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I have only one wallpaper here, and it has way too much color in it to be used as a desktop wallpaper... if there's any interest I'll make some more.

In Firefox or IE: right click the images below, and a drop down dialog will appear... select "Set as Desktop Background..." or "Set as Background..."

To save more than one: click the images below, and then right click on the graphic to save it... or just right click on the link and chose "Save link as..." Then when you've save them to your computer, double click on them to open in Windows Preview, then right click on the picture and a drop down menu will pop up, and go down to "Set as Desktop Wallpaper..."

In Game Text

If the 'in game text' scrolls to fast for you to read, you can read it here... below is a line by line transcript of the informational messages posted inside the game:

Welcome / Bienvenidos / Willkommen
Bienvenue / Witaj / Dobro pozhalovat
Irashaimasu / Benvenuto / Mirė se vini
Ongi etorri / Baruch haba / Isten hozott
Marhaban / Vitejte / Swaagatam
Foon ying / Huan yin / Welkom
AirWar GOLD Code Vers. 200900309 'Aces High'
Original Mods and Python code by Choppergirl
Built by Choppergirl's Weapons Lab
Fans of AIRWAR,|put AIRWAR as your clan tag
Sign my guestbook|
Pod surfing allowed
Jeep Jihading allowed
EMP and sniping allowed
Air ramming and vehicle crashing allowed
Bunny hopping allowed
Titan roof camping allowed
Base raping allowed
Swearing allowed
I reserve the right to ban anyone
This server is for VETERAN players
Play hardcore here
Post your thoughts in the forum|
If they kill you with an unmodified client, its a valid kill|So stop your whining and shut your face
1. Zero tollerance for hacks
2. No exploiting glitching
3. No team killing sprees
4. No idling
5. No loser players
Do not feel hurt if you get kicked,|the server automatically does that
The server kicks idle players after 3 minutes
The server kicks players with -10 scores
The server kicks players after 5 team kill punishes
If the server is full you will get kicked|if you can not make 5 in 12 minutes
You must make a score of at least 5 in 12 minutes
You will only get kicked out if the server is 100 percent full
Poorly skilled players can still play during off hours
Vist |for Rules
Kick votes rarely succeed
Please donate to keep your favorite server running
AIRWAR costs me lots of time and money to run
I've spent 1000+ hours modding this server
Donate on my website|
Send PayPal donations
Fans of AIRWAR, put AIRWAR as your clan tag
Get cool AIRWAR stuff at
Players will look down on you|if you use aimbots
Do not run hacks on my server|It will get you a PERMANENT BAN
To drop bombs from the air transport|press fire button (horn)
To launch pods get in the APC|then press F3 and right click
You can eject from the pods with E|As it nears the top of its arc
To open parachute press SPACEBAR|then drive with your standard keys
You won't see these mods on any other servers
Boosted HoverTank killing power
Multispawning Fixed Gunships
High Voltage Carpet Bombing Transports
Drivable Paragliders
Starburst Shoulder Fired Rockets
Rattlesnake Poison Pill Jeeps
Waterproof Walkers & Alligator Tanks
One Shot One Kill 50 cal Sniper Rifles
Double Tap Cop Killer Pistols
Rooftop AA batteries & Lasar Cannons
Boosted Pod Power for Elite Pod Surfing Kills
Ghost Shadows of Dead Players to highlight Kits
Flaming Junkyard Wreckage
Bouncer Mines which blow Jeeps sky high
Greatly Improved Scoring which rewards kills
Custom code to agressively kick loser players
For a full list of Choppergirl's mods visit|
Please donate to keep|your favorite server running|
Send PayPal donations
Get cool AIRWAR stuff at|
Do not glitch on my server|It will get you a PERMANENT BAN
You can now fly, drive, and walk in the YELLOW ZONE
There is some crazy real estate out there|so go exploring
You can not move your Titan into the Yellow Zone
To drop bombs from the Air Transport|press fire button (horn)
Your server admin: CHOPPERGIRL|
Thanks to all the hardcore players|who keep my server full
Thanks to all the international players|who keep my server hopping all night long
For translations put your two letter|internet country code in front of for spanish / espanol for portugeuse for japanese for russian / pyccko for german / deutsch
There are 35 versions in all so try your country|or two letter language code, it might work
Choppergirl's Jungle has just gotten more VISCIOUS
Every time you kill someone|You take one point from their score
Score of MINUS 10 and they get KICKED from the server
Everytime you die you also|lose 1 point from your score
You must achieve a score of 5 in 12 minutes|or you may get kicked when the server gets full
Press the Function Keys to switch Vehicle positions
Press your ALT-FIRE button (mouse button 2 by default)|to fire rockets from Walkers, AA, and Lasar Cannons
Press E (default) to enter and exit vehicles
To drop poison gas from the Jeep|press fire button (horn)
Press C (default) to cycle through views
Hold TAB (default) to see the scoreboard
Press CAPSLOCK to view commander menu
Press J (everyone) or K (team only) or L (squad only)|to type a chat message
Press ESC to get back to main menu
Press ~ tilde and then PGUP/PGDN|to see messages that have scrolled out of view
If you do not want autobalance to team|switch you create or join a squad
Press T (default) to access squad commander menu
VOIP is enabled but only your squad will hear you
Veteran players please answer new players questions


Add a Link to AIRWAR to your website, myspace page, or home page by adding the code below:

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