Personal Information

grieving angel
Real Name: Michael R. Vickery
Phone Number: email me, we'll talk.
Home Address: See: above.
Sex: See: above.
Clan: True Brujah (See: White Wolf: Vampire)

Let's see, what to say...

Well, first of all, what do I look like? Since enough people have bugged me about it, I've obtained a small and rather poor image of myself from October, 1996. Don't like it? Tough, you asked for it.


Next what do I do? I was working for Teletech (beware the horde of cookies this site will ask for) for a while. Then I was a contractor for Ball Aerospace from July, 1997 through February, 1998. They made noises about hiring me permanently, but never followed through. Oh well. Then, I had yet another temporary contract with Exabyte doing phone support (again) for one of their tape drive lines. Shortly after that (this is better than a soap opera!), I took a contract through Alternative Resource Corporation (ARC) for the Halliburton Help Desk through IBM. I cannot BEGIN to describe how sick of phones I am. Somehow, ARC didn't believe me when I said if I had to spend another month on the phones I'd kill someone. so I accepted a job with Mindbank to work for MCI WorldCom for Unix Production Support, which is something I'd MUCH rather be doing. WorldCom was happy to convert me to a full employee, so now I'm the LAN Admin for a small software development group in Englewood. I really love this job. It's a shame I have to leave it to find work in Brisbane, Australia.

How about my marital status? I'm engaged to be married, which has a few heads spinning. You see I don't believe there is anyone one person who is going to make everything perfume and roses. I love a lot of people individually, and they are completely separate from everyone else. Does that mean I have a lot of girlfriends all at once? No, I simply don't stop loving someone after I've started. Trust is another issue, but we won't get into that right now. Even though I have this open philosophy with regards to love and sex, I'm not on the prowl. If you're female, cute and talking to me, don't expect me to attempt to woo you and promise dinner, flowers and a happily ever after. I'm searching for a good conversation more than sex. If you want to know more about it, See: Sex.

Actually, it seems I'm not alone. Check out this guy's opinion. All I can say in response to it is "Testify, brother! Testify!"

For a while, I had fun running a LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing game) named Sanguis Priscus. We never did get the website caught up with the changes in the game. We lost storytellers and players close to the beginning, added more storytellers and players later on, but overall we had a lot of fun. Then we tried running the whole 15-game story arc in a single weekend at Ghengis Con. The result was that most everyone who played the game had a lot of fun, but it was made abundantly clear to me that the coordinators did not want us there. I personally recommend that anyone who likes to run games to avoid Ghengis Con in Denver in the future.

Oh yes, I mentioned that I'm moving to Australia. One of the side-effects of getting married to an Aussie native. Kaye prefers Australia to the US, and I have no problem with that. Unfortunately, that means I won't be running any more role-playing games in Denver (or anywhere else in the US) on a regular basis. We'll see if I can drum up some interest in Brisbane.

I am an archwizard on an LPMUD called Hall of Fame. HoF is a clone of the old Genesis MUD which (if you didn't already know) is the original LPMUD. HoF attempts to keep alive the spirit of Genesis without stagnating. Unfortunately, stagnation seems to have one. There isn't much of a player base, and attempts to recruit new players have resulted in conversations generally revolving around "where is everybody?" Nobody logs in because nobody is logging in. You'll find me there during the day, but that's about it. *sigh*
To visit Hall of Fame, you follow this link: Hall of Fame Homepage.

My particular hobbies and interests include: computers (what a stretch), writing (another stretch), reading (we're really reaching for this), role-playing, canoeing, hiking, martial arts (in fact, Oriental life and society in general), philosphy (Hegelian dialectic! Fun stuff!), driving very fast, history, politics, law, magick and myriad other stuff I never have time for, including most of the above.