Columbine High School Killings, Littleton, CO 4/20/1999

In the aftermath of the shooting, mourning and sorrow soon turned to a determination to prevent future tragedies. Suddenly, tough questions about the cost of freedom and acceptance of those who are eccentric or different could be swept away as once again we were doing it for the children.

The right to keep and bear arms came under immediate and heavy attack as those who have always been against the 2nd amendment quickly mobilized to exploit the new opportunity while the 2nd amendment's lukewarm defenders such as the republican party and the NRA backpedalled and made concessions.

As the news media delved into the recent history of the two killers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, a pattern of rage and fascination with violence emerged that left the community and the nation asking with 20/20 hindsight, "Why with all these glaringly clear warning signs did no one intervene?" With calls for prevention ringing out everywhere, high school students nationwide came under scrutiny. Schools quickly banned trench coats. Violent music, movies and computer games were blamed. The internet was blamed. Goths were blamed.

With the adult authorities wringing their hands with anguish, crying "Why did they do this? Why? Can't anyone tell us why?", some alienated kids were brave enough to step forward and say, "I know how Klebold and Harris felt. I feel the same way," often earning themselves a quick suspension or mandatory counseling.

Who I blame

The perpetrators, Klebold, Harris, and any as-yet-unidentified accomplices. Evidence indicates that they cold-bloodedly planned their killing spree over the course of a year, amassing weapons, drawing maps, choosing the best time of day. Most kids subjected to bullying and humiliation don't coldly plot and carry out a massacre. They did it because they were bad.

Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Ted Pascoe and their gun-banning fellow travelers. The gun-free schools act of 1994 has proven to be a textbook case of unintended consequences by creating concentrations of disarmed victims at US public schools, drawing mass murderers like a magnet.

Public school. Parents, if you love your kids, get them out of our prison-like government schools. If your kids are at all smart they will suffer stupefying boredom from the lukewarm curriculum. Your kids will get beat up and picked on. After the first time they are let down by your glib promises that some authority in the adult world can keep them safe, they will no longer tell you when it happens. Your kid may join a gang for safety or become a victimizer himself.

It's no accident that public school authorities turn a blind eye to the persecution of nonconformists. Nonconformity and individualism are inconvenient for a socialist bureaucracy. Adults who benefit from the status quo have a common interest with elements in the student population who haze, bully and ridicule nonconformists. Listen, punk, quit slouching there with your hands in your pockets and show some school spirit or I'll reintroduce your head to Mr. Toilet.

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