Marshal H. Perlman

Name Marshal H. Perlman
Location Orange County, California, USA
Short Bio Marshal is the Director of Business Development at Panasonic Avionics Corporation in Lake Forest, California. Within Panasonic, he is part of the Corporate Strategic Innovations (CSI) team which is a tightly-focused group that targets emerging markets for Panasonic’s existing portfolio, manages cross-divisional issues and opportunities, and evaluates new technology and business models. The group is also responsible for aiding in the evaluation and execution of potential joint venture, merger, and acquisition transactions.

Prior to joining the CSI team, Marshal served as Panasonic's Director of Product Management, where he oversaw the development of next-generation in-flight entertainment and communication systems for Airbus, Boeing, and most of the world's airlines.

A pioneer during the technology boom of the mid-1990s, Marshal was involved in a National Science Foundation (NFS) project that investigated the positive impacts of internet access on low-income “informationally disadvantaged” families and a Department of Education (DOE) project designed to bring internet access to K-12 schools at a time when words such as E-mail and Browser were relatively unknown. Soon after, Marshal helped establish Central Florida’s first commercial internet service provider.

Marshal’s interests also cross into the world of public service. As former Reserve Police Officer, he is a strong supporter of emergency services and law enforcement. Marshal also holds the rank of Captain in the United States Air Force Auxiliary, where he has been involved with Aerial Search and Rescue, Counterdrug Reconnaissance, and Public Affairs.

"The Internet allows me to share things that I think are interesting with friends, family and strangers. I am not yet sure what I want to post here, as I keep remembering that whatever I post will be archived and retrievable 500 years from now."