EM 535 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Greetings to EM 535 Audiobridge Participants--

The information in this FAQ (frequently asked questions) file is intended
to provide you with basic course information, along with some URLs I have
identified to be helpful along the way.

What should I do first in this course?

Be sure to send me an e-mail message with basic introductory information.
When we begin class, we will be starting with the text, since there is so 
much to cover.

When you are sending e-mail, please submit *plain, vanilla* e-mail as I do
not read e-mail with MIME attachments.

By the way, we will be communicating through email throughout the course.

When can I go to the site lab?

Remember that your site lab assistant will be available *all* sessions, in
the event that you need assistance with your assignments, going
online, searching, etc.

What do I do if I have online problems?

If you are having a computer or technical support problem, you will need to 
contact the people who handle these activities.  Main Help Desk (800-541-6682), ext. 4357 

How do I get my questions about the class answered?

Any questions that relate to the EM 535 class or course content should be 
sent to me through email.  GTEP staff cannot answer these questions for you.

I don't have an online account.  Can I use my husband's/wife's, 
sister/brother-in-law's, daughter's/son's, etc., account?

Please know that I cannot send information that relates to you, or your
activities as a student, to any email account other than your own.  Please
do not send me a message through someone else's account and expect me to
return a message of significant content to you.  Although I am in no way an
Internet policeperson, I would caution you against doing this since you
never know who might question your use of accounts.  NSU and FIRN frown on
this practice--big time!  Many of our students use free personal accounts
through Hotmail .

How can I forward my NSU e-mail to another account?

For information on forwarding your NSU e-mail to another e-mail address, follow 
these instructions.

What about using FIRN accounts?

On March 2, 1999, we were notified that "FIRNmail is being retired," and
will be completely deactivated by January 1, 2000.  If you would like to
register for a POPmail account (that requires a high-speed modem), then
follow these directions that were provided by FIRN:

"You can register for POPmail via the dial-up process:
    1)	Dial and connect to a FIRN number
    2)	for username, type netreg (must be lower case)
    3)	for password, type firn (must be lower case)
    4)	read the screen info presented then type netreg again
    5)	select the POPmail account option
    6)	complete the registration information
    7)	PLEASE NOTE: your POPmail username and password will be assigned 
        and given to you online during registration - NOTHING will be 
        postal mailed to you so be sure to write them down.

You can register for POPmail via a direct connect at school or via another 
ISP Internet access:
    1)	telnet to wizard.firn.edu
    2)	read the screen info presented then type netreg
    3)	select the POPmail account option
    4)	complete the registration information
    5)	PLEASE NOTE: your POPmail username and password will be assigned 
        and given to you online during registation - NOTHING will be postal 
        mailed to you so be sure to write them down.

If you have questions, please phone the FIRN Helpdesk at 800/749-3476."

Is there anything special I should do at/before audiobridge?

For the consideration of all participants, turn off any speakerphone feature 
before calling into class.  Although I know this feature is very convenient 
for the student who is using it, speakerphones distort the sound quality for 
the rest of us.  

It is expected that all students and facilitators submit data sheets on the 
first day of class.  Forms are available online at the NSU Educational Media Web Page.

How can I help the instructor to speed up answers to my e-mail?

When sending messages to me, please note the course number to which you are 
referring.  I work with many students, facilitators, and lab monitors each 
term, and this notation would certainly help me to speed information 
along to you.

What is the first page for an assignment?

Remember to put a heading or a cover sheet on every assignment that you submit.
 This is available at the Educational Media and Technology Web Page at NSU.

How long does it take to get assignments back?

I do my best to return assignments to you as soon as possible.  To speed up
this process, submit your assignments directly to me (P.O. Box 273404, Boca
Raton, FL  33427) and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the
return of the assignment.  Obviously, physical turnaround takes a bit
of time, not to mention the time that it will take me to evaluate what has
been submitted.  Nevertheless, I will try to proceed rapidly. Please be sure
to keep a copy of all messages that pertain to grades.

Are there any tricks to finding out about library resources for distance learning students at NSU?

Libraries Having Formal Agreements with Nova Southeastern University

The following libraries have formal agreements with NSU stating that NSU
students have use of the library and, sometimes for a fee, NSU students are 
eligible for a library card.  According to the Directory of Selected Academic
Libraries Near Off-Campus Program Sites, a document issued by NSU's Office
of Resource Information for External Programs, "NSU programs usually will
reimburse a student for one library card at an appropriate institution.
However, some programs set limits of $50.00 or $100.00 per student" (p.

According to this document, GTEP students are eligible for services in the
following sites (listed in order, as listed in the Directory):

Florida  -  Daytona Beach Area

1.  Stetson University - DeLand, Florida ($35/$100)
2.  University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida (No fee stated)
3.  University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida ($60)
4.  Rollins College - Winter Park, Florida ($50)
5.  Bethune-Cookman College - Daytona Beach, Florida (No fee stated)

         -  Fort Myers Area

1.  Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, Florida ($30)
2.  New College of the University of South Florida - Sarasota ($50)
3.  University of South Florida - Tampa, Florida ($50)
4.  University of Tampa - Tampa, Florida ($20)

         -  Gainesville Area

1.  University of North Florida - Jacksonville, Florida (No fee stated)
2.  Jacksonville University - Jacksonville, Florida (No fee stated)
3.  University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida (No fee stated)
4.  Stetson University - DeLand, Florida ($35/$100)
         -  Melbourne Area

1.  Florida Institute of Technology - Melbourne, Florida ($50)
2.  University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida ($60)

         -  Orlando Area

1.  University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida ($60)
2.  Stetson University - DeLand, Florida ($35/$100)
3.  Orlando College - Orlando, Florida (No fee stated)
4.  Rollins College - Winter Park, Florida ($50)

         -  Sarasota Area

1.  University of Tampa - Tampa, Florida ($20)
2.  University of South Florida - Tampa, Florida ($50)

         -  Tampa Area

1.  University of South Florida - Tampa, Florida ($50)
2.  Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, Florida ($30)
3.  University of Tampa - Tampa, Florida ($20)

         -  West Palm Beach Area

1.  Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton, Florida (No fee through
SEFLIN Card Privileges)
2.  Palm Beach Atlantic College - West Palm Beach, Florida (No fee stated)

Nevada   -  Las Vegas

1.  University of Nevada - Las Vegas, Nevada (No fee stated)

If there is *No fee stated*, you must usually provide some proof of
residency, picture ID, driver's license, local library card, etc., and then
fill out a form.  The fee is usually charged for borrowing privileges and
other services, such as interlibrary loan.

For reimbursement, send a copy of your receipt and a written request to 
Mr. Tim Shields at the North Miami Beach GTEP Site.

Are there any other library resources for South Florida Students?


Let's imagine a situation where you cannot find the library
materials that you wish to use at the NSU Einstein Library.  What
are your alternatives?  You could request interlibrary loan
services, or you can use the services of another library, such as
your public library.  But, you still have other options!

Did you know that if you are a student, faculty member, or
professional staff member of NSU that you are eligible for user
privileges at the following libraries that are members of SEFLIN
(Southeast Florida Library Network)?

Which libraries are included in SEFLIN?

Broward Community College 
     (North and South Regional Campuses)
Florida Atlantic University 
     (Boca and Palm Beach Gardens Campuses)
Florida International University 
     (North Miami and University Park Campuses)
International Fine Arts College
Lynn University
Miami-Dade Community College 
     (All campuses)
Northwood University
Palm Beach Atlantic College
Palm Beach Community College 
     (Central Campus)
St. Thomas University (Main Campus)
Trinity College at Miami

What do you need to do to use library services of SEFLIN
member libraries?

1. Get a student identification card made at the NSU Registrar's
Office. (Call for business hours.)
2. Go to the NSU's Einstein Library in the Parker Building and
request a SEFLIN card.
3. Take the SEFLIN card, NSU identification card, and driver's
license to the library circulation desk of the college/university
at which you wish to use library services.  (You may wish to use
the services of several libraries and you will need to apply for
services at each separate library.)
4. You will be given a library card for that particular
university which you will have to present each time you borrow
5. All privileges are determined by the lending library.
6. Review the rules of SEFLIN and know your responsibilities.

NOTE:  You will probably have to fill out forms for each library
from which you request a card, but you will need only ONE SEFLIN
card, regardless of how many different library cards you apply

Additionally, in addition to the sites listed above, faculty 
members are able to use the following libraries:

Barry University
Broward Community College 
	(Central Campus)
Palm Beach Community College
	(Belle Glade and Eissey Campuses)
University of Miami
	(Richter Library)

Enjoy this great service that NSU provides for you!  And don't
forget that many of these universities provide web-page library
information.  Search before you go!

What are the electronic databases available to me at NSU?

Go into the "el" (Electronic Library) to check the many valuable databases that are 
free for your use as a GTEP student.  

Did you know that you have access to the online Book Review Digest through
el?  Try it out!

Do we really need to be concerned about how to list bibliographic
information in a reference list?


You should have a copy of the Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association.  Also, there are online Websites that offer
examples of APA form and style, such as Electronic Style - APA.

When considering information for the citation, don't forget
appropriate volume, issue, and page numbers.  In other words, the citation
should provide enough information so that I can track down the exact same
source that you used to answer your question.  Also, even if you photocopy
the page that answers the question, I will still need the complete

Is there a jury-refereed journal for media specialists?

Before you leave this course, be sure to visit the new home for SLMR (School Library 
Media Research)--the only jury-refereed journal for school library media specialists!  
I believe this topic on information overload for students is timely, don't you?
Also, for those of you who are beginning to think about practicum topics, 
you should become very familiar with this title for the wealth of ideas on 
trends and subjects to research.

What is the process for taking tests and getting grades?

Your test will be administered at your site. This test is a closed-book/no 
note test that covers many of the topics discussed during audiobridge, 
facilitated sessions, in assignments, and through e-mail messages.  

Please be sure that you have submitted all of your assignments either
through your facilitator or by mailing them directly to me.  All materials
are due by the last class meeting.  Grades are to be submitted within one
week of the last class meeting, however, this is usually not possible since
we do not receive materials from the sites by that time.

You will received notice of your grades through the Registrar's Office in a 
few weeks after the class ends.  Just so that you know the process, as soon 
as I have received and reviewed your assignments, I submit the grades to 
Mr. Cedric Thompson at GTEP.  He then inputs the grades into the online SIS 
(Student Information System).  The Registrar's Office then processes grade 
reports and sends them to the student.

Do you have any other URLs that we can use for this course?

Young Adult Literature Links

Can you lead us to some of the book award sites?

Is there a listing of all Sunshine State Young Readers Award Titles?


To update beyond this, check one of the above listed Web pages.  with 
     1983-1984           Bunnicula.  James Howe
     1984-1985           Superfudge.  Judy Blume
     1985-1986           Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days.  Stephen Manes
     1986-1987           Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub.  Jamie Gilson
     1987-1988           Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You.  Barthe DeClements
     1988-1989           Sixth-Grade Sleepover.  Eve Bunting
          Grade 3-5      Teacher's Pet.  Johanna Hurwitz
          Grade 6-8      Trapped in Death Canyon.  Bill Wallace
          Grade 3-5      There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom.  Louis Sacher
          Grade 6-8      There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom.  Louis Sacher
          Grade 3-5      Fudge.  Charlotte Towner Graeber
          Grade 5-8      Something Upstairs.  Avi
          Grade 3-5      Fudge-A-Mania.  Judy Blume 
          Grade 6-8      Nightmare.  Willo Davis Roberts
          Grade 3-5      The Summer I Shrank My Grandmother.  Elvira Woodruff
          Grade 4-8      The True Adventures of Charlotte Doyle.  Avi
          Grade 3-5      Knights of the Kitchen Table.  Jo   Scieska
          Grade 4-8      Devil's Bridge.  Cynthia DeFelice
          Grade 3-5      Blackwater Swamp.  Bill Wallace
          Grade 4-8      Seventh-Grade Weirdo.  Lee Wardlaw
          Grade 3-5      Nasty, Stinky Sneakers.  Eve Bunting
          Grade 4-8      Nasty, Stinky Sneakers.  Eve Bunting

Is there a listing of sites for readablity information?

Are there other general URLs that we can use for other courses, too?

Professional Information, Organizations, Etc.

Now, I need some resources for technology for my school.  Do you have more URLs?

Online Resources and Utilities

If you have further questions, please contact Jan Yates. This FAQ is copyrighted by Jan M. Yates, 1999. All rights reserved.