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Current Hobbies and Interest

Recently been driven to learn about DIY (Do It Yourself) alcohol stoves, backpacking woodburning stoves, and B.O.B.'s (Bug Out Box/Bags) Also now carry a mini-survival kit in my pocket at all times. Mine is a cigarette case with number of these useful items, and medical tape around the lid to waterproof it.

Dragons, and Linux Dragons

Thanks to my Late Brother-in-Law who turned me to Linux, I found prefer Open Source when ever possible.

For my mp3 needs, my father mentioned RockBox because it's easy to bookmark anything listening to, music, album, audio books. given that both my father and I enjoy listening to audio books. And soon after he gave me a Sansa 270 v1 mp3 player to install it on. Love the rockbox/sansa combo. Bonus, it's open source.
Now I can listen to DRM free mp3's, wma, flac, wav's and Ogg Vorbis files. I much prefer Flac and Ogg files since they are open source and Propritary Free

Linux Operating systems. After getting to play with all the tools and abilities of these Open Source Operating Systems, makes windows seems pale in comparison.

Also into finding solutions that will work both in linux, and windows.

Version: 3.12
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!O !M !V PS+++ PE Y++ GPG++ t++ 5++(+++) X++ R+* tv(+) b++++ DI++++ D+>+++
G e+>++* h--- r+++ y++++**

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HbComputers.linux&Bicycling&Reading.SciFi_and_Fantasy Mv-.bicycle
RlM&P Kd1y&+.2_boys PeF MBINFP FHs UFMike IN2.more_if_didn't_have_to_work
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