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New light technologies from the Bio-Brite Company can supplement natural light sources to reverse the negative effects of winter, help night shift workers, and minimize the problems of jet lag and other circadian disorders. The positive effect of light on human mood and performance in these applications is well established. The technology has been thoroughly researched and is recognized by many respected organizations, including the National Institutes of Health, the American Psychiatry Institute, and the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

SunRise Clock(TM) (#88500)
The SunRise Clock gently wakes you to a soft glow of light rather than a jarring noise in a dark room. Ths innovative wake up system is derived from medical research on morning light and human behavior. Scientists have demonstrated that in the early morning, even while we are still asleep, the biological clock is sensitive to low intensity light. Dim light, gradually getting brighter like the natural process of a sunrise, can result in a smoother transition to wakefulness. This natural approach is akin to waking up with the sun on a beautiful summer morning. You'll wake up in a better mood and feel more refreshed as you begin your day.
The Clock's light slowly begins to shine a half hour before the wake up time setting, gradually illuminating the room and becoming brighter until it is time for you to get out of bed. The clock also has a back-up beeper alarm (but most people won't need it). The adjustable light in the SunRise Clock doubles as a great bedside lamp.

Bio-Brite Light Visor(TM) (#88100/88110)
The Bio-Biite Light Visor represents a breakthrough in light use convenience and efficiency. It is lightweight and fits comfortably on your head. And because the Visor is powered by a rechargeable battery pack, the user is totally free to move about. The Visor delivers glare-free light, from above the eyes, so it does not obsure vision, or interfere with normal activities like eating breakfast, doing household chores, watching TV, or riding an exercise bike.
The patented Light Visor(TM) was developed in the late 1980's by scientists studying the effect of light on human behavior and Performance. Since then it has been extensively tested at Federal Government laboratories, universities, and major research centers across the U.S. and Canada. This research demonstrates that the Visor is an effective supplement for natural light. About 30 minutes of Visor use in the morning produced improvements in mood, energy, and alertness.

Some Comments from Users

"I found the portable Visor to be the most convenient and effective light supplement I've used."
L. W., Teacher, Washington, DC

"The incredible ease and effectiveness of the Light Visor has given over three months of the year back to me."
J.M., Manager, Ontario, Canada

Jet Lag Combat Kit(TM) (#88200)
Jet lag is caused by a disruption of the biological clock that occurs when we cross time zones. When we experience light and dark cues at the wrong time in a new time zone, jet lag symptoms result (fatigue, insomnia, reduced alertness, digestive problems).
Bio-Brite's Jet Lag Program can quickly reset your internal clock when you travel to a new time zone. The time zone shift is simple to accomplish and eliminates most ofdiscomfort of jet lag. The Jet Lag Combat Kit resets your internal clock by providing bright light (according to a computerized schedule) with the Light Visor and blocking light with special dark glasses.

Jet Lag Calculator (#88252)
The Jet Lag Combat Kit includes a slide chart that will calculate the correct light and dark schedule for any global trip. The booklet, "Preventing Jet Lag," is included with the Calculator.

Jet Lag Software (#88260)
Bio-Brite offers PC compatible jet lag software for computer enthusiasts as an alternative to the Jet Lag Calculator. The software computes your light and dark scheduIe and gives you a print-out to take on your trip. The program contains information on the time zone of every airport and major city worldwide, automatically corrects for daylight savings time, and indicates sunrise and sunset times.

SunRay Light Box (Part #88400)
The Light Box is a good alternative to the Visor for those who do not require mobility or portability for bright light applications. The SunRay Light Box is constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum and comes with a fold-up desk stand. It uses full spectrum, non-UV tubes to produce an intensity of 10,000 lux.

Natural light is an essential part of daily life. Light signals from the environment regulate the "biological clock" - a small cluster of cells in the brain that governs our internal sense of time and affects how energetic and alert we feel. Most people feel active and upbeat when they get lots of natural light during the sunny days of spring and summer. But the short, dark days of winter can have the opposite effect. When natural light is limited, many people gain weight, have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and generally feel lethargic and moody.
The timing of light signals can be as important as how much light we receive. When the biological clock receives light signals at the wrong time of day, it can become out of sync with the real world, creating havoc with sleep patterns, digestion, and other activities. This phenomenon, called "circadian dysrhythmia," is most often experienced in the form of jet lag. It can also result from night shift work or other situations where work or lifestyle isolates the biological clock from more natural daily light and dark patterns.

Scientific Advisory Board
Bio-Brite, Inc., founded in 1989, has a distinguished board of scientific advisors who guide company research activities.

George C. Brainard, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Thomas Jefferson Medical College

Raymond W Lam, M. D., F.R.C.P.(C), Assistant Professor and Director, Seasonal Mood Disorders Clinic, University Hospital, University of British Columbia

Paul R. Marques, Ph. D., Neuropharmacologist, Senior Scientist, Public Services Research

Russell P. Rosenberg, Ph. D., Director, Sleep Disorders Center, Northside Hospital

Harvey L. Ruben, M. D., Associate CIinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine

James M. Waterhouse, Ph. D., Director, Clinical Sciences and Chronobiology Unit, University of Manchester

Books & Accessories

Bio-Brite offers a variety of accessories and literature to complement the products described in this brochure, including replacement light bulbs, extra batterv packs and chargers (for U.S. and overseas use), an attractive, padded carry case for Light Visor, and several books on light, circadian rhythms, and winter blues.

Warranty Protection: Bio-Brite, Inc. offers a one-year warranty on all parts (except bulbs) and labor.

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IMPORTANT- Bio-Brite urges individuals who think they may be suffering from serious depression to consult a qualified physician or therapist.