo
        Make sure you get these files:
          ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/UPLOAD.INF   (Info on uploading)
          ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/UPTEXT.INF   (Questionnaire to fill in)
        And remember to send an e-mailed anouncement!
        If you upload a unit, then you *must* also send a small demonstration
        source program which uses your unit.  You do not have to send the
        actual source to your unit if you do not wish to
      * Simtel
        Can authors of ShareWare, FreeWare and Public Domain programs upload
        their programs to Simtel?
        Yes. For details send e-mail to listserv@Simtel.Net with this
        command in the body of the message: get upload.info
      * SWAG  (from Gayle Davis )
        Do you have neat, slick code that you have collected over the years
        that you would like to share with the PASCAL community?  Why not
        contribute to SWAG !! We would love to have your contribution. We
        need material covering any interesting area of PASCAL programming.
        1. Send via e-mail to:  gdavis@gdsoft.com
        If the material is very large, and in multiple pieces, please UUENCODE
        the material, and leave a message describing it use and purpose.
        2. Post to any of the Pascal UseNet groups
        This method if fine for material of one or two messages. Place a note
        somewhere in the message that the material is for SWAG.  Not recommeded
        for large packets, as everyone in the group will receive it.
       Appendix A - Ftp Mirror sites (Choose the closest to you)
       InfoMagic, AZ, USA:  ftp://ftp.infomagic.com/pub/mirrors/garbo/msdos
    Walnut Creek, CA, USA:  ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/garbo
          Urbana, IL, USA:  ftp://uiarchive.cso.uiuc.edu/pub/systems/pc/garbo
       St. Louis, MO, USA:  ftp://wuarchive.wustl.edu/systems/msdos/garbo.uwasa.fi
       Austin, Texas, USA:  ftp://ftp.dataplex.net/pub/garbo/pc
    * Simtel.Net
      The following sites are authorized mirrors of Simtel.Net as of the time
      of this FAQ update.  Several new sites are added each day.
      For a more accurate list, send mail to listserv@Simtel.Net with body:
        get mirrors.info
    Country         Host                     Directory
    ---------       ----------------------   -------------------
    Canada          ftp.direct.ca            /pub/simtelnet
    Canada          ftp.synapse.net          /pub/simtelnet
    US, California  ftp.digital.com          /pub/micro/pc/simtelnet
    US, Illinois    uiarchive.cso.uiuc.edu   /pub/systems/pc/simtelnet
    US, Mass.       ftp.bu.edu               /pub/mirrors/simtelnet
    US, Michigan    oak.oakland.edu          /pub/simtelnet
    US, Oklahoma    ftp.uoknor.edu           /pub/simtelnet
    US, Oregon      ftp.orst.edu             /pub/simtelnet
    US, Virginia    mirrors.aol.com          /pub/simtelnet