IT'S THE sunRizr(TM)

DAWN of the 21st Century


Awakening to the disturbing sound of an "alarm clock" has to qualify as one of the less civilized aspects of modern lifestyle. A similar insult is abrubtly turning on the lights when your eyes are still dark-adapted.
Wake up to a "New Dawn" even on dark, cold, or rainy days.
The gradual light of dawn has always been the most natural and pleasant way t awaken.

The Power Of Dawn

Natural dawn appears to be a powerful synchronizer of biological rhythms. All creatures living on the surface of our planet respond to solar events The rising of the sun seems to help us prepare to meet the new day. Unfortunately, modern lifestyles and environmental conditions often restrict exposures to natural dawn. The good news is that recent studies at leading universities have shown benefits from artificial light exposur and simulated dawn.

Special Applications

Shiftworkers can program their dawn to start at any time of day, even midnight.

sunRizr's dusk simulation feature gradually dims room lighting over any period from minutes to hours. This can create a pleasant atmosphere for falling asleep, particularly useful when children express fear of darkness.

It can be hard to get up when the body is in an unusual time zone. Travelers can pack their personal dawn, the ultimate room service convenience, in a briefcase.

The Best Thing To Happen To Morning Since Sunshine

Just set the time and length of dawn desired and sunRizr will gradually fill the room with a warm sunny glow, mirroring the pattern of natural dawn.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You may have already seen televised reports, or articles on the accumulating evidence supporting the potential health benefits of light exposure and dawn simulation. However, we make no medical claims about sunRizr(TM). We simply say that you'll love it.
We guarantee you'll love it or your money back. If you are not totally convinced that this is a better way to start your day, just
return the unit within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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