So you want a Bat House too ? ( who doesn't ? )

OK, OK, I give. From the volume of my EMail, it seems like everyone wants to know how to be the first on their block to have their very own Bat House. You know what they say, every neighborhood has one...

Well, here's a couple of ideas :

Book Cover

Need a Bird House or a Toad House ?

It seems that many people who end up here also want to get a good book on building Bird Houses or maybe Toad Houses. The Beastly Abode has plans for birds, toads, butterflies, bats and other wildlife. I don't know how good the bat house plans are, but the book certainly looks interesting !
I won't even go into how successful my bird house is. It currently has a squirrel living in it... Hmmm... I once had a bird try to build a nest in my Bat House. Maybe I should build a Toad House and it would attract Bats !

Back to the plot...