Simple EPROM Programmer - Project Log

This page is meant to be an ongoing log of activities, issues , and resolutions related to my attempt at the design and construction of a simple, flexible, and easily replicated EPROM programmer.

Note that at this time the page is not meant to be a project report. It is also at this time not meant to be a construction guide as this is still an ongoing endeavor. As I make progress, status reports will be posted. I will also document obstacles and issues as well as solutions and work-arounds.

I am using this to allow me to move this project along at a regular pace instead of the start and stop pace that I have been working it. Since it is a personal project it becomes too easy to move it to the back burner as other things pop up. Working it even an hour a day is better than 8 hours every two to three weeks. So, with that in mind, the next entry will be up 13SEP12. Updates will be placed within each subsequent week.


Disclaimer: This document in no way represents Nyx. All opinions and errors are mine alone.