Shattered World

Shattered World

by Michael R. Vickery

Based on the Role Playing Game Adventure run by Samirkundoli

Using the following Game Systems:
"Rolemaster" and "Spacemaster"
from Iron Crown Enterprises
from Steve Jackson Games
"Call of Cuthulu"
from Chaosium
from FASA

Prologue: Sixteen years ago in 1981, Samir was talked into allowing players to run evil characters (as a test and as a lark). As a result the "evil" characters totally annihilated his campaign world through Magic, Assassination, Military conquest, Politics and use of ancient technologies found in ruins and in outer space (they nuked those kingdoms that were too powerful to be taken by any other means).

In 1982 a Second group of players tried to stop the "evils" from gaining complete control of the game world. Their leader, a 23rd level Paladin captured the main artifact of the evil players, an artifact that leveled entire cities and turned people into zombies. As the he swung his sword to smash the artifact, a cleric in the group started to scream "NO!" She was too late and the entire party of heroes died, so the game ended with Evil in control of the world. The players ensured through spells and espionage that there were no more heroes high enough in level to contest against them. Samir put this campaign world on the shelf and began others.

In October 1996, a new last group of heros arrived in this shattered world . . . .