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People ask me if I am really a girl? I don't know, what do you think?

My official answer: "No, I'm really a chopper"

Play with me. You know you wanna. Press Play, engage the Combat Music SubSystem.
Or, if you want to go old skool, crank up the Battlefield Vietnam Soundtrack.

In real life, I'm probably just another nobody in the middle of nowhere...
but in my own private Idaho, I'm a deadly weapon.

Let's test it. Go ahead, pick up that gun.
You're a soldier. I'm a warrior.

Victory loves Preparation,
and Fortune Favors the Bold
No Plan Survives First Enemy Contact
And few warriors grow old

For five years, I massively modded a game called Battlefield 2142,
to fix all the game play bugs in it, flexing my game design and Python skills.
It was a brutal experience. I became hardcore, the meanest damn top dog 2142 pilot ever.
That project was called

But now, all that's gone and changed.
Now, I am restoring a little dragonfly of an airplane I named Dorothy. :-)

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What if when I died, there actually was a heaven or a hell, and my gamer girl personality came up to me to be my companion and navigate me through it all, like George McDonald did for the narrator in The Great Divorce, or Virgil did for the narrator in Dante's Inferno. I think I would have a heart attack from the shock. So what happens when you die a second time, inside heaven or hell?


In a dogfight, I'm a crazy bitch.

Always turn to face your enemy. Never look them in the face. They are nothing but targets. Identify the most dangerous skilled enemy in the room and tangle with them alone while avoiding all other engagements or combat. You are a deadly quick mongoose fighting a dangerous son of a bitch cobra. Your entire mind is a fucking battle computer focused on taking them out in a dance of death. Skirt around and deny the damage he is trying to deal your way, and dishing it out in overwhelming fire power where you anticipate him to be before he is there. Neglilgate all his lesser compatriat punks, until you flame him firsrt and take the toughest opponent out of the picture.

Once your nemesis is taken out, mop up and process all the lesser rubbish like a sewing machine going through a slaughterhouse. It doesn't matter if you are in a fighter plane, a street fight, or a prison yard show down... battle is all the same. Love battle and run to it. Thrive on it. Sharpen your sword against the best of the best, and add every foe's dirty tricks to you bag of dirty tricks. If you can squirrel that motherfucker, do it. See the battle and engage in it, before he squirrels your daydreaming ass.

The bigger the odds the fucking better. Love oblivion. Smell the air. Do you smell that? That is death. Every day is a good day to die. Everyone must die; you die taking out as many of your fucking enemies with you as you can. That is what life is about. It is the only way for your soul to find peace.

That is the CHOPPERGIRL WAY. You go down fighting taking down as many of your motherfucking enemies with you as you can.

But not today. Today you are bullet proof.

How I got my name

I picked my nickname out why flying Hueys in the BF1 demo. In the beginning I wasn't terribly interested in all the shooting, but what found I really loved to do was fly, so I'd rush to get the Huey and would like shuttle players back and forth from the aircraft carrier to shore, or fly low through the jungle. I'd call this "Choppergirl Air" and like post funny messages like "Thank you for flying Choppergirl Air!" and "The Stewardess will be with you shortly!". The Huey rocked, it was like quintessential Vietnam. The Bird is the Word. It flew like a tub but who cared. I'd come in low and hot into the LZ through the jungle, and park it on a dime.

All those first days in the demo seems like a million years ago now. You don't want to tangle or dance with me in the air. Well, maybe you do. :-) I'm now a hardcore warrior and old, tired, seasoned world weary admin and game modder. I've developed stand alone video games of my own, but for the purposes of this website, I'll stick to the massive mods I've done to Battlefield.

I've run highly modified Battlefield 2142 demo, 2142 full game, Battlefield 2 demo, and Battlefield 2 full game servers, all called CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR. Over the years I've pour thousands of hours into these heavily modified servers, all to make the game more hardcore, action packed, balanced, and intense.

I currently run a BF2142 full game server and work as the sole developer on my project.

Flying in the Family

My g. grandfather (photo below in cockpit of P39) flew P-39 Aircobras, P-47 Thunderbolt Jugs, and then P-38 Lightnings out of New Guinea in WW2, with the "39th Cobra Squadron" called the "Cobras in the Clouds". You can read about his missions HERE. When the typically required tour of duty was 35 missions, he flew a total of 171 combat missions in the P-38 and the P-47 fighter planes.... mostly ground attack and bomber escort from what I understand, and got into quite a few tangles with enemy aircraft. You can learn about the battle for New Guinea in THIS VIDEO.

Once he limped back home on one engine in a P-38, once parachuted out of his P-39 Aircobra which augered in in the Australia outback north of Charters Towers (Queensland) and had to follow a stream out of the outback to a cattle ranch and get a ride back to base, and once he had to jump out of a burning plane on the runway. I'm sure he shot up a lot of Zeros and lots of ground targets because that's what P38s totally rock at, but he doesn't talk about that. He loved the Lightning, it was one hella fast plane, and you know CHOPPERGIRL is down with that. Walking is for grunts, and CHOPPERGIRL's got the need for speed.

My grandfather actually has an appearance as a guest narrator in the movie Injury Slight, Please Advise. This movie is a recreation of the story about his flight commander Sully, who crashed in the jungle in New Guinea. My grandfather was his wingman and searched for him from the air after he crashed. Sully's P-38, the Marlee 2, is still sitting on the ground in New Guinea, protected from removal (lest it distrub or interfere with the local aboriginal natives) by law. You can watch a video of them hiking to Suly's P-38 'Marlee 2'.

I also have more pictures of the Marlee 2, and some other Pacific theater wreck videos at

As far as I'm concerned my grandfather has just as many interesting stories, however, I guess they made the movie about Sully because his plane is still sitting in the jungle and they actually made a trek to find it, which you can see on the website and in the movie, sitting in jungles of New Guinea!

The plane is actually sitting on dry ground in a low spot, but it had been raining a lot before they made the trek to see it and the area were it sat was a bit flooded. Kind of makes it look like a alligator lurking in the water in this photo. A P-38, just kind of sitting there on the ground for 50 years. Only in jungles of New Guinea is this possible... in America such a thing would be snapped up like a prize by collectors.

How cool is that... because Sully crashed a plane in the jungle where it remained untouched for all these years, I get to see an identical P-38 of what my grandfather flew, and flew side by side with! Check out the trailer and the links on the movie's website. The P-38 was a kickass gunship, fast, and devastating against ground targets with its forward firing cannon and 50 calibers, just like the gunship in the game.

My grandfather's pilot card, and membership in the "Caterpillar Club" for bailing out of a P-39 in WW2 and being saved by silk parachute.

P-38 Lighting - my grandfather's favorite because it was wicked fast
This model above is painted with D-day stripes for the European theater D-Day landing

My Gunship

This is the aircraft I fly in the game. Its called a gunship, but I call it a chopper. Its kind of a futuristic hovercraft version of an attack helicopter, using VTOL thrust instead of helicopter blades to keep it airborne and move it about. I prefer the PAC gunship as pictures above, because it has a prettier color scheme than the EU gunship, which is sort of a dark gun metal black.

People complain about one gunship being superior to another, with different characteristics, but I ignore all differences and fly them both the same with no thought. As far as I'm concerned they are identical weapons to me in combat: they both fly, they both shoot missles, and they both shoot TV guided missles. That's all I care about in combat. Everything else is irrelevant. If it can shoot anything I will use it.

Most combat aircraft have their strength and weaknesses compared to what the enemy is fielding in the sky, so you have to learn your aircraft's strengths and your enemy's aircraft's weaknesses, and steer combat into a situation where your strengths play to your advantage and avoid being at a serious and fatal disadvantage because of your aircraft's weaknesses. But in the game, both aircraft are so closely matched its irrelevant and anyone that whines otherwise is just full of it. You fly what you can get your hands on and make the best of it no matter what, even if its a cardboard box or a bathtub.

This is Rapunzel, my gunship in real life (particularly when I'm carrying my shotgun slung around my back, should I have to tangle with a rattlesnake out in the desert). She is a 17 horsepower 1981 Honda Rebel, but before you talk any smack, she gets 80 miles to the gallon and has more than enough torque for me. And she has a carbeurator from the gods, she cranks up every time and purrs like a kitten. Beat that. As you can see, I've modded her, mostly to keep her running, and most visibly, with stickers.

I have since repainted Rapunzel and given her some new colors and stickers... which you can see below...


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