The Lite Visor(tm)


Lite Visor offers convenient, portable light therapy for people with seasonal affective disorders or jet lag.

Light Visor Chases Away Winter Blues

Research has shown that light therapy can effectively treat seasonal affective disorder, or the depression that many people feel during winter's shorter days. The Bio-Brite Light Visor, developed by a Bethesda, Maryland, company and featured on an episode of the popular television show "Northern Exposure," concentrates summer-like light signals without interfering with the wearer's normal activities. The company also offers a Jet Lag Visor, which provides a long duration, high-intensity light that enables the body to rest its biological clock and quickly adapt to a new sleep-wake cycle.

Source: Bio-Brite Inc., 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1300 W, Bethesda, Maryland 20814. Telephone 301-961-8557 or 800-621-5483; fax 301-961-6407.

From: The Futurist, November-December 1994, p. 5.

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