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Chapter III - In which Reuven realizes he's been pandering long enough and had better do something substantial

Me after two days at Woodstock '94. Shabbos was finally over, it was time to hit the mud. Examine the fine neanderthal shaping of the head, the ruddy glow in the cheeks, the phoney grin. Gee, did I ever really look that devastatingly handsome?

Anyway . . .

It's been two years. You heard me. Two years. Most people haven't even had a homepage for two years, and mine has been utter crap for that long. the web is no longer surfed by Mosaic, and it's time for major restructuring. I may actually take the time, but then . . . That would be the intelligent thing to do.


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About Me

Ever notice how autobiographies on the Web tend to suck?


Two of the best years of my life were the ones spent living and studying in Israel. In all honesty (cutting through the usual cynicism for once), not a day goes by when I don't think about it. More than anything, I miss Jerusalem. It is often Israel and Jerusalem which remind me that I can still feel.

Things have changed recently.  For the first time in several years, I actually sense some optimism coming out of Israel. Of course, it isn't all over yet. The dead are still dead. the threats are still being threatened. Let's hope for a good resolution. In the meantime:




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- Trust Me.

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