George B. Miler


Software Engineering Management


To manage a software development organization or team, specializing in computer communications, that requires leadership in strategic planning, industry policies, design, implementation, and maintenance.

Professional Experience:

Computer Innovations, Inc. 2008 to Present
President and Owner, Consultant (July 2008 to Present)
Corporation used for doing software consulting. Activities once done as a Software Consultant for George Miler, Inc. now being done through Computer Innovations.
George Miler, Inc. (Family company founded by father) 1980-1984; 1993 to Present
Vice President, Properties Division (December 1993 to Present)
Advisory position handling strategic planning and direction of the company which specializes in custom electronics, software, and aviation systems.
Software Consultant, MilerTronics Division (May 2000 to July 2008)
Extensive background developing, configuring, and maintaining software on Unix based servers (primarily Solaris) for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, World Wide Web (WWW) services, electronic mail services, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services, Secure Shell (SSH) services, and fire wall services. Backend software developed using Structured Query Language (SQL) for databases, C, C++, shell, PHP, and Perl scripts via the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and web technologies including Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Extensible HTML (XHTML), JavaScript, Java applets, and Extensible Markup Language (XML).
Software Specialist, MilerTronics Division (June 1980 to June 1984)
Software developed for specific contracts in various computer languages.
William Rainey Harper College, Computer Information Systems January 2001 to May 2003
Adjunct Faculty (January 2001 to May 2003)
Adjunct professor for advanced web site development class, Web Site Development II. Technologies taught in this class include the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Extensible HTML (XHTML), JavaScript, Java applets, and Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Course Development (June 2002 to February 2003)
Development of a new college course, Linux System Administration. Technologies taught in this class include system installation, commands, multi-user aspects, file systems, configuring hardware, networking, kernel modification, scripting, logging, security, and performance tuning.
Motorola Inc., Cellular Infrastructure Group/Global Telecom Solutions Sector July 1993 to October 2000
Regional Support Manager (December 1998 to October 2000)
Regional support manager for the embedded software on a "Global Systems for Mobile Communications" (GSM) cellular telecommunications product on an international level. Accomplishments include managing engineering resources, resolving international customer issues with foreign support centers and local or overseas engineering staff, and providing extensive metrics on current projects. The region personally responsible for included Africa, Australia, North and South America, and the middle east with the primary support office located in the United Kingdom.
Software Subcontractor Management (July 1996 to December 1998)
Developed and implemented documented processes for managing large numbers of third party software suppliers on an Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN or IN) telecommunications project. Accomplishments include product evaluation, contract negotiation and purchase, handling technical support issues, making feature requests, ensuring supplier commitments are met, and providing extensive metrics on the state of software provided by subcontractors.
Software Engineer (July 1993 to July 1996)
Professional design, development, coding, and maintenance of embedded and POSIX (Unix) based telecommunications, wireless, and network software using procedural and object oriented software techniques. All phases of software development including significant experience in planning, requirements gathering, design, development, maintenance, source code control (configuration management), builds, documentation, project management, root causes analysis, SEI CMM validation, and customer support. Primary development environment being Sun workstations running the Solaris Operating System (a version of Unix).
Vanguard Cellular Systems, Inc., A Cellular One Company (now a part of AT&T Corp.) February 1991 to June 1993
Analyst/Programmer (February 1991 to June 1993)
Development of billing and rating software for a cellular telecommunication company using the C and C++ programming languages and the Oracle SQL database. Development of software to communicate with cellular telephony switches to activate customers and obtain billing data.

North Carolina State University, Department of Computer Science June 1987 to June 1990
Lab Instructor (June 1987 to June 1990)
Instructor for lab sections of the course Introduction to Computers while pursuing undergraduate degree.
System Administrator and Technical Writer (August 1988 to June 1990)
Performed system administration duties on Digital Equipment Company (DEC) minicomputers running the Ultrix (BSD Unix) operating System. Unix tutorials written for the Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University.

Professional Qualifications:

Fields of Concentration:
* Telephony (Cellular, Wireless, VoIP, & PBX) * Intelligent Networks
* Subcontractor Management * SEI CMM Project Management
* Software Engineering * System & Network Security
* Operating Systems * Systems & Networking Administration
* Object Oriented Analysis & Design * Object Database Management Systems
* Web Design and Implementation * Internet Software Development
Programming Languages:
Java, C++, C, FORTRAN, Pascal, BASIC, Lisp, PL/I, Forth, 68000 assembly, Z/80 assembly, 6502 assembly, GDMO, ASN.1, CORBA IDL, SQL, Perl, shell, HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, PostScript
Operating Systems:
UNIX (System V, BSD, V7, Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, Ultrix, AIX, QNX, SPARC Linux), OS/32 MT, VMS, CP/M, AmigaDOS, Macintosh OS, UCSD P-System, various telephony switching and base station systems
Sun SPARC, Sequent, Hewlett Packard, DEC VAX, DEC PDP-11, Data General MV/8000, Interdata (Perkin Elmer), Microdata, Amiga, Macintosh, SAGE IV, Telephony equipment: Northern Telecom MTX, Motorola EMX-100/250/500, Motorola GSM BSS, Astronet DCO 14.1, Ericsson AXE 10
Technical Writing:
Various technical and managerial papers written at Motorola. Tutorials written for the Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University.


Northwestern University, June 1998
Master of Science Degree in Communication Studies, School of Communication

North Carolina State University, June 1990
Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, College of Engineering

Motorola University, July 1993 to October 2000
Numerous management, technical, and personal development training classes taken through Motorola. Among this training are several Dale Carnegie courses including the basic course and the "Leadership Training for Managers" course.

International Telecommunications, August 1998
Participated in Telecommunications in Europe, a program concentrating on European telecommunication policies and strategic planning, offered through the Study Abroad program at Michigan State University and hosted by Institut National des Télécommunications (INT) in Evry, France.

Memberships & Activities:

Nationality/Citizenship: United States of America

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM); Member Since 1987
Software Engineering, Operating Systems, and Engineering Management Interest Groups

The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE); Member Since 1989
Computer and Communications Interest Groups

International Who's Who of Professionals; Membership 1997-1998

Park Ridge Illinois Sister Cities; Committee Member Since 2007

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George B. Miler