Light And You:
An Important Part Of Your Environment

Research studying the effects of light on people has been conducted over the past ten years at leading scientific centers like the National Institutes of Health. Light has a major impact on your well-being, as does the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the water you drink. The intensity of light and the amount of time you are exposed can affect your energy level, alertness, mood, sleep/wake cycle, and your ability to control your weight and appetite. Studies estimate that 14% of the U. S. population notice a seasonal change in their behavior and 6% are so seriously affected that their personal life, jobs and relationships are interrupted. Almost 40 million people are involved in shift work, an estimated 17-24 million have sleep scheduling disorders and millions travel each day.

Our Dim-Lit Lifestyles

Most of us spend 90% of our day indoors where the artificial light level rarely reaches the light from an overcast day. We do not receive an ample amount of natural light. This is true, not just in the fall and winter, but year round if our lifestyle keeps us indoors. Even most people who commute to work in their autos are behind sunglasses or tinted windows which block out much of the natural light.

The SunBox(R) Company and You

The SunBox(R) Company has been the original manufacturer and distributor of light units since 1985. Our light units are used in over 150 of the top clinical research centers world-wide and exceed clinical safety standards. We are also a full service distributor and consultant for natural lighting in homes and businesses. We are committed to helping people improve their lighting environment so they may live happier, healthier lives.


* "The eyes are the windows of the soul." -W. Shakespeare *

It is known that the eyes are truly a mirror of our physical and emotional health. In the early 1970's science proved definitively that light entering the eyes was not just for the purpose of vision but was also being sent to one of the most important parts of the brain, the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus coordinates and regulates most of our life-sustaining functions and also initiates and directs our reactions and adaptations to stress. Its major functions include: control of the autonomic nervous system, activity and sleep, circulation and breathing, growth and maturation, reproduction, emotional balance, energy balance, fluid balance, and heat regulation. The hypothalamus maintains harmony within the body. The pineal gland, a small cone-shaped structure behind the midbrain (see diagram) acts as the body's light meter, receiving light-activated information from the eyes by way of the body's biological clock within the hypothalamus to determine when to release its very powerful hormone, melatonin. The pineal gland secretes melatonin rhythmically, in time with the 24-hour light-dark cycle. Such "circadian" rhythms govem many aspects of human metabolism including the timing of sleep, wakefulness and attentiveness. Melatonin reaches its highest levels in darkness and reacts directly to sunlight, which suppresses its flow. Recent findings indicate that melatonin influences biological rhythms by acting directly on the biological clock within the hypothalamus. Research has shown that the timing of the light is critical. Light during the dawn hours resets the body clock to an earlier hour, while light in the evening resets it to a later hour.



The SunSquare(TM)


* Limited Five (5) Year Warranty/Guarantee** on Unit
*Two year guarantee on bulbs
*Constructed of durable lightweight aluminum
*Variable light settings (High, Medium, Low)
*Spectrally transparent prismatic diffuser that does not filter the quality of light and will not yellow
*A full spectrum non-UV light source
*Reinforced diffuser for durability
*High tech electronic ballasts eliminate bulb flickering, reduce heat and noise
*Angled, adjustable height floor stand with casters (plus short post to convert to desk stand)
*Energy Efficient (62 to 186 Watts)
*Tall enough to use at a computer or while exercising
*Takes up less space than its predecessor (SunBox Plus)
*Highest light output of all our units
*Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 3 1/4" Weight: 20 lbs. without stand

The SunRay(TM) and The SunRay(TM) II


*The Most Advanced Portable Light Unit
*Limited Five (5) Year Warranty/Guarantee**
*Constructed of durable lightweight aluminum
*UL and CSA approved
*Two-way switch for high and low setting on the SunRay II
*Spectrally transparent prismatic diffuser that does not filter the quality of light and will not yellow
*Advanced energy efficient electronics that do not overload the lamps
*Low heat and no bulb flutter with advanced electronics
*A full spectrum non-UV light source
*Desk stand travels with the unit
*Dimensions: W 23" x H I5.5" x D 3.25"
SunRay Weight: 13 lbs SunRay II Weight: 19 lbs

TheSunRay is the new, most highly advanced portable light unit available today. The briefcase size unit makes transporting it and traveling a breeze. The stand travels with the unit and can be easily attached with the two knobs that hold it in place for transporting, and is converted to a 10,000 lux unit in seconds. To receive the high intensity application (10,000) lux during a 15-30 minute (average) duration, the SunRay must be at a distance of 13" from the user. This requires the tilted angle obtained by the use of the desk stand.

How To Use The SunBox Company's Light Units

The light units provide a measured amount of ftifl spectrum light equivalent to standing outdoors on a clear spring morning. The light, unlike regular light, replicates the spectral wavelengths of natural daylight without the dangerous ultraviolet. SunBox(TM) Company's bright light units provide from 2,500 lux to 10,000 lux of light intensity.

Included for your information is the following data from NIMH and other research groups.

"There is a consensus that intensity of light is important and that bright light of at least 2,500 lux (lux is a measurement of the light intensity entering the eye) which is 5 to 10 times brighter than ordinary room lighting, has been found clinically more effective than dimmer light. New studies have shown that the use of even brighter light (10,000 lux) is superior to the conventional 2,500 lux in most cases. At brighter light the amount of exposure time may be decreased. For example, two hours at 2,500 lux is reduced to 30 minutes at 10,000 lux."

"Bright light (10,000 lux) may be used to reset the sleep cycle, relieve some forms of insomnia, and increase daytime alertness and energy. Researchers have found that bright light, of appropriate intensity and duration, can alter the body's temperature rhythm and change the timing, length, and quality of sleep. The light units can be used to help those whose sleep and wake cycles are markedly out of time with the light-dark cycle. For example, people with delayed or advanced sleep phase syndromes have sleep and wake times that are delayed or advanced more than desired, although they sleep normally during those hours."

"Workers on the night shift have a mismatch between scheduled work and the light-dark cycle to which body rhythms are attuned. To reverse the body rhythm, test subjects used the bright lights at night and slept from 9AM to 5PM in a totally dark room. After four days, they slept their normal number of hours and equaled their daytime performance."


SunBox(R) Company Design Advantages

All SunBox Company light units are made using state of the art technology. They have computer designed reflectors to allow maximum and efficient light output. They are tested and explicitly designed to exceed hospital and government safety standards and are made with UL and CSA approved components for user safety. These are the very same units used in the top research centers world-wide.

All light units and companies are NOT the same! Please compare and ask questions!

In evaluating your decision for purchasing a light unit you may want to consider the following qualities in our SunBox(TM) Company light units:

* Five Year Limited Warranty on the light units, and a 2 year guarantee on the bulbs (see Guarantee*)

* Constructed of durable lightweight aluminum with "hospital grade" UL and CSA approved components

* Low heat and no bulb flutter with advanced electronics

* Spectrally transparent prismatic diffuser that does not filter the quality of light and will not yellow

* Advanced energy efficient electronics that do not overload the lamps

* Full spectrum non-UV light source for less eve strain and glare

* Variable settings allow you to adjust the light to you personal preferences

* SunSquare's(TM) stand allows conversion from desk to floor unit in minutes and give you the 10,000 lux units require shorter light sessions freedom to do other activities, such as reading, writing, exercising, etc.

* Optional stand and/or carry case available for SunRay units


The SunBox(R) Company

* The SunBox" Company is more than a light unit manufacturer. We provide the foremost in ongoing Customer Service.

* We provide FREE periodic updates on light research and related news articles.

* We will keep you informed of any support groups in your area.

* We have a FREE health professional referral network for those needing help close to their home.

* We offer relevant books, new products, and accessories.

* We offer a quarterly newsletter full of useful and up-to-date information.

* We offer a short-term Rental Program with purchase credits

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DISCLAIMER: This information is not a recommendation for light treatment. The SunBox(R) Company cannot say who should receive light therapy, who may benefit from it, nor take responsibility for any adverse effects which may result from the use of the light unit. The SunBox(R) is not listed as a medical device. We strongly recommend that you consult a qualified health professional if you are suffering from depression. If you have any medical or eye problems, you should discuss the use of a light unit with a physician prior to its use.


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