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_____________________________________________________________July 1995

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for expressing interest in our products and services. The introductory material you requested, which discusses light therapy, The SunBox(R) Company, and SunBox light units, is enclosed.

The SunBox Company, the original manufacturer and distributor of bright light units, is dedicated to helping people improve their lighting environments so they may live happier, healthier lives. We provide the best in bright light systems for research and for the clinical treatment of psychiatric mood disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and sleep disorders experienced by those whose circadian rhythms are out of synchronization (e.g. jet lag, sleep difficulty caused by shift work, and sleep phase disorders. Our commitment to customer service goes beyond our product lines into extensive services such as our short-term rental program, our free national health professional referral network, and our seasonal newsletter, SunNet(TM) News.

We have carefully designed the SunBox light units to meet stringent standards and specifications of safety, effectiveness, and durability to receive approval for use in home, office, and clinical settings. The SunBox is the only light therapy unit approved for use at the National Institute of Mental Health>/B> (Bethesda, MD), and is the standard unit used in over 200 clinical settings worldwide.

In addition to our bright light units, we carry a complete line of non-therapeutic lighting products for people wanting to improve their general lighting environments. Many people, wishing to have more natural, comfortable indoor lighting at home or office, are replacing their present light bulbs with our neodymium incandescent bulbs and full-spectrum flourescents.

Taking care of your well-being is vital. Call us toll-free to place your order today: 1-800-LITE-YOU (548-3968).


Neal Owens,

Email The SunBox Company here: sunbox@aol.com