Ryan, iknow it's hard to be on your own (as in no significant other) but you are only 23 (I'm 34) you really come across as nice guy, and sometimes the reason that puts women off is because we figure the good ones are taken. you also may be looking to hard. it sounds like you never really relax on this issue. maybe if you stop looking, what you want will end up right in front of you and you'll both see each other clearly. i'm really impressed with your page!! I like your idea of putting yourself out there just to see what happens. as for your looks, it's not easy to tell on the computer screen, but you look good to me! I also have a question for your FAQ page, even though I'm pretty sure I know the answer ( you ARE young and male) but body type wasn't covered. looks... i assume as in beautiful, cute, gorgeous, etc..... cup size and hair, (my boyfriend likes it real long too, though sometimes, in the summer I'd like to cut it all off!!!) those topics were. so......?
                                                                        Summer Moon