Mark A. Nelson
5760 East Floyd Avenue
Denver, CO 80222-7516


Mark Nelson is a software engineer with more than 25 years of
experience developing both engineering and business applications.
Armed with a solid foundation in engineering mathematics from the
Colorado School of Mines, Mark went to work in the electric power and
telecommunications industries where he developed extensive experience
in applied computer graphics especially as it relates to computerized

Mark is a seasoned programmer who began his career working with Basic,
Fortran and C in conjunction with hierarchical and network databases
on PDP-11 and VAX/VMS systems.  He then moved into object-oriented
programming which included system language skills such as C++
and Java.  Along the way, Mark added RUP and relational database
systems, such as Oracle and Sybase, to his considerable skill set.
Mark is also an expert on the Unix operating system and has leveraged
that knowledge into proficiency with scripting languages including
Korn Shell and Perl.

Currently, Mark is focused on web-applications utilizing ColdFusion,
JavaScript and Flex.

When Mark is not pounding a keyboard he is outdoors! He enjoys cycling,
target shooting and golf.

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