AFK - Away From Keyboard
Copy right 2004, Mark D Keith

What do you do, and how do you handle emotionally when you met a love one from a past life time. Can the same be applied to the lost of a love one in the present?

Image the pleasant surprise when you met once more the soul of a dear heart or beloved from another life time in the present. Then the question arises, what if they are bound or married to someone else? You don't want to get in the way of their happiness in the present. And yet you still want to talk, and reminisce of past life times.

On the other hand, the hurt and grief of burying a love one will take years to handle. You feel you have 'lost' them forever. You now wish you had more time to say what you wanted to truly tell them, not just assume they knew.

Away from keyboard, is often been a phrase used by folks playing games and conversing to one another on the internet; often abbreviated to AFK. Sort of a quick message to the others, to tell them they've not been forgotten. Just means that they won't be relying to messages for a while and might even leave the screen on so they can still see the messages.

This a great analogy, what if you thought of the passing of a love one as AFK? Or better yet, Away from physical manifestation or AFPM. This world is sort of like the internet user's keyboard. You realize that you you've not 'lost' them, only lost the immediate contact. You might get to see them again in the present, or you both might incarnate, or log in as it where, at another time in the future.


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