A Discussion of Canadian Sources of Seasonal Light Equipment

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Date: Mon Oct 23 17:27:17 MDT 1995

In article <465qtr$5cq@nyx10.cs.du.edu>, lpuls@nyx10.cs.du.edu says...
>[1] Re: Seasonal Affective Disorder - Full Spectrum
>On Sun Oct 15 acm@madrox (Andrew Charles MacKenzie Allen) was quoted:
>>I am looking for a Canadian manufacturer of full spectrum
>>lighting equipment designed to combat SAD. Does anyone
>>have any ideas? If there are no Canadian manufacturers, is
>>there a Canadian distributor for the numerous U.S. companies?
>The only Canadian manufacturer of seasonal light equipment that
>I am aware of is:
> P.O. Box 3899, Station C
> Hamilton, ON Canada L8H 7P2
> 1-800-265-6020
> Phone/Fax : 416-545-4997 [probably an old number]
> Phone: 905-545-4997, Fax: 905-545-8963
> Contact: Duncan Worthington
>As you are specifically looking for full-spectrum lighting, you may
>already be aware of HEALTH LIGHT INC., who as far as I know markets
>only equipment in the RED light spectrum (the LIGHT CAP and the
>THERA CLIP, for clipping onto a pair of glasses or a cap or visor),
>although they have provided light therapy equipment to many clinics
>in Canada, the USA and several other countries. They have an
>interesting and spirited discussion of their position on bright
>full-spectrum light vs. red light for seasonal lighting effects under
>their section of the Seasonal Light/SAD Homepage. If you have already
>tried out any of their units, I sure would like to see it discussed
>on a.s.d.s.
>A dealer who can maybe provide information about bright/full-spectrum
>lighting sources in Canada is:
>Vitality Concepts, Inc.
>Full Spectrum Lighting Specialists
>Mary L. Okumura, President
>1406 W. Summerdale Ave.
>Chicago IL 60640-2116
>Phone: 312-275-1443, Fax: 312-275-7997

And the only Canadian maker of a full spectrum light I know of is called:

Northern Light Technologies
3070 Brabant-Marineau
St. Laurent, Quebec H4S 1K7
Tel: 514-335-1763 1-800-263-0066 Fax: 514-335-7764

I got a light from them, shipped for $230 and I'm very pleased. It has
an ultra violet filter on it.

Wendy Herman

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