First assignment of my english class, and decent view of me

Where I Stand
1/7/04 copyright Mark D.Keith

I am a computer and gadget freak. I am 35 year old father of a too smart for his own good son. I am a divorcee of 5 years. I am an ex Houston County Deputy. I am very enamored with video games, since I didn't have them when I was a kid. I am a reader of science fiction and fantasy. I am an old role-play gamer of Dungeon and Dragons. I am a motorcycle rider and enthusiast; there is just something about riding that appeals to me. I am the oldest child of five, one bother, and three sisters, of whom the youngest passed away 2 years ago. I am very lazy at times. I am an electronics tinker, it is my preferred occupation, but impossible to find a job as I am red/green color blind.

I like minor programming. I like taking things apart; I can never leave well enough alone. I like watching people, and figuring out why they do the things they do. I like spending a Sunday with my son, and reading to him before bed time. I like going to the movies. I like working on motorcycles, and computers. I like ice-cream even in the winter time. I like spending time in the company of others even if I do not say much myself. I like Rock and Roll music. I like meeting personalities on the internet.

I believe that everyone has their own beliefs about religion, politics, and baseball, none of which can be changed easily. I believe teachers and policemen have thankless jobs. I believe in the personal rights of everyone should be upheld even if we do not agree with them. I believe that job should be a task you enjoy doing. I believe everyone is equal, if not the same, that's what makes them interesting.

I do not care for people that can not drive in the rain or the snow. I do not care for computer problems that I did not cause. I do not care for the way I am followed by mall security. I do not care for standing and giving oral reports or essays. I do not care for burnt food of any type. I do not care for changing a tire in the rain.

I am tired of hearing about things that I can not change. I am tired of hearing about third world countries that need our help, when there are homeless in our own country that are being ignored. I am tired of hearing about need to prevent abortions.

I favor flying, either in a plane or in a hang glider. I favor shows that are intelligent, and show something of human nature that we are often afraid of recognize; sadly many of them don't get good enough ratings to stay on the air. I favor time well spent over money, but that maybe because I have plenty of one and not enough of the other. I favor spontaneity over a time table. I favor taking changes to plans in stride.


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