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I'm Joe. People used to ask me why I have a home page. People don't ask anymore, so I don't tell them.

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I work in Manufacturing Engineering at Gulfstream Aerospace Corp in Savannah, Ga. The GV received the 1997 Collier Award and is clearly the best!

Helpful stuff:

CODERS.ZIP [94k] - a package of three commonly used code / decode packages (UU, Base64, Binhex) with brief instructions.

You'll need PKUNZIP to extract the .zip files here. You can download this from the PKWARE(R) homepage. I use the DOS version (pkz204g.exe - it's on the Download link off Pkware's main page) because it works with both DOS and Windows.

Here's my Look, Ma, No Mouse page of keyboard shortcuts.

Here's a file someone wanted a copy of. Click to download MPACK.ZIP. I leave it here so I can change the file name when someone wants a different file. That way I don't have to recode this part of my page.

Funny stuff:
I have no idea who did this Starr Wars picture, but it's pretty funny.

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