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Rioting in the Streets!

Choppergirl's AIRWAR has moved to the Full Game of BF2142



If you don't know by now, EA pulled the plug on the BF2142 Demo for PC on August 11, 2011
You will no longer be able to log into the demo game, because they turned off the EA server
database that listens for player login requests. So unless they ever turn it back on again, which
I don't think will ever happen, the demo game is effectively dead. You can't login, and you can't
create a new account. At this point, you may as well uninstall the demo game, because its
probably never coming back.

I knew this was going to happen two weeks ahead of time, because a player alerted me
to it. I was online when they did pull the plug... I was working on the hover tank poison grenade
launcher actually, to get them to burst sooner in the air if you pointed the gun upwards, when
they pulled the plug at 1:14am Pacific Time. So you could say, I was right there holding the
demo's hand when it passed away. It was an eerie feeling, because I knew what had just

Just like that, the virtual world we lived and spent so much time in, is erased forever,
and that I had spent 3 years pouring in work to improve the game through many long hours
all night long, with blurry eyes, trying to figure out how to get anything new and cool to work
that did not crash the game client, and always it was a slow and painful line by line by line
method, crash, restart, test, backtrack, try something new, mess things up worse, try and
find the bug, go back to earlier versions, etc.

First, I want to say thank you to all the people who supported AIRWAR. Less than 1% of 1%
of players ever donated, and it was never enough to pay to keep the server running, but it
didn't matter, I made up the rest. It often left me bitter that I did so much insane amounts
of work to make cool new mods for you guys to play with, and keep the server running,
and test everything, and police the server to kick off the worst of the players who were there
just to fuck up the game.

Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun, and I had a lot of fun playing with you guys. In the
final analysis, I could only conclude, the only thing a player had to offer a server where
their donations to keep it running, and their skillz they brought to the game. Some of
you brought nothing but your skills, and some of you bless your hearts, that recognized
AIRWAR for the brilliant rare jewel and work of art that I had made it to be, brought both.

AIRWAR is not totally gone, however. I ported everything I made that we loved to play
with, into the full game of BF2142 and have a server running there right now. It is truely
breathtaking to behold, all the new maps and weapons that exist in the full game that I
can work with. I've been having fun just driving the snowmobiles around and exploring
the new maps.

If you can get a copy of the full game (I've included instructions in this letter how to,
and how to upgrade it to 1.51), you can still play on AIRWAR. This may be the
only email I send out to everybody, so I'm going to keep it short, as I'm not even
sure most of you will be able to read it. I just want to say thanks, and its been a
pleasure playing with all of you. Some of you were very crafty and clever and
really ramped up the violence in the game to make AIRWAR the most hardcore
server that ever was. I hope you never forget it.

And if you can't live without your AIRWAR fix, do anything and everything you can
to get a full version of the game installed, upgraded to 1.51, and join me on my
server CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR in the full game of 2142. You will feel
right at home. In fact, when it rotates to the Sidi map, you'll see everything in
all its previous places and be pleased as punch, AIRWAR is still alive, and better
than ever.

All we need now is players, and I'm going to take a break for a bit, and then I
will get working on that as it will require some assembly level cracking, or the
most elite skills ever.




The AIRWAR you know and love, for the most part, is running in the full game of BF2142.
Most of all my mods are there, only the server is empty, as it has no players yet, but it is
for the most part fully functional, with lots of new maps to play on that we didn't have in the demo.
I am sure everyone is sick to death of Sidi by now.

In about a week, I ported most of my mods over. I had to do it one mod at a time, taking it out
of the demo, and putting it into the full game, and it was very slow and time consuming and I had
lots of problems, but eventually I got everything to work through dogged persistance and time.

Everything you know about AIRWAR is there..

The handheld rockets.
The carpet bombing transports
The zippy and fast gunships and other vehicles
Mr Fu..
The dogpile kicker.
The scoreboard.
The modified tanks.
The AA guns
The automated defense system or autocontrolled guns
The knife arena is there, but I need to fix it for all the maps
The tazer knife, the pistols, the one shot sniper rifle, etc

So what's the problem. The problem is the server is empty, and the reason is because
of the pig headed way EA made the full game Quick Pick list, or the list of servers you
see when you first fire up the game.

The problem is, the quick pick list will only display ranked servers. A modded server, such
as mine, can not be a ranked server, because ranked servers... you rent directly from an
EA approved gaming company, and you are not allowed to touch or change the files, to keep
their ranking system from getting abused by people who would change the game so they
could go on their own server and pad up their stats.

Well that is fine, but what is not fine is that unranked servers can never show up in the
Quick pick list, which is the list most idiot players (the masses) only think ever exists,
they don't know there is an Advanced tab there to click on to see all the other servers,
if they uncheck the filter boxes. Ug, players are so fucking stupid, but you know this
aready. Also, a lot of them click the PLAY NOW icon created on the desktop during
installed, which I think just picks the most populated closest server to them out of
the quick pick list... in otherwords, they never even pick a server, the game picks one
for them.

Since my server does not show up in the quick pick list, most players don't even know
it exists. It was the same stupid problem I faced in the demo world at one time, you
guys were no smarter. I had to zero out my ping and get in the quick pick list before
anyone of you assholes would even come on my server. Then once you did, and fell
in love with the action, then it became a self sustaining situation.

A super cool server, with no players on it, is no fun at all

So, is this the end of the road for AIRWAR? Maybe, maybe not?

If I can hacked the server code, to have my server show up
in the quick picked list as ranked, even though it is not a ranked server,
I can get AIRWAR listed in the quick pick list by faking the rank icon
showing up. Its a hell of a lot of work to do so, like finding a needle in a hay stack,
and it will take me a lot of tiem to figure it out... which I'm not sure if I want to
invest at this point. Never the less, I know its what I need to do to get stupid players
into AIRWAR to have as targets to shoot.... :-/

So that's where AIRWAR stands right now, its up and running in the full game,
only with no players in it, and I need to hack it to get it in the Quick Pick.

Every now and then a few players wander in while I'm working in it, and they help
me test out weapons or we fight... but nothing substantial. So far the most players
I've had in there at one time while I was testing things and working on it was 4.

If you want to help out, and have the full game, you can connect to my server,
and leave your player logged in, so it is not totally empty, and alt tab out of the game
and leave it in the backgroudn while you do other things, and every now and then alt tab
back in and see if any other players have come in.


There are some lengthy ongoing discussions regarding the end of the BF2142 demo, many of
which I started. If you would like to read them you can, many are multi-page.

You can log in with your EA account, or if you don't have one, make a new one,
and post your thoughts into these discussions about the end of the BF2142 demo.

Also, be cool and make a nice comment about my demo server and how much you miss it ;-)

The Chatboxes on my website, where I post the latest news:

One Step Closer to pulling the Plug (ea forums):

Please reconsider sunsetting BF2142 Demo for PC (CHOPEPRGIRL):
,a href="">

Oh Bullshit! (Choppergirl):

BF2142 Demo to Be Axed August 11, 2011 (Choppergirl):

Also, you can find some of the 'old guys' in the jeeps of death chatboxes, however they
moved to the full game a long time ago so they don't talk about the demo there anymore:


There are four ways to get the full game:

1) Buy it in a computer software store like I did (CompUSA, back in the day, Babbages, and
so on, but most went out of business and those that are still in business don't carry it anymore
(but you can get BF3 from them - which can't be modded btw):

2) Buy it from EA online store already upgraded to 1.51 as a download for $14.99 US (cheap & fastest):

If you do go this route, burn the setup program you download out to DVD, so that you won't
lose it in a harddrive crash, and can reinstall from the DVD and not buy another copy.

Some foreign players have reported that following this link, they are redirected to the store
for their country, where the prices are higher than $14.99. If they are too high for you,
use method 3 below.

3) Buy a used hardcopy of from Ebay or Amazon (cheaper! but slower to receive in mail, plus you'll
have to upgrade it with all the patches):

Ebay search for "Battlefield 2142"

Amazon search for "Battlefield 2142"

4) Download a warez torrent from Piratebay or other tracker (fast, cheap, but you'll get a virus from
the keygen and have to know how to mount the iso, instal the keygen, upgrade with the patches,
and work around any problems):

Piratebay search for "Battlefield 2142"

Virus Total, a free website to upload the keygen to to scan it and see the viruses in it:

Note that I do not recommend downloading software from the piratebay, as the likelyhood is
VERY HIGH they are payloaded with viruses, and some of the viruses out there are VERY NASTY...
they are impossible to get off with any virus removal tools, and download a ton of more viruses
onto your computer. Not to mention, the legal ramifications, and so I can not advocate it,
I am simply acknowleging that it is indeed one way to get the full game, though IMHO not
worth the trouble from viruses or cost to save a few bucks.

If you do go this route, which I again do not recommend, I would advise formatting an
extra empty 8gb or more harddrive you have, installing Windows XP on it, and then
utorrent, and peerblock, and downloading the virus infected game to this harddrive
and only use this harddrive to play the game, nothing else.

I think it will be worth the extra bucks however to save yourself a lot of headaches,
and just buy the direct download, or if you must save some bucks, get a used copy
off of ebay (what I would do - ebay). You're going to want to burn it out to DVD anyway.


To play on any full game servers, you must upgrade your version of the full game to version 1.51

RUN ALL PATCHES AS ADMINISTRATOR, EVEN IF YOU ARE ADMINSTRATOR, by right clicking on them and chose run as administrator

To understand the Patch process, you must understand, all patches are incidental patches,
not full patches... which means, for them to work, you must have installed all patches previous
to them. The latest patch, does not contain all previous patches, only the latest changes.
I know, its stupid, but this is the way you have to apparently do it to have success at it.

--> uninstall all old versions
--> delete all links to 2142 in registry using regedit, using instructions below
--> delete user profiles in My documents / 2142
--> installed from DVD autorun
--> run as administrator -> Patch 1.25 (if your version is pre 1.25 or really old, mine
was already 1.25 so I didn't need this)
--> run as administrator -> Patch 1.4
--> run as administrator -> Patch 1.50
--> run as administrator -> Patch 1.51
-->add 2142 and make extra sure its pointing to right folder in win7x64 by browsing instead to it,
then do update button
-->login to game, and login with your two accoutns, moneytrackercorp and anarchytv
-->copy your custom video, audio, and control files into your profiles folders
Not necessary to change version numbers if you do it in order above..

If you do something wrong, you will have "UNMODIFIED CONTENT" error when you try to connect
to the latest servers, or not see the servers, or get kicked by punkbuster, etc.

If it works and you can play, then stop, backup your folder in Electronic Arts, and have fun


To upgrade Punkbuster, go to
click Battlefield 2142, and then the downloads, and look for a yellow link to

run as administrator --> pbsetup.exe

Do not do this until you have verified above you got the game playing without any problems.
If you can play the game without problems, do not do this upgrade step, things are working fine.

For me, running pbsetup.exe caused some problems and I had to start all over from scratch


You only need to do this before you do patch upgrades, if you are deleting everything to do a fresh
clean install because you are having problems upgrading to 1.51

REGISTRY DELETE insturctions to delete entries in your registry from previous installs

These instructions
If you previously installed an older version of the 1.51 patch and now have the "wrong version" when trying to join, or if you get the
'' newer version already installed '' when trying to run the patch; You'll need make some changes to your registry before running it.

For XP and 32 bit systems :

1. Click start button and choose run/ or just hit windows key + r
2. type 'regedit" (without quotes) in the box
3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Electronic Arts/EAGAMES/Battlefield 2142
4. Highlight the Battlefield 2142 folder
5. Notice on the right hand side where it says version, right click and choose 'Modify' -NOT MODIFY BINARY!
6. Change 1.51 to 1.50
7. Run the patch

For Windows 7/Vista/ 64 bit versions :

1. Click start button and type 'regedit' (no quotes here either..) in search and hit enter
2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/Electronic Arts/EAGAMES/Battlefield 2142
3. Highlight the Battlefield 2142 folder
4. Notice on the right hand side where it says version, right click and choose 'Modify' -NOT MODIFY BINARY!
5. Change 1.51 to 1.50
6. Run the patch


Add a Link to AIRWAR to your website, myspace page, or home page by adding the code below:

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