Walk-On, Woman!

The sedentary life is the very sin against the Holy Spirit.
Only thoughts reached by walking have value.

--Friedrich Nietzsche

Olimpiada Ivanova Erika Alfridi Women's 20K group

Racewalkers Olimpiada Ivanova, Erika Alfridi, and Women's 20K group

These women racewalkers demonstrate the power and beauty of the racewalking form -- as well as the superior conditioning effect of
racewalking. Olimpiada, Erika, and their rivals on the racewalking track show lean muscularlity with loads of endurance.

Let these racewalkers be an example to everyone -- man, woman and child. We have a problem in America with fat because we eat too much
and don't walk enough. This especially concerns children because the habits they learn early will mold them for life.

People! We need to walk FAST and LONG, and we will ENDURE!

-- For a change of pace, do Step Aerobics --

Recommended reading on WALKING (check your local library or used-book dealer):

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Currently out-of-print: View (pdf)

Ron Laird
The Art of Fast Walking
Racewalking secrets of an Olympian (see book below)

The Art of Fast Walking
by Ron Laird
Ashtabula, OH: Ron Laird Publishing, 1997, 2006
Purchase from author -- $25 (postpaid):
440-998-1371 (Summer/Fall), 269-695-2411 (Winter/Spring)

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Publisher's address: 211 W. 7th Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084

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The wild geese returning
Through the misty sky --
Behold, they look like
A letter written
In faint ink!

--Tsumori Kunimoto (1023-1103 A.D.)

Go-Ju-i 71, trans. by Arthur Waley, "Japanese Poetry: The Uta", 1919