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simple, kinda short, and probably a waste of time.
updated october 23 2003
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hello! it looks like you've somehow managed to stumble across my home page. after eleven years of messing around on the world wide web, i'm sorry to say that this is about all that's left. :) anyway... the last time i checked, i was an asian guy, living in los angeles, working as an aerospace engineer. i was born and raised in hawai'i, but moved here after graduating from college in order to work. during my free time i enjoy traveling, skiing, snowblading, bowling, bicycling, rollerblading, tennis, hiking, graphic design, pottery, sculpture, reading, watching pro football, going to the movies, comics (i love get fuzzy, mutts, and calvin & hobbes), online shopping, ebay, computer programming, live music taping & trading, just relaxing, and (above all!) spending time with my girlfriend. :) i also love going to see concerts! i enjoy almost any kind of rock/pop/folk/indie music, and have seen many live performances over the past few years. my favorite artists are natalie merchant and alanis morissette, but i enjoy many others as well.