Jean-Luc Romano

A little about myself

I was born to my mother early one July morning in the humble city of Lyon, France (humble? Lyon? Well, maybe not so humble) in the 1976th year of our Lord. Since I was born almost three months premature, the doctors said I may have some mental damage that would show up in my inability to comprehend math (and I think they're right. I have trouble comprehending something as simple as functions within analytic curves and divergence, curl, and flux of certain vectors). I lived in France until I was three years of age -- then my family moved to Rome, Italy. Five years later, right after I had completed second grade, my family again moved, this time to the beautiful city of Littleton, Colorado. That is where I stayed until I went off to college, to the Colorado School of Mines in Fort Collins, Colorado. [Cedar Waxwing baby birds]

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Note: All the bird pictures shown above and in this web site were taken from the Audobon Society Pocket Guides' _Familiar_Birds_of_North_America_ _Western_Region_, published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., copyright 1986.