Submission Policy

    If you have code you wish to submit, send it to  <> , and please include the following:

Notes--versions it works/doesn't work under, 'cheats', etc.
If you are the author, a summary of how it works(english or pseudocode)--enough for me to tell you wrote it.

    It is next to impossible to determine authorship, so this is the best I can do. If you didn't write the code, but know how it works, give credit where it is due, and write your own!
    If you wrote a program which I have listed without an author, I ask that you also summarize it, with the same philosophy applying.
    Finally, if you wrote a program which has someone else's name on it, I am sorry, but without irrefutable proof (a published article, for example) I can do nothing. All I can suggest is that you write another.

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