Colorado is Hell on Earth!

Live in Colorodo? Be smart! Leave now!

Live elsewhere? Don't be a fool! Stay there!

Many people die every year in Colorado. Little did Michael Kennedy dream a pleasant afternoon of skiing would end in DEATH!!!
Like football? Denver's favorite sport is mob violence.
The students of CU Boulder like to play too.
The deadly AIDS virus spreads unchecked, perhaps due to the flourishing prostitution industry. Tuberculosis is on the rise. See a cute kitty or bunny? Careful, it may infect you with plague.
Women, even advanced age will not deter the Fort Collins Serial Rapist from making you his next victim. This human predator attacked six women whose ages ranged from 52 to 85. A suspect is in custody but will probably be back on the street soon due to the states "catch and release" policy for sex offenders.
In the unlikely event your home escapes destruction by natural fires, how lucky do you feel about Colorado's juvenile firesetter and arson problems? Perhaps one of Colorado's deadly and destructive floods will quench the smouldering ashes of your former home. Just be glad if it's only your home and not a family member set on fire by teenage punks.
Colorado residents are likely to become domestic violence victims. Look how many "safe" houses there are in the state. Read more about the threat at the Crossroads Safe House web page of Fort Collins.
Seething just beneath those stately mountains is a cauldron of toxic waste!

Colorado is a hotbed of racism! Read this article by Jesse Jackson about discrimination in the University of Colorado's athletics program. Only too often racist beliefs are acted out on the streets in the form of hate crimes.
Enjoy recreation in the great outdoors? So did these people, until they suffered life-changing or life-ending accidents in Colorado's treacherous whitewaters.
You need to be lucky to reach your backcountry destination at all with all the drunk drivers careening out of control on Colorado's twisting mountain roads. If you survive your inevitable accident, Colorado's emergency services workers may finish you off.
Read about the DIA municipal bond scandal. Denver taxpayers will pay for many years.
This 1997 "year in review" article speaks for itself: Hate State sets new record: 365 days of rage
"I'm thinking of moving to Colorado. What should I know?"
Live in Colorado and lack the means or the will to leave? Don't despair, there is still a way out.
Many resort to suicide to escape the unbearable conditions in Colorado.