joshWelcome to My Webpagejosh

This page will be dedicated to a number of things. 
It's eventual purpose will be to showcase some of
     my writing, but until then it will be largely made up of
links to my favorite stuff and things.

First and foremost is Josh Groban, the gorgeous
young man who makes my background so yummy.
He is a multi-platinum selling singer (he's sold over
10 million albums worldwide- and that's with only
two albums out) and, by all accounts, an amazing
person.  Someday he will be mine.  Oh yes, he will
be mine.  :-)

Anyway, here are my papers for my English Final:
When a Loved One Has a Mental Illness
D.H. Lawrence's "A Fragment of Stained Glass"
Sermon Paper (If the in-text boxes don't work, click here,
for the scripture associated with the sermon, click here)

Other Links:
          Awesome cartoonness
          Sick humor (nonetheless amusing)
          A great site for book nerds
          My favorite TV show
          A freaking awesome web comic
          A fun book
          And, if you're bored, my online journal