Random Links

Random Links

The following is a list of links which interest me, or which I think will interest you. Please forward all complaints to dev/null. Otherwise, make sure you update me if one of the links are bad.

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Atomic Clock
Juno Free Internet E-mail JunoTM Free Internet E-mail Service
DS18 Deep Space 18: The Event Horizon
Kindred: the Embraced homepage The Lords of Acid (musical group) FHM
What does it stand for? Hell if I know!
Movie Trailers

Sanguis Priscus
This game is no longer running.
Bloodshadows White-Wolf Games
[InSANity Now!]
tHe mAlKaViAn wEb pAgE
Troll's MasqNet BJ Zanzibar's World of Darkness
Shadowrun Steve Jackson Games, home of GURPS Listed with GameLok by Brian D. Allbee
SRS Shadowrun: Shadows & Light

Gothic Vision Moonlit Journeys Wolfie's Home Page
Shadrain's Fantasy Page Samantha, a lovely (and deadly) lady. Terry's Art
You're not likely to find better.
Istara's page, detailing highlights from her stay in the Down Under.

HTML Goodies Roget's Thesaurus, of course! Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
Dictionary of Names
Translation Tools Dictionaries Familiar Quotations (better organized)
Merriam-Webster Online
Dictionary and Thesaurus
The Jargon File

Web Searching
Dogpile for my preference in meta search engines Metacrawler for checking multiple search engines (hence: "meta") Lycos search engine
Alta Vista search engine Yahoo is a sort-of kind-of search engine...it's a class all its own AAA Matilda United States

The official Darwin Awards website
1995 Darwin Award winner
Darwin Award nominees for 1996 and 1997
A good opinion regarding MUD addiction Evil Overlord, Inc. - The name says it all.
Sluggy Freelance comic strip User Friendly comic strip The Internet Oracle
Taglines Galore! The Greater Winnipeg Area Discoridianism Fan Club
You said it couldn't be done. You said it shouldn't be done. But...
Seven Deadly Sins Homepage
Shakespearean Insults
For the perfect rejoinder

Existentialism Highlander Fanfic Archive Highlander: The Anthology Fanfic
BBC's "Angst-Free Zone"
Highlander Fanfic
Fanzing for DC comic fanfiction Kuro5hin weblog. Like Slashdot, but younger with a higher average IQ. My nick there is Spaceghoti.