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< Winter 1995

Dear Friend:

Thank you for your request for information about our products. Our Dawn/Dusk Simulator 2000(TM) (D/DS) is a new product that will be available to you the consumer in a matter of weeks. We at HLT are excited about this patented D/DS, called by some "the environmental lighting product of the 21st century." We feel sure that you will be highly interested in owning a D/DS for your own living area. It is the first real innovation this century to the transition from night to morning. No longer wake up to an intruding, blaring sound of an alarm and/or the jolting, blinding lights-on of morning bedroom light.

The D/DS 2000(TM) starts with starlight levels of light before your programmed time of dawn occurs, progressing through dawn (and/or dusk) by providing a gradually increasing (and/or decreasing for dusk) light intensity curve that mathematically best-fits, i.e. mimics, the naturally occurring outdoor dawn and dusk curve for the latitude on earth and time of year you select. A good way to describe the D/DS is as follows.

Your morning starts with a gently introduced simulated dawn (SimDawn(TM)) at the time of day you select for your dawn to occur Imagine your room with a gently increasing light that mimics precisely the pattern of rising sunlight outdoors on a clear cloudless day in May i the Florida keys. In fact, the SimDawn(TM) and/or SimDusk(TM) you create in your own home or place of business can match the sunrise and/or sunset of Phoenix, AZ, Miami, FL, the tropics, Tokyo, Japan, New York City or any place on the earth for any day of the year by just keying into the D/DS the latitude you desire, plus th date you desire, e.g., 24 degrees N latitude on May 21 for spring equinox in Florida Keys. Or you may simply use the pre-programmed EasiDawn/EasiDusk(TM).

The D/DS 2000(TM) allows you the option of customizing the length of dawn and/or dusk to the number of hours and/or minutes you want, while controlling the amount (intensity) of light. Thus, for example, if the dawn you receive from your bedroom lights is more than you want or need, just key in the amount best for you, e.g. 87%, 75%, 50% or even 2%. You name it; the D/DS does the rest. Everything else remains the same the timing of the gradual dawn and the latitude chosen; only the amount o light changes and then to the precise amount you select. Nothing else on earth matches the precision of this patented D/DS 2000(TM), not even sunlight with its clouds and weather changes.

You will appreciate this computerized enhancement to your indoor environment. It provides you with a dynamic, gradually changing lighting pattern that is natural and real instead of static and all-or-none. Your indoor lighting transitions from day-to-night and night-to-day are smooth and gentle as they are in the natural outdoors on clear weather days.

Moreover, there are many living quarters located in areas where street lights and city lights shine into the sleeping area. Shades are pulled to limit this unwanted, undesirable light during the night time and also for privacy, but these same shades block out the light of dawn during spring and summer. The D/DS can simulate your desired dawn/dusk environment with a SimDawn(TM) or SimDusk(TM) of your choosing. This can be at a consistent time, year-around, to match your schedule whether the day outdoors is a rainy spring, a dark snowy winter or an overcast summer evening. The choice is yours; you have the freedom to select for yourself. You can be among the first in the world to select your own dawn/dusk environment. Just send in your check or money order today for $375.00 (NJ residents add 6% sales tax) plus $7.00 shipping/handling, a savings of $53 during our introductory offer. You will then be among the first to receive your Dawn/Dusk Simulator 2000(TM) in three or less weeks.

For Control of Your Lighted Living,

Dr. Philip C. Hughes, President