Some Images of Mine


'Working' in San Francisco, Fall 2001.

beautiful panorama of
Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake, from my hike in Glacier National Park (Montana) the summer of 1997.

out on the town

Joey, Jon, Ted, and I, drinking at the Jazz Factory around Thanksgiving 1998 (picture taken by Wes Wilson who seems to have become the de-facto Huntsville social photographer).

auburn party

This picture was taken at a party in Auburn, AL long, long ago.  Ted believes it may be from 1997, after the Iron Bowl, maybe:  18-17 Auburn.  He also believes that the Vietnamese gentleman next to him (that would be Thinh) looks really drunk.

International Beach Party

The Ghetto extends international hospitality to an Australian visitor. We felt this was best accomplished by partying at Panama City Beach.

A bunch of pictures that Kevin Emmons took that display more of my Summer, 1997 Western US Adventure

Click here for a blackmail picture of sorts. Not for the faint of heart!

Another blackmail picture. Click here to see Bosch being tamed by a wild mare in the California wilderness.

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