Rick Christensen

Have we met?

  aka Richard Lee Christensen


Places where we may have met...


Storm Lake, Iowa (The City Beautiful)

Aurora, Colorado (Gateway To The Rockies)

Leadville, Lake County Middle School Const., Colorado (The Two-Mile-High City)

Lompoc, California (The City Of Arts And Flowers)

San Diego, California (Americas Finest City)

TSC Great Lakes, Illinois ("A" School and "C" School)

New London, Groton, Connecticut (Naval Submarine School)

Bremerton, Bangor, Silverdale, Washington (Trident Training Facility, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard)

Honolulu / Pearl Harbor, Hilo, Maui, Hawaii (The Big Pineapple, The Orchid Isle, The Magic Isle)

Hanga Roa, Easter Island [Rapa Nui] (Eyes Looking To The Sky)

Adak, Alaska (Naval Station)

San Clemente Island Underwater Range (SCIUR)

Naval Facility, Eureka, California (SOFAR/IUSS/SOSUS)

Deer Trail, Colorado (Home Of The Worlds First Rodeo)

Oranjstead, Aruba (One Happy Island)

San Juan, Puerto Rico (The Walled City)

Willemstad, Curacao (Swinging Old Lady)

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten (The Friendly Island)


Schools that we may have attended together...

  Gateway SHS, Aurora, Colorado (GED General Education)

ET-A, ET-C School, Chicago, Illinois

Submarine School, Groton, Connecticut

AN-BPS 16 Radar, Ford Island, Oahu, Hawaii

Electronic Surveillance & Countermeasures Warfare, Undisclosed Location

Underwater Demolition Team (UDT Training), Maui, Hawaii

Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado (Electronics Engineering)

University Of Denver, Denver, Colorado (Math & Computer Science)

Colorado Free University, Denver, Colorado (Network Programming - C++)




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