The world and our lives make us forget.  They make us forget who we are, and our critics, our voices, continue the process, working tirelessly to make sure that, should we find the truth again, we won’t be able to bring ourselves to believe it.  Christ speaks to the voices, the critics, and he says, NO.  That’s my brother, my sister.  I DIED for that person that you have deemed worthless.  But we have to make a choice.  We let the critics’ voices in all those years ago.  Can we do the same with Christ?  Because once we start to give in to the truth about who we are, there’s not going to be any more hiding behind what our critics say.  It’s a big step, a brave step.  But Jesus is there, and, through his grace, he gives us the power to tell our inner critics NO, and then to move on into the bright future he had planned for us all along.