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Nyx was my very first access to the real Internet, as distinct from the local bulletin board systems I had been using before and as distinct from the whirled wide wubb onto which I was forced by information providers criminally corrupt with the convicted criminal predatory Microsoft monopoly on January 29, 2001 when the important to me New York Stock Exchange switched over to deciMALization of stock pricing.  It was a mere ten days after the first Clinton inauguration in 1992 that I began visiting Nyx.  The Colorado Seminary "Denver University" computer sciences student Andrew Burt was running the show then.  It was from him that I got the coined phrase "legis critters" to refer to those perjurers of their oaths of office who run the legislative branches of the criminally corrupt Colorado and Frauderal goobermints.
      Much has changed since then.  I was one of those who voted to create the Usenet news group misc.invest.stocks where I have posted voluminously over the years about my professional interests.  Initially those posts were all through the clunky news servers on Nyx.  And now, resistant to the last possible moment, I am myself represented in numerous locations around the whirled wide wubb which was created to pervert the collegial real and still underlying Internet into the trash heap of commercial assault which now exists as the web.  One of the effects of that commercial perversion is that I am no longer capable of receiving email on Nyx (my currently useful email address is elsewhere) because of the roughly 75 spams amounting to about 500 Kilobytes per day of trash which is being dumped on my Nyx address, so if any visitor wishes to contact me, please use the mailto address embedded above.
      When I saw the notice in the Nyx motd (when I wandered in to clean up accumulated spams recently), I decided to create a web site here on Nyx to (1) provide links to my substantive web sites elsewhere, (2) discuss a few minor things relating to the Colorado environment in which Nyx is located and I no longer am, and (3) to maintain a small number of my favorite digital photographs for inspection by other Nyxers and world accessible via links that I have on primary sites.  The indicated space limitation of 2 Mb for a personal web site on Nyx does significantly restrict how much information I can keep actually here on Nyx (if that ever increases, I do hope somebody will contact me and let me know about it).
      Links to my primary web sites:  Once my office became perverted by the presence of a machine running Windoze, Winslows and subjected to the way the Windbloze, I did of course branch out onto the web.  Access to my sites is necessarily subject to this legal notice, along with requirement that the visitor be over 21 years of age.  Children and the prepubescent retards who call themselves homosexuals would be bored with the content anyway.  My first and still main web site is the educational and informational public service site which I maintain for persons interested in stocks and money.  Linked from there is my main travel site which has access to all of the digital photos that I have scattered around the web (including the ones here).  On its own Geocities site, because it is a main continuing interest now, are the pictures from My New Home in Nevada, subject of course to all of the frailties which Geocities imposes.  Last but not least (and mentioned only here and nowhere else in the online world) is my religious site which I would strongly urge those not of my heterosexual religion not to visit.
      Discussion of Colorado matters:  I am no longer a resident of the state of Colorado.  Although I always loved Nevada and had been visiting there since 1966, I stuck it out as a "legal resident" of unCoolorado until my official change of residence to Nevada as of January 1, 2003.  There were many reasons for the move, but some of the main ones were these:
      (1) Daily criminal assault, homosexual harrassment, and homosexual molestation by faggot thugs in the required "physical education" course at the Colorado "normal" school's guinea pig high school at what was then known as the Colorado State College of Education.  The "normal" school is where they teach wannabe teachers to be teachers, hence indicative of the state of Colorado's intent for its "educational" personnel.
      (2) Compulsory residence in homosexual residence halls at the state "university" with same gender person *required* to share the assigned bedroom thus defrauding hetero oriented students of any place in which peacefully to study or sleep or carry on any other essential life activity while registered at that exclusive lesbian/faggot "school" paid for out of taxes on citizens of the state of Colorado.
      (3) Discrimination in grading at that state university such that an identified hetero oriented person writing under his own name was flunked, but writing under the names of various of their preferred lesbian/ faggot students and submitted to the same classes and same professors resulted in "A" grades (reduced at times because the lesbians/faggots didn't bother coming to hire me to write the papers until *after* they were overdue).
      (4) Efforts by "Governor Death", so named by the Wall Street Journal, to legalize cold blooded premeditated murder by agreement of any two criminal medifrauds after they brutalized, tortured, and made irreparable the former life of any victim they chose for such malpractice, for the real purpose of looting any property or insurance payment capacity which the chosen victim might have had before the medifrauds' criminal malpractice.  A like named politician from the bowels of Colorado made so bold as to attempt to pass the same criminal scheme some years after Governor Death was removed from office.
      (5) Nothing but an "oh golly so solly" from the criminally negligent Colorado Department of "Health" after they had thousands of Coloradans injected with live diptheria causing massive lung damage among the population of the state thus injected, following their promotion of "innoculation" against the very disease which their gross negligence, and promotions beyond the availability of genuine innoculative material, caused to be injected in virulent form into Colorado residents.
      (6) Abrogation of the rights of citizens, to establish in the Constitution means to protect against criminal assaults and homosexual harrassment in the schools, by the lesbian oriented Attorney General of Colorado at the time of our effort to re-establish rational law and compel discontinuance of those criminal acts by the homosexual "community" against human and civil rights in Colorado.  What she did was to deliberately misrepresent the nature of our case, on behalf of her homosexual law violating cronies, when taking it to the U.S. Supreme Court after one of the homosexual judges in Denver said that we the people sure couldn't alter our Constitution in favor of human and civil rights when our rights were in conflict with the criminal whims of his violent lesbian and faggot cronies.  That was the "Amendment 2" issue which gave aburt his opportunity to present his views vehemently in favor of the plethora of  homosexual preference laws of Colorado.
      (7) Numerous other special laws promoting the interests of lesbians and faggots against persons of hetero orientation including, but not limited to, prohibition of persons of complementary gender sharing a motel room without subjugation to the divorce racketeering criminal theft system run by lesbians for the enforcement of lesbian criminal principles against heteros.  See again my legal notice.  Meanwhile any lesbian couple or faggot couple are welcomed to share a room for their homosexual purposes at any motel in the state.
      (8) Felony theft of funds on deposit with a local financial institution caused by the policies of the narcophony drug impaired communist oriented CEO of the company insisting that all financial information of all customers be published on their infinitely hackable web site.  The manner in which the theft was accomplished was characteristic of Coloradans:  obviously forged check on a blatantly counterfeit MICR encoded form was paid in full, not against the account on which it was drawn (the one that they published over my strenuous objections on their infinitely hackable web site) but against a different much larger account which they had said was *not* accessible from the web.  But of course it was accessible to their inside criminal facilitators who stole the money to pay the obviously forged blatantly counterfeit item created by a felon bank as a result of its access to the infinitely hackable web site.
      (9) Whitewash, by the current criminally corrupt homosexual Xian governor, of the wrongdoing administrators who caused the Columbine School massacre by their direction of daily criminal assaults and homosexual harrassment of students at the Columbine School in Jefferson County Colorado.  Among other things, such malfeasance by state politicians and local school boards is the prime cause of illiteracy in Colorado which had 30% of the tenth graders in that county, where I formerly resided, incapable of reading competently.  That return violence would result from those criminal assaults directed by school administrators for the purpose of homosexual life patterning has always been inevitable.  Yet the homosexual Xian governor not only refused to address the causes, but appointed a whitewash committee made up of notorious promoters of such homosexual life patterning and violence against persons to cover up what had already happened at Columbine School.
      (10) Criminal assault for the purpose of doing permanent bodily injury under "color" of licensure as a dentist (the effects of which are shown in this photograph), protected by the criminally corrupt Dental Licensing Board which, in turn, the homosexual Xian governor refused to bring into compliance with Colorado law.  The law of Colorado is quite clear that fraud against patients and malicious destruction of human bodies by licensed dentists is impermissible and that the Colorado Dental Licensing Board has the duty to act against such criminal malpractice.   No doubt the subsequent intentional incompetent licensed dentist who contracted to repair the original damage but instead did only further damage was similarly influenced by his criminal peers in the Colorado dentifraud business.  It is in any event clear that the emphasis on criminal thuggery and homosexual life patterning in the schools, which is further promoted by the government imposing taxes for the purpose of building such things as a prettier faggot dominance ritual stadium and fostering other dysfunctional aspects of Colorado life, has been extended to protect such thuggery in the "health care" professions as well, the existence of Colorado law to the contrary notwithstanding.
      So, let's see here, we've got 45 years of criminal assaults against my person, along with innumerable violations of Federal civil rights law, absolutely nothing in the way of income sourced in Colorado ever but only expenditures there including material income taxes paid to the criminal oligarchy which runs the state.  (Discrimination in employment practices is such a minor addition to the list of overt criminal acts by the lesbian/faggot government and society of Colorado that I didn't bother to detail here specifics of that aspect.  Besides which, out of necessity, I managed despite their criminal abuses to develop my own *transportable* lucrative profession which never was dependent on any of their lesbians and faggots but only on more rational and egalitarian institutions elsewhere.)  Then the criminal oligarchy's De Mock Rat gang went so far as to run a push down candidate against the criminally corrupt Repuke Licking goobernor, which the homosexual Xian goobernor "defeated" by a two to one margin according to the County Clerks who "counted" the votes.  It winds up not mattering whether the people of Colorado are actually stupid enough, as a result of their lesbian/faggot school system, to vote for such a criminally corrupt goobernor, or whether the criminal corruption in the County Clerks offices resulted in yet another "miscount" the way that the lesbians and faggots of the bowels of Colorado managed to massage every single precinct in that diverse geography to within a tiny fraction of one percent of 75% in favor of lesbian/faggot supremacy (while the rest of the state was voting 54% against the criminal oligarchy).  I had made some preparations to move prior to the 2002 elections, but that 2:1 vote in favor of *the* criminally corrupt goobernor who fosters criminal violence against persons under "color" of schools and offices of fraudulent "health care" professionals, was the deciding factor.  Seems to me I had ample reason to move which had nothing to do with the conversion of the apartment complex where I resided into a Spanish speaking ghetto.
      Also, I am getting on in years now and therefore closer to payment of estate taxes being required.  Certainly I would want those final taxes to go to a state that I like, whose laws and people made my life better in many ways, rather than to Colorado which has been a continuous negative throughout most of my life.  So I moved and have established residence in Nevada.  Those who have talked with me about my change of residence often spring to the conclusion that it had to do with state income taxes (of which Nevada has none).  Certainly I did find it objectionable to be paying taxes on my elsewhere acquired income to the criminally abusive state of Colorado which was never a source of anything but fraud and negative income.  Also, part of the income tax difference between the states is made up anyway by higher sales and real estate taxes.  The reality is quite the opposite of their hypothesizing.  To the extent that my move was tax motivated at all, it had to do with my preference of who gets the estate taxes when the ultimate certainty occurs and I croak, not with some intervening costs.  Who knows?  I might even live a bit longer in Nevada than I would have with the dentifrauds and medifrauds of unCoolorado hastening my demise.
      Small Number of Photographs.  Needless to belabor, but with the continuous abrogations of human and civil rights by the lesbians and faggots of Colorado throughout the 45 years I was there, I began as quickly as possible to travel as much as I could to other places.  It became increasingly difficult for me to return to unCoolorado from those trips, but I necessarily had to do so because that's where all of my postal mail was directed.  That has changed.  I now receive all of my postal incomings, along with maintaining my office and computer systems and home and drivers license and voter registration "etcetera etcetera etcetera", in the capital city of Nevada.  I didn't have a dig it all camera with which to record earlier trips, but beginning with my August 2002 Pacific Northwest Tour acquired one so as to have means of sharing the pictures of some of my favorite things with others.  These favorite things include: this little weed preparing to propagate in the mountains near the Peak to Peak Highway of eastern slope Colorado, autumn leaves seen in Lakewood Colorado prior to my move away from the state, this typical Colorado hiking path in the rest area just prior to Vail Pass Summit at mile 190+ on I-80 West, this high plains wagon in the Great Salt Lake Marina building on I-80 West at mile 104 in Utah, the Bonneville Salt Flats with some water added for good measure, this man-made picnic area which provides shelter at Honey Lake on Hwy 395 North when it "never rains in California", my favorite stand of redwoods on the Lady Bird Johnson Trail in Redwoods National and State Park California, then in the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island between Sydney and Victoria British Columbia Canada, these beauties in the rose gardens, this spectacular red near the entrance to the Gardens, and this overview of the sunken gardens aspect of Butchart, then in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming this hot sulphur spring and this view of the Porcelain Basin area of the Park.  Well, that's about the extent of what I can include here within the two meg limitation, so go see the rest of my travel sites [jump to list] for more great pictures of the world within and beyond the immediate area of the Nyxen.
      Bob Grumbine    :-)##