(no that's not me above, thats my friend Sarah, but I made the graphic)

Welcome to Choppergirl's Graphix Survey Page

When I'm not killing your stupid ass in BF2142, I like to screw around
in MS Paint. Its something other to do than the constant slaughterhouse
bloodbath I usually swim through night and day... therefore...
Here I'm going to ask you, to look at 13 of the graphics I have made for my server,
and you chose the 2 you think look the coolest...

There are two surveys, and in each I ask you to pick out which graphic you like the best,
click its radio button in the survey box below it, and then click on the vote button.
A pop up window will display the results for that survey.
Close the pop up, and go on to the second survey.
When you are done, you can click the link at the bottom
of the page to go back to my myspace page.

I had to use a stupid free web polling plugin to do these surveys
so ignore their stupid advertisement crap and their other survey links
they want you to click on. You don't have to do any of that.
You can just close the survey pop up window after you voted.
It won't ask you for your email address or any of that crap.

Don't decide in a rush, take your time, as if you were savoring
a fine wine... before you decide which you thing are the best.


What's your opinion?

Which GENERAL Banner graphic below do you like best?


Vote only once!
For real, don't be a dick.
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Ok, now that you've voted on survey 1... proceed to... voting on survey 2!


What's your opinion?

Which AIRSTRIP Banner graphic below do you like best?


Vote only once!
Otherwise you screw up my results.
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Thanks for your input! Now fuck off...

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Background fairy by dead dreamer

Thanks to my gamer girl sponsor, ANARCHY-TV.COM for hosting my survey & graphics.

P.S. I don't really consider myself a gamer girl, most gamer girls
I see on the net are a joke and are just some stupid hot chick posing
next to a damn joystick. Yeah, what the fuck ever. Fuck that shit. They are fake. Duh!

Choppergirl, on the other hand, is the real deal. I am a hardcore method killer.
I'd slit their throats and steal their little purses in a New York minute.
And gaming has nothing to do with gender, its all about skill, & the mental game,
& ripping respect & phear inside your enemies whether they want to give it up or not.
I'll frag your damn ass every week, down and dirty in the trenches, smash you in
in the face, break your teeth, and come back for the ones I missed.

No, I'm not a gamer girl. I just like to KILL.
And if killings wrong, I don't want to be right...