I am thinking about programming a little system that will allow players to request certain neat things (such as air strikes and supply drops) from the AIRWAR computer / server on their own (and thus get some automated commander support, if the commander is not doing anything).

At first, only people with "AIRWAR", "Airwar", "airwar", or "CGAW" anywhere in their clan name or name can use the system. Any characters around the uninterupted string do not matter... i.e.,[AIRWAR],[airwar], *CGAW*, etc will also work, but not [CG*AW], as it has a character betweeen the letters. Eventually I may let anyone use these commands, or other commands that I add. But first only people who've chosen to display AIRWAR as their favorite server can use these commands.

To use this system is easy, you just type a one letter command while inside chat. To get into chat, press "j","k", or "l". Note that you probably want to use "l" which is squad only chat, or "k" which is team only chat, so your enemy does not know what you are doing, and it also cuts down on the amount of text scrolling in everyone's chat. So if you can, try and use "l".

Then once you are in chat, type the letter below of the command you want to use and press ENTER (either "w", "a", "s", or "d", see below).

LETTER COMMANDS - you type these in chat to execute them:

W - where are you
W partialname - hunt player - where partialname is part of player's name
A - airstrike at your location (only if recharged)
S - supply drop at your location (only if recharged)
D - teleport to dungeon (only if not in vehicle)

W Command Information: The W command is for hunting another player. The W command with a partial name, for example, "W ch", "W cho", "W chop", etc... will match "choppergirl", and give you choppergirl's current location. Of course, substitute the name of the player you want to hunt for instead of choppergirl to hunt someone else. The W command without any more parameters will give away YOUR location. This is useful if you are modding, or if you want to issue a challenge to anyone out there - here I am, come get me, bring it on! (so be sure and use it like a dummy in "j" chat to everyone.

A Command Information: the airstrike will happen centered at your location, so you had better run out of the area quickly after issuing this command.

S Command Information: the supply drop will happen centered at your location, so you may want to move so a crate does not parachute on top of your head.

D Command Information: the dungeon is located in the aligator pit swamp under the thunderdome knife fight arena. There is no escape from it except death or suicide, so use this only as a last resort if you want to cheat someone out of killing you, or if you want a quick way to teleport from anywhere to knife fight with someone in the dungeon. Remember, getting killed by another player costs you -1 points, suicide -2 points.


choppergirl [requests] AIRWAR airstrike at Silo 1
choppergirl [requests] AIRWAR supply drop at Silo 1
choppergirl [requests] AIRWAR teleport to dungeon
choppergirl [requests] AIRWAR location... X/Y/Z/R 30 clicks from Flag 1
choppergirl [requests] AIRWAR location of badnoodle... 30 clicks from Silo 1


AIRWAR [denies] choppergirl airstrike - you must have airwar in your clan name
AIRWAR [denies] choppergirl airstrike - system not recharged
AIRWAR [denies] choppergirl supply drop - system not recharged
AIRWAR [denies] choppergirl teleport - you are inside a vehicle
AIRWAR [denies] choppergirl where location - aiwar clan member locations not disclosed

I'll add more commands as I dream them up - the ones that can actually be implemented.

Don't ask me why I decided to name it "BUTTER"; I was half sleeping when I thought it up, and BUTTER sounded like a friendly word that everyone is familiar with in their refrigerator. And this way, if someone starts bitching that the commander is not doing anything, you will be able to say "Just use some Butter." or "Just use Butters". Butters is a putz, he'll do almost anything you ask him to. Almost.