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Written: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 14:35:07 -0500 (EST)

Paula's Lament to Jenn

You know, it's been a bit over 5 years since we lost her, and it still feels like yesterday sometimes. Jenn brought a light wherever she went, and it is so sad to me that only the Wolf and I still remember the woman.

Jenn had a personality you just had to love. She was full of the love of life and she packed every moment, even at work, with living. She actually loved her job, which is rare, and she was wonderful with people. She had a gift for making friends with everybody. Jenn's sense of humor was a little odd... she was one for making smart-ass remarks at damn near anything. She didn't just take pot-shots, though. Oh no, that girl took entire strafing runs! Give her ONE opening and look out. *chuckle* Just ask the Wolf! He was the victim of more than one of her bursts of hilarity.We used to live to try and make him blush. It rarely WORKED.

Jenn enjoyed anything that she could laugh at, even if it was herself. She was wonderful fun to be with, no matter where we were.

Jenn was also All Girl. Even at her most tomboyish, she never let you doubt that she was a GIRL. :) She played hard, and she enjoyed everything she did to the fullest. She is, even now, deeply missed and deeply loved.

Fare thee well, beloved Lady. We'll see you in the Summerlands.

May the breeze be sweet upon your face
May the sky be fair above you
May the sun be warm upon your back
May the path be firm beneath your feet
and may the Lord and Lady hold you safely within Their hands

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